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  1. 'Hobby-Q Con' 'HQCon' .. hmm.. featuring Q-Tips from the artists!
  2. Great, thanks for the input.
  3. Ultramarine blue would be the base color used, it's the closest match to GWs blue color used for the Ultramarines, the rest would be whites and maybe something similar to cloudy grey/stone grey or a silver metallic for the trim depending on the look you want. vs Wish I could figure out how to reduce the size of that GW image... lol
  4. Yea, I was wondering about JB Kwik and was hoping someone could describe their experiences with it too... I know someone (name slips my mind presently) recently posted they were trying it, hopefully they'll have their opinion posted on it soon.
  5. Ah, in that case, any suggestions on bonding expoxy?
  6. So I'm looking around for some 2pt epoxies this evening and I stumble upon two products: Magic Sculpt and Magic Smooth... the former has a putty like consistency and the latter a more "vaseline" like (their description). I was wondering if anybody has any experience with the Smooth variety? How does it hold up, etc? If not either of these, got any suggestions on a good epoxy? I'm sure a 5minute variety would be just fine, but something a bit stronger would probably work just as well.
  7. Or all three! But not necessarily in that order *shifty eyes*
  8. orcsoul


    Yea, got an invite about a month back... either I'm severely jaded in the world of MMO's... or this game is just really bad, because I couldn't force myself to enjoy any part of it. The voice acting was the nail in the coffin... the random female pedestrian voice was the worst of the lot. Seems that CoX is the only superhero MMO that I've really managed to enjoy to date.
  9. How about the paycheck sans the actual 36 hours OT (ouch!)
  10. You would withhold tasty lasagna from.. us? *wipes away tears*
  11. Dunno them 'world of poker' type shows that the espn puts on the boobtube seem to be popular for some unknown reason.
  12. The WoW phishing emails have gotten really sophisticated, some of them look 100% authentic, it's all in the little details that don't match up however. Especially when you check the email header.
  13. Fake or not, makes a video no less entertaining.. the whole 'cat getting spun around on a ceiling fan' video remains one of my favorites to this day in spite of knowing it's a fake (i'm not a bady person.. really! )
  14. is the fixed link i believe
  15. I didn't know reaper was selling dropper bottles, much less with agitators (oops!)
  16. I bought the now OOP box set a little over a year ago and I gotta say the plastics that came with it were abhorrent. Flashing was so bad on some of them, they had to be partly mangled in some areas to remove the flashing, the bases weren't consistent in size OR shape... some of the bases appeared almost oval and diamond shaped rather than hexagonal. Hopefully with the new boxed set they have a new set of molds for these.
  17. http://usplastics.com/ sells dropper bottles nearly identical (if not the same) as the RMS come in. Caps and bottles are sold separately.
  18. The show first aired in webcast format some 4-6 months back if i recall... I was not impressed.
  19. *gives spike a flame thrower and a giant bag of taco seasoning* Burn it down! Buurrrrn! Burninate the evil empire!
  20. Eureka and Warehouse 13 have recently begun to tie into one another (if even only in a very insignificant way) ... I do find warehouse 13 to be a very entertaining show though, even if only to make fun of some of the characters.
  21. Just as a reminder I'm using the white box thief located here to determine success/failure on some skill rolls (like lockpicking)
  22. Kane saunters up to the door in his dainty fashion. I might be able to handle this!" Kane listens intently as the lock tells him how to open itself. This spider venom has some pretty nifty after-effects! That ought to just about do it!
  23. But it's not the urban legends version! *sob*
  24. Ed uses bricks and not something more like an airsoft rifle? I hope that you get well soon Ed, Ron Wait no, it's an airsoft bazooka that fires bricks! And definitely, get that rear end outta the sick house.
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