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  1. Hello! I couldn’t find any other place that would suit this topic so I am gona put it here. I recently moved to this new area and now that I am not in the middle of BFE I can really quench my gaming habit. I am just looking for a local DnD group or any local table top gamers or TCG players. I love it all and play everything and anything. I am living in Fairfield its not but 10 min from Cincinnati Ohio. So if anyone out there knows the area and would like to help a noobie out please let me now. And yes I have looked up local stores and I plan on checking them out...
  2. Hey spike, if you remeber me just wanted to say high. Also i am guessing its to late for me to join up on this :(
  3. I AM BACK! And ready to go, although i have some bad news, I can not GM this game any longer, the reason i have not been on is because family issues and money problems caused me to lose the net for a while! I am logging in form school for now, and I am sorry I went MIA! I have been rather busy with various jobs and school and family, but I have everything down now so I am back! The one person i am truly sorry I left behind is spike, I am sorry I ditched out, I just needed to work out problems! But it’s all over now and everything’s fine! Thank you for worrying! Spike if you wouldn’t mind, hitting the reset button, and doing me a favor and taking a chance GM’s this I would love to play! If not its okay, I am probably going to work on my storytelling or something,
  4. PLEASE DONT DELETE! THIS IS REFRANCE FOR MY HALO3 CLAN I WILL DELETE THIS TOPIC VERY SOON I HAD NO WAY OF GETTING TO ARE WEBSITE! I NEED TO CUT AND PASTE LATER! PLEASE DONT DELETE! The Waky Wolf Clan -- WW Ranks in order from lowest to highest.... Rank Name-----Spartan Tag----Description of rank..... Puppy-W11-A newcomer to the pack. Very expandable must work hard to provethemself. Hound-W22-The have taken there first step to become part of the pack PitDog-W33-A true fighter never gives up and will always strive for more Wolf-W44-A true member of the pack.... PureBreed-W55-High ranking and very valuable member of the pack.. AlphaDog-W66-A strong a worthy dog....but could grow more AlphaWolf-W77-A strong a valuable member of the pack(May become Co-Leader) PackLeader-W88-Only the true Wolfs make it here only given out on special circumstances. _____________________________________________________________________________ The Pack Oath! I am a wolf..... I am the pack..... I live for the hunt..... I die for my faliure...... This is MY oath........ This is my PACK! ______________________________________________________________________________ Requirements.... 1.DEDICATION! 2.Acces to intertnet and knowledge of webforums.... 3.Thirst For The Hunt........ ________________________________________________________________________________ Rules... 1. Be kind to all members of the pack no matter how rude they may be rudeness shall be punished with full force... 2. We are a pack, We work together, or die alone. 3. Value and uphold the packs oath. 4. Be a valuable asset to your pack members 5. Help one another better themself for the pack. 6. Lead when leaders have fallen........... 7. Be dedicated, dont join and never help tha pack..... ________________________________________________________________________________ ___ More on ranks... Ranks are not given out by skill but by attitude. Where one packmember may be the best at the game others may have a better attitude towards the pack. Your commitment and attitude are what rank you up. Not how many headshots you got in matchmaking. The pack is based mainly off one goal. To help the weak and crush the rude....... ___________________________________ Founders.... BlueDayReborn(PackLeader) Boreas Dragoon(PackLeader) *AGAIN SORRY I HAD TO DO THIS THERE WAS NO OTHER WAY! PLEASE DONT REMOVE!!!!!!*
  5. Resend your orders ALF.......Use the format everyone else is forced to do as a ruler it is your duty to track your fundings...and it hellps me with refrance issues.... Also i want to apologize for my absance i have ben busy with my halo 3 clan and two worlds clan...We make mini movies and what not. I am sorry mainly to spike i have ben haveing problems with my MSN on my Xbox live...I have them linked as to be updated with things...But it hasnt ben working to well. I am truely sorry. I may have to drop out of waterdeep spike with work and school and my halo3 clan withc is highly important to me i just havent the time...Although this multi month project SHALL NOT be droped so easy i am truely sorry and i shall pick up the pace ASAP! Another issue i must adress as small of a task it may be PLEASE!!!!! use the posting formats in the rule book...It makes for easy documantary and what not. In the long run it will pay off for me when i have to look back some 12 turns to mkae sure all the funding math is in order... Again i am truely sorry! so dont drop out on me yet i aint dead and ill never give up on this! also ALF mason tells me you are not getting x box live back...Ill buy it for you i miss my gamgie! Again i miss our ......Okward convos on msn spike i am buying a MEssanger system and update for my Xbox Live for easyr typesing and whatnot! SORRY! A-C i got a nick name yea!
  6. Welcome all the CHampions Of Valor! First off i want full Credit to most of this project to go out to spike for handleing most the visuals and the awsome map tool and rulebook! THANKS SPIKE!!!!! Here is the core beta rulebook... RuleBook V1.3 And this is the land a Eradin! The game runs simple. All The Roleplaying elements shall go here along with any major annoucments from me. Most of the action is kept secret..........The first thing every one must do is sedn em a total overveiw of the kingdom as stated in the rulebook......once you send me the overveiw in a seprate PM you may send me your very first turn. I hope everyone injoys this! HAVE FUN!
  7. I am anything but a frat boy and you shouldnt be so quick to judge.....Halo is loved and hated by many..... I personaly only wanted to stomp out the last pecie of the story but now after seeing soem of the feutures that its gona have....I CANT FRIGGEN WAIT! 2 MORE DAYS!!!!!
  8. You get them but sadly...Denver Sucks..... OHHHHHHHHHH I wish i was a oscar mayer Weiner!
  9. LOKI!!!! BTW answer was 30" i would never give a question to you if i did not know the answer myself... Example! WHAT COLOR ARE MY UNDERWARE!
  10. U stop time and can't start it again........HOW DARE YOU! I wish my wish was uncurruptable
  11. Sorry i was away! But any word on when, where, and, how AWSOME reapercon is gona be
  12. Just post your gammer tag and what games you usaly play...... BlueDayReborn Halo2 Two Worlds Tony Hawks Project8 Gears Of War Far Cry Predetor Instincts
  13. OKAY FIRST OFF!!! 6 MORE DAYS!!!!!! OMFG If ni have ever ben more excited about a game this was it...What is pulling me in currently is the storyline.... anyone else getting this?
  14. no....... In a backyard lies a block of wood 9" by 9" by 22". The long edge of the board lies along a north/south direction. An ant is sitting on the south end of the board, half way up vertically, and 1" from the east edge. A spider is sitting on the north end of the board, half way up vertically, and 1" from the west edge. The spider can crawl at a rate of 1" per minute. The ant figures that it will take 1+22+8=31 minutes for the spider to reach him so he dozes off for a 30 minute nap. Just as the ant wakes up the spider kills him. By what route did the spider take to get to the ant in 30 minutes? Have fun with that
  15. Well i ReRead those rules and messaged Kit....I hope he lets us play....
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