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  1. I might have done somethign like that as the Castle that Walks.
  2. You'll find Savage Worlds stat blocks for most of the Bones in the link in my signature.
  3. 560 odd down. 11 to go. 3 of which are scenery (And not counting going back and stating the figures that have SW stats in the Deadlands Marshalls Guide.) Since my Pledge is wave 2 and I got a shipping notice on Tuesday, that means it is a race. Admittedly I have a little while for the trouble some final few items since it is being reshipped for me to the UK.
  4. As she will be on the table in front of the Model.
  5. And he is a bit of a bean pole, so it's all good. IIRC that's one of the reduced size props though. And David Tennent is over 6 foot tall [1.85m]. Whereas Kyra isn't supposed to be unusually tall. Her figure's half a head shorter than Rex's and since Mel Gibson is 5 ft 9.5 [1.77m] that would make her under 5 ft 6.
  6. Scenery usually needs to be a bit bigger than scale to look right. First because the figures are on bases that end up making them taller and secondly because the figures are bulkier than they would be if they were strictly to scale. Thus 1:43rd cars looking better than 1:56th because they look too low and the seats look too small. Kyra for example is 1.5 inches from bottom of base to top of headress. Here's a quick and dirty scaling.
  7. Which would make it 1/54th scale. Since a Mark 2 MacKenzie-Trench Metropolitan Police Box is 4ft 6 inches square and 9ft 6inches tall. The BBC props where they deviate from that tend to do so by being short and fat. That might look a little small on the tabletop when seen next to Rex for example. I tend to have to use 1/48th or 1/43rd cars to get them to look right next to figures.
  8. Looks like Mouselings are Size -1, then. Bulkier but shorter than halflings.
  9. Does anyone know how tall the mouslings are? Are they Dwarf sized or Halfling sized basically.
  10. Koshka is Russian for cat isn't it? She's not that fat.
  11. There is is a new update of Wild Card Creator. Just in time for the 400th stat block. 150 or so to go.
  12. Plugging away, I decided to mess about a bit. Now if I can get Magic Set Creator to compile I could probably improve on that.
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