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  1. I'll go to the town hall, not much else to do here. As far as staying the night goes, it's probably a good idea, I'd be hesitant to travel the wilderness at night, even if the trail starts to go cold.
  2. Kaanite eats his meal quickly and in silence. The only noises he make being the deep breaths he takes between mouthfuls of food. This is pretty good... being able to complete a meal that is, the food leaves a bit to be desired.
  3. Kaanite gets a big smile on his face at the thought of food and drink. And this time there better not be any torch wielding hobgoblins... or I'll be very angry.
  4. http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=100007982%20600029485&IsNodeId=1&name=Projector%20Mounts Just take a look at the ratings and go with what seems best. I'm not too familiar with projectors but I'd assume they follow VESA standards for mounting like monitors and televisions.
  5. Enjoying the lingering flavor of tangerines, Kane looks up the hallway and sees what can only be explained by a hallucinogenic effect in the spider venom. Whoooooah... that's trippy! Just don't let it touch my clothes dudes! [OOC] [ 1d20=10 ] [/OOC]
  6. Yea as far as stride goes, I've got an extremely short stride as it is... I suspect it's poor lower leg muscle development as I hve an ankle that starts to get really sore after walking for 5-10minutes (but jogging isn't an issue for the ankle) As far as the shoes.. depending on the level of softness you want.. http://www.zappos.com/saucony-grid-cohesion-3-silver-black-royal bought those and I'm loving em.
  7. I tried doing the walking/jogging thing... but my shins just wouldn't tolerate it.. after a few days of it they were just sore to the touch, and not like muscle soreness. Can't do those elliptical machines to save my lief either.. heh, I just seem to lack the coordination for those.
  8. For those of you working on weight loss... are you finding that the the key is mostly watching calorie intake, with exercise acting as an added calorie burn or maybe a way to burn off some extra calories you may consume in a day? Or are you finding that exercising really is integral into your weight loss plan? (Typical mile of walk/jogging up an incline only burn ~125 calories in my experience?)
  9. Sorry I haven't been active IC here lately... been a bit distracted with some other stuff and I just haven't sat down for 3-5 minutes to put an IC post together.
  10. Kaanite nods subtly Let's not rule out the possibility, no matter how remote, that these people could be sympathizing or in league with those that attacked the city. Or potentially victims like ourselves, and too scared to do anything about it.
  11. Badger badger badger badger...
  12. Con check: 1d20+0 12+0 = 12 Yay I passed (I hope! lol)
  13. Premium dungeon statuary on sale here, just put your money in my pocket and carry me away! :P
  14. http://colors.silicon-dragons.com/ is the best one I know of, the site is run by one of the forum members here I'm just brain farting at the moment and can't remember which. However due to the differences between the same color (Cadmium Blue from one company will be different than Cadmium Blue from another) You'll need to specify a source brands color to find closest matches. Which is exactly what that tool is designed for.
  15. Nah it looks like the picture was actually either taken down or had some off-site linking security measures incorporated... but just picture if you will the entire firefly cast in their star-trek counterparts uniform and you'll have the gist of the picture.. I found it to be quite scary :P
  16. Yea this recent trend of charging console prices for PC games is not a good move. I know that I have a hard enough time shelling out 49.99+tax for a game here and there, and even though it's only another 10 dollars, it just doesn't sit well with me. And the blame for this trend (so I've read) falls squarely on the shoulders of the current Activision CEO Bobby Kotick. Though he's doing a good enough job vilifying himself and his company that I don't see this inflated price trend lasting too much longer.
  17. From where I've been forced into assuming "the position"... do i have any line of sight to that bag of holding of scraps of clothing? :P If so.. there's gonna be some envious remarks coming from my direction.
  18. Ohhh.. yar I'd dig that too... i'm kinda tired of all the fantasy, it's gotten boring.
  19. Get some dark heresy and/or rogue trader, and there ya go, star craft rpg (almost)
  20. Wait, no lingerie? *pulls his pants up to hide his boyshorts* Just a heads up too... I might be pretty unavailable for the next few days, so feel free to carry on without me/play me on ana s needed basis if I don't respond to something important... I oughta be semi-back on thursday, and back to complete normality by the 31st-2nd
  21. Kaanite ponders for a moment. Since we're in pursuit, and already significantly behind, we should definitely be traveling a bit on the light side. Perhaps an adventuring kit and not much more per person beyond personal requirements. Some climbing gear for those of us with training would be useful as well, though I'm definitely open to other suggestions.
  22. Kane thrashes about wildly Ahhh! Get it off! Get it off! It bit me! Ahhh! Kane manages to slash out at the spider amidst his flailing and screaming. Attack roll: (OUCH!) 1d20+0 2+0 = 2 Poison Save: (OUCH?) 1d20+0 10+0 = 10
  23. Kane looks at the pooling venom on the floor and ponders its uses for a moment... green dye perhaps? Whilst pondering his latest fashion ideas for dead spider venom he decides to hold his position just behind the spider filleting dwarf.
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