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  1. Be weary of the person you rear ended, legally you're at fault for that one because you were following "too closely" to prevent your vehicle from contacting theirs. Even though you only hit them because of the person behind you, they have a claim against your insurance.


    Generally you don't have to worry about it as insurance will usually hit the guy further to the rear in an incident like this, but they do have a legal basis to target you as well.

  2. It's dawned on me that I have no idea how I will brace/support the unequal distribution of weight on the surface area of my 2x*s .... there will be a point on the edge that will have to support ~100lbs of weight clamped down upon it... and I don't think some woodscrews fastening them edge to edge by way of a kreg jig will be nearly enough.

  3. So I think I've settled on getting some 2x8s or 2x10s and using those to build my own surface... I can get the planks for 30-40 bucks tops, and maybe another 30-40 in materials for finishing, prepping, etc the raw lumber.


    That just leaves the legs, and frees up considerable budget to spend a bit more on decent legs.

  4. So I'm thinking of building a new desk...


    Looking at something long rather than a corner desk and having a hard time finding places to shop.


    So far my best find is at ikea. Looking at placing two of the Gerton surfaces side by side to make a very long ~10ft desk.




    However this would involve a 7 hour drive to achieve.. or pay nearly 300 dollars (!!!) in shipping... around 2x what these things would cost.


    Anybody else have suggestions on where I might shop for solid surfaces like this at reasonable rates?


    I'm definitely preferring real wood versus manufactured stuff just due to the fact that it holds together better. Though other materials are not out of the running.


    Also having a surprisingly hard time finding decent looking legs for said table. Ikea's legs, while workable, just aren't good looking.


    Suggestions anybody?



  5. In regards to the resources link, it's got the same behavior on my end as well Kit... Win7 x64, Chrome, and clicking Resources does nothing, but the links below resources in the dropdown work just fine.


    (Of note.. the retail support URL for resources is appended by a #, whereas the retail support URL for vendors is not appended by a # and works just fine)


    http://www.reapermini.com/RetailSupport#'>http://www.reapermini.com/RetailSupport# (resources)


    http://www.reapermini.com/RetailSupport (vendors)

  6. 90% of those older titles can be run in compatibility mode successfully.. In fact I play quite a few 15+ year old titles on my Win7 X64 install just fine.


    As far as the HDD swap goes, about the hardest thing you'll have to do is get the drivers for some of the potentially exotic hardware you might have on the machine... Get them now, especially the network card driver, drop them on a flash drive and you'll be good to go.


    As far as the whole 'upgrade' option goes.. don't do it. I've never seen an actual upgrade go smoothly ever since Win 95 first came out. You're best off doing a fresh install on a formatted drive. As far as the hardware goes.. the hardware doesn't care if you're running x86 or x64 bit software except your processor. If your processor doesn't support the x64 architecture (which practically all of them do these days), you'll be up a creek without a paddle.


    The catch with the 'system builder' edition is it's a single activation key, once you've activated it on your hardware it basically generates the equivalent of a MD5 sum of your hardware, and if it varies too much (IE you change motherboards in the future, even a simple replacement with the same model can cause issues) your install will throw fits, and the 'system builder' edition gives you one free reset of your key by calling into microsoft and explaining to them what happened. (it's a painless process, i've had to do it in the past)

  7. I'd agree with everything said regarding top vs bottom fed brushes... I've got a bottom feed, and while it's great to have if you're priming or basecoating half a dozen or more minis in one go, it's generally a big mess and a pain for small jobs, not to mention the potential mess if you don't quite seat the bottle into the brush properly and it falls out in the middle of a motion.

  8. The "closest" airport is DFW but there's also love field which isn't much (if any) of a longer drive.


    Love field is where SW Airlines flies into and a few others I'm sure, and everybody else pretty much flies into DFW.


    That being said, about 90% of everybody who flies in generally comes in to DFW.

  9. Need a little help with some find and replace regex's in word.


    Got a ~200 page document and it's filled with lines that need a line break before and after them. Each of these lines are about 90% identical..





    Answer: * (* for wildcard since some answers are more than a single character, ie paragraphs or comma separated lists)

    Question No: *






    What I need is to include a line break before and after each instance of 'Answer: *'

    For each instance of 'Answer: *' the text is bolded, and everything wildcarded is in capitals.


    Examples of 'Answer: ' lines:


    Answer: B

    Answer: SWAP

    Answer: B,C,D

    Is this even possible? Or will I have to go through the document by hand and do it?

  10. I'd suggest anything by Dan Abnet, the Ciaphas Cain series if you want something a little bit less doom and gloom but still 40k, and Horus Heresy for sure. Some of the books in the series are weaker than others due to the fact that each book is written by a different author, but as a whole it's a very interesting series to read and really scratches my 'i want to read the history of stuff' itch.

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