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  1. I've enjoyed william gibson's stuff... he hasn't put out a new book in 4 years or so, and his writing has changed over the years from heavy cyberpunk to a lighter cyberpunk and bit more of mystery to them. His books are generally quick reads too. There's also the Dune series (both father and yes.. son) though I find it rare that the original books haven't been read by this crowd. While Herbert Jr has generally been reviled by fans of Herbert Sr, I did find the Butlerian Jihad series to be really interesting, but I've always been a bit of a history lover so really enjoyed reading out the histories of a lot of the entities in the Dune universe. Then I've found that a good number of the 40k universe books to be good reads. Especially those of Dan Abnett. He's hands down the best writer that gets published in that series. Once again being big on history I find myself really enjoying the Horus Heresy series, it's written by a number of different authors and some of the books are a bit weaker than the rest, but overall I've found myself to enjoy them greatly too.
  2. I dunno.. but I fly carry on :P
  3. By liquid poly would you be talking about a gap filling polystyrene glue?
  4. That sounds good to me too. I'm happy with whatever you would feel happiest running.
  5. Only problem I ever had with the parchment paper was the tendency for it to curl once it started to dry out in the corners, granted that could have been the brand I was using at the time.
  6. Laszlo, on the topic of mixers... are you familiar with any mixers that operate as a drill attachment that'll work for the small paint bottles like vallejo and rms use? Close to the badger one you linked, but just the shaft basically. The only ones I've managed to find so far are for the larger paint jars.
  7. Kane surreptitiously approaches the oddity he noticed earlier and examines it carefully.
  8. What exactly is the ad that you keep getting sent to? Specific malware will redirect you to specific ads, and knowing the ads you keep seeing can help to narrow the problem down.
  9. orcsoul


    Yea... I wasn't there to be generally loud and obnoxious :P
  10. Wait, you mean kill ReaperBryan was just a game? awww maaaaaaaan
  11. Was on the main reapermini.com site, clicked on the asylum store link, logged in from there and got the infinite redirect error. When I backed out however, I was logged in and everything worked as normal.
  12. When trying to log onto my account for the online store I'm getting an infinite redirect error. Using firefox 3.5.9. Anybody else experiencing this? I was logged in when I went back to the main asylum page however.
  13. Maggiano's is a chain, so contacting the location in Dallas won't do anything for you. http://www.maggianos.com/default.asp or http://www.brinker.com/ (the parent company) is where you'd need to go to find out who to contact.
  14. Linux isn't a bulletproof shield though, more and more viruses are beginning to target vulnerabilities in that OS as well, especially rootkits.
  15. If I were gonna make it this year I'd join in... but alas it's just nto possible this year.
  16. Panda is decent, but there are better out there. Avira is (in my opinion) one of those that are better. As far as potential solutions go, are you looking for free antivirus applications? Or something with a premium subscription model? Also note that some antiviral suites/programs have incompatibilities with other programs. Avira's mail guard for example does not work with the PGP Mail extension.
  17. Kaanite looks at Brannor for a moment and chuckles. Guess I'm in, someone has to keep this character out of trouble
  18. Cool thanks for the sanity checks there, appreciate it. Though the person I was doing this for seems to think that number is way too low, lol.
  19. Need someone to double check a figure I'm coming up with... Got a 5,000 investment from 40yrs ago, compounds interest daily at 5% My math is giving me a present value of 55,105 and some change... can anybody confirm this? The number doesn't quite seem right to me for some reason.
  20. Kane looks at Krrflmp Not yet, let's keep it to ourselves for now
  21. Kaanite leans up against the mantle and stares into the fire for a moment. A proposition eh? What kind of proposition would you have for us?
  22. Any word on Mike? I hadn't heard anything about his situation in quite a while, nor have I seen him around.
  23. Ride to/from DFW is in the ballpark of 30min+ depending on traffic, love field is marginally further. Depending upon where you stay, the best western (where most people stay) is about a 5 mile drive from Reaper, only one lane in each direction the whole way and it's a pretty busy road at times, so can take up to 10 minutes to get there during bad traffic (rare, but it happens, wrecks, etc) There is nothing in the immediate vicinity of reaper, the closest food is back at the hotel, or a few miles in the opposite direction of the con site. Reaper has sonic catering at all times at the con, they keep the food pretty fresh. Things within (reasonable*) walking distance of the hotel: A liquor store, a gas station, a chinese delivery place (give a lot of food for the price) Caveat with reasonable... it's going to be hot... during the day don't be surprised if temperatures dip into the triple digits, and stay that way until well after sun down. Granted I'm about a 5 or so hour drive south of the DFW area, we've been regularly getting mid-upper 90s temperatures for the last couple weeks during the day. And it's only going to get hotter.
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