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  1. As far as the dry brush goes... do i want a round brush for that? or a fan brush or does it even really matter?
  2. Great.. I take it the size 0 is going to be the general catch all brush for most miniatures? And what about a brush for dry brushing? Just something cheap and synthetic and a bit larger maybe?
  3. Well, I've decided after 10 long years of hiding from painting after making several travesties of old ral partha miniatures that I'm going to have a go at it again, and am building up supplies to start anew with some GW miniatures that i have yet to actually buy. Basically.. what I'm looking for here is some advice on the areas I haven't already made my mind up on, suggestions for alternatives of the things I have made my mind up on, and anything I may have not thought of yet. For starters, I'm starting with an almost zero knowledge base of painting, so it's going to be an uphill battle, but this time i've got the patience and maturity to keep going instead of giving up at the first botched job. Here's the supplies I'm definately going with... the Reaper Master Paints and spray on primer/varnish... likely get the krylon fusion stuff since it's plastic friendly... getting black and white primer as well as matte and glossy varnishes. Though it's already been suggested that for plastic mini's the varnishes aren't really that necessary? Where I definately need help is the brush department... I know nothing about brushes except what little I've been able to glean from a myriad of sources online.. so here I am wondering what to do about brushes... I read somewhere a good selection of sizes to have would be something like 5/0 or 10/0, 0, 20/0, and 1/2 or 3/4 for larger stuff.. but beyond the sizes I don't know what differentiates a brush from a brush. I'm on a budget here as well and having looked around at various sable brushes and synthetics the prices get pretty out of this world. Would it be a good idea to start off with some synthetic brushes until I get a feel for painting and brush care, then expand into sables? Are the reaper brushes good? Are the GW brushes still any good? Is there anything about brush cleaners or cleansing techniques I should know? I've read over the forums here and topics on brushes and brush care seem to be scarce. What about glues for modelling? Any specific ones that I should avoid? I've read that there's several types of glue that I should have on hand at all times as well? I used to be an avid modeller when I tried to paint back a decade ago, but I can't for the life of me remember which glue I used.. all I know was it smelled like grapefruit and worked well on plastic models, even though it was a bit stringy.
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