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  1. Too funny. I forgot I had signed up for this exchange. I've had next to no time to do much of anything in the last 6months and I pretty much had decided to just pack up all my mini supplies and get them back out in a year or so. I seriously haven't picked up a brush in at least 4-5 months. I pretty much just pop in here to check the Showoff board..but late last night I finally noticed I had a pm. I have no clue how long I've had it lol. It was my notice for this exchange and who I'm painting for. Well dangit.. now I'm going to make time to paint. Some poor soul is gonna get my back-to-painting-after-4months mini and go from there. lol Anywhoo.. I'm gonna paint when I get home..somehow.
  2. Domni

    Silly questions..

    I can't get to the page to buy a ticket..lol. Link please? Also, where in Texas is Reaper?? Told ya..silly questions.
  3. My Secret Sophie mini arrived today Steven (Page) did a great job!! Even free handed details on the taberd! I gotta say I'm impressed, thank you. I'd also add that my also admires your work. He asked, why don't you do freehand??? LOL!! Again, really great job and thank you! (I really hope you have a picture of it?? I don't have a camera to be able to show it off. Here's hoping Santa reallly knows what I'd like for Christmas this year. )
  4. Both those models look awesome!!! Great work!! Domni- who runs off to get to work!
  5. Domni


    Ya know, weirdly enough I would use some of the same colors mentioned in the bone and horn thread. I like a parchment color, more yellowy than white for scrolls. Not sure about exact colors as I don't think I ever wrote that particular recipe down..hrm. I should do that. lol Maybe others would chime in?
  6. Domni

    anyone see this dwarf mini??

    What's the name of the mini? Dragglestown has a lot of Fenryll minis..and if they don't have that one maybe they could order it for you? Or, maybe order the catalog Dragglestown has for sale? Dragglestown? I've always gotten good service from them too, if that helps.
  7. Domni

    anyone see this dwarf mini??

    They have the cutest set of minis made for Chess too :D chess set CUTE!!
  8. could use the technique for lots of things :) Rottenlead
  9. Domni

    Redwall miniatures..?

    Redwall I think if I use any minis currently made that I'll have to do a lot of conversion work. Only a few of the creatures actually use weapons....shortbows, long bows, crossbows and 2 main charcters use swords. The baddies, searats, often use cutlasses, diks, whips etc. Edit: I do have some cute lil ships that I'll use to represent some of the ships from the novels. :)
  10. Domni

    Redwall miniatures..?

    Has anyone seen any minis that could be used as Redwall by Brian Jacques figures? Our little cousin loves the books and our miniatures..thought maybe I could combine both. I did see the new mouse by Garrity that's comming out soon. But other than that, I'm rather stuck on what minis might be good to use.
  11. Domni

    Temple of Elemental Evil

    Whiz..you should definately give NWN another try. The second box was Shadows of Undrentide and the third, releasing this month, is Hordes of Underdark. There is a module made by Papermonk that covers the levels in between SoU and HoU. Nether Scrolls Speaking of Papermonk, take a look at CODI. CODI Gorgous work by that group. They made a true mindflayer aka illithid(sp?) You can download a demo module with it in it..it's rather funny. ;) You will just be flabbergasted at the amount of work done by NWN community. The clothing, the robes, the weapons, the special effects, the monsters, new bodies, wings, heads, tattoos, the scripting, the ..everything is just amazing. NWN will even be releasing robes made by the community in HoU. :) Haldir, I just saw where HoU went gold on the NWN website! Grr..I was wanting to buy ToEE but will wait til after I have HoU. Should be only a matter of days before stores have it. :D
  12. Domni

    Wind Swirls...

    What about masking? There are paint products that mask painted areas with a coating of white, once your done painting your design you lift the masking off. Vajello(sp?) has it in their line. I had a bottle in my hand the other day but put it down in favor of a new mini. I can't say this works with certainty but the fella at the gamestore was gungho about it. He uses it for army designs or to protect faces or very detailed paintings so they won't get messed up when he paints other areas.
  13. Domni

    Dot your eyes and cross your...

    I'm not sure I can explain what exactly they are other than pens used for various artsy tasks..like scrapbooks and inking line art. They come in small sizes. An example would be when you open the .05 pen you squint and ask "where's the tip?!". I bought a set of different colors at Michael's craft stores. I would think scrapbooking stores would have them too. micron pigma pen One reccomendation, wait til paint is completely dry before using the pens. If using the pens to tattoo flesh, wait til the pen ink is completely and totally dry before using a light flesh wash over the pens. I reccomend 24hrs. The wash makes the tattoo look more real, if that's the right word? Edit: LOL! um..what they said! ;)
  14. Domni

    Painting book ideas?

    Any chance the book would be available for sale by the time Reapercon rolls around?
  15. Domni

    Sculpting curly hair.

    The other day I was looking at making gingerbread cookies and how to liven them up a bit. In that article they used a garlic press to make lots of curly hair. I haven't tried it yet with 'Greenstuff' but it may just work.