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  1. Nice stuff Kit, thanks for the pics.
  2. I'm definitely interested... just been out of town the last 2 days and forgot to mention it.
  3. Oops.. forgot to mention I'd be out of town for a couple days.. just got back in, I'll be able to post an action tomorrow afternoon sometime.. I'm exhausted.
  4. Hearing the call for help Kaanite looks to his hirelings and bobs his head in that general direction. Looks like we've stirred up the... spiders nest this time gents, let's make ourselves useful eh? Kaanite sets off towards the combat at a careful pace keeping an eye out for any other surprises.
  5. *puts on a fruit hat* Bah Weep Grah Nah Weep Ninnie Bom?
  6. That's true... cat6 cables should (depends where you go to get gouged) cost you almost the same as any cat5e.
  7. Only worth it if your entire wired network is gigabit, and don't expect 1 gigabit transfer rates on your network... the gigabit identifier is for bandwidth and not speed... actual speeds will be a little over 100 megabits (~12-15 megabytes/sec in my experience) So unless you do regular transfers of large files over your wired LAN, and have a gigabit ethernet card and switch/router, don't bother just stick with cat 5e for now.
  8. Kit, I don't suppose you guys are able to post some better images of those minis? Or do you have some sort of NDA going.
  9. http://www.civilization5.com/#/community/specialedition Ouch.. turns out the special edition with minis is gonna have a 100 dollar price tag.. it's got some pictures too (not very good ones though)
  10. Oh? If reaper is providing a mini for nebuchanezer or however it's spelled that oughta be worth the extra 10 bucks.
  11. Kaanite looks over at Watcher I'm a decent tracker, not that we should need it. As large as that group was that retreated from here, it should be plain as day to follow their tracks. However with each day that passes those tracks do grow colder, perhaps we shouldn't wait around unnecessarily.
  12. Nope, I missed those lessons as a youngin, just caught the languages of the giantfolk.
  13. Kaanite stands around, observing the passersby whilst alternating between practicing his bladework and idly listening to the words of the hobgoblin whilst catching his breath.
  14. Rats? Skeletons? Oh great, why did I ever agree to join this little adventure... 'great rewards, fashionable clothes, forty two scantily clad (but only in the latest designer fashions) wenches to serve you at all hours' they said... bollox all of it I'm sure now. Kane continues to mumble sullenly to himself for a few minutes more.
  15. I'm guessing the soldiers are putting up chase, or fixing to put up chase in the tunnels behind us? We've run (west?) to the T intersection and I'm assuming we entered the sewers from the east-west intersection of the T?
  16. Kaanite looks wide-eyed at Brannor for a moment, then over to Akaru. Did he just speak to that hobgoblin in its native tongue?
  17. I don't play anymore, but I can say the game is a lot of fun, though it's getting a bit dated now. It's also 2 games in one these days with the option to play Heroes or Villains. I will say the game had some of the neatest story lines and enemy factions I'd seen in a while. Some of the zones were down right awesome too. There is almost always a 2 week trial offer going around for it if i recall, so you guys might give that a go and decide if you're into it or not.
  18. And egads, he talks to rodents! Go for the eyes Boo! Go for the eyes!
  19. I'm afraid all I have are a pair of sunrods, they might be a bit too bright however without something to shroud them. If nothing else my elven ancestry should allow me to see any trouble before it catches us unawares in this glum.
  20. They do help once your brain has gotten used to translating the differences in size/distance between what it's seeing and what's actually there. Kind of like performing actions you don't normally do in front of a mirror.. it can take a while before you get your left and right corrected because of what your eyes are telling your brain. Only a magvisor is much easier to train your brain with than the mirror example :P Also note that if you get a lit-visor that they tend to use LED lights with a lot of blue shifting, so don't be surprised if colors don't quite look right under that lighting.
  21. Ewww.. that sucks. I hate it when you get forced into a reboot that it doesn't even give you the option of clicking 'later' on.
  22. I'll be sure to punch the snooty rogue a few times to give you someone to patch up :P
  23. Kaanite looks at his discovery, looks over his shoulder at Krrflmp, looks down the hallway towards the group, looks at his discovery again... and sighs. Think maybe we should just let this one go, it gives me a bad feeling, I'm sure there will be more treasure to be discovered anyhow. Let's catch up to the group Krrflmp, don't want to get left behind now do we?
  24. *cracks the whip* Are you done yet? No? Faster! And where are my pancakes?! *cracks the whip again*
  25. Kaanite lets out a throaty chuckle and sizes the hobgoblin up, but withholds his remark, understanding the direction Akaru is taking this impromptu interrogation.
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