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  1. http://www.practicallynetworked.com/ is a great resource for networking howtos
  2. If these are your first paint jobs... Wow... how long did you work on each of them? You've got some serious skill going there. I don't have such a good eye to be one to criticize work, but that's some impressive stuff.
  3. With luck I'll start having an idea by this friday.. finally heard back that I oughta know by friday if i'll be in MD or here at home over the summer. Awfully last minute, but that's better than knowing nothing at all.
  4. Pfft no pessimism, just a simple statement of facts... I'm going to eat them all! (Provided I can make the con)
  5. I've got a set (haven't had occasion to use them thouhg) of the P3 paints... I've been told they cover a lot like the pro paints, are are a pretty decent line of paints in general. One thing I've noticed with them though, is a fair amount of the colors settle really bad, and take a LOT of shaking to remix well, that and they're in pots instead of droppers. I'd definitely suggest making some agitators for these guys if you have a set and don't shake them often. One of the vallejo lines is good, the other isn't.. I can never remember which one is which. In terms of RMS the good line is pretty comparable in terms of quality I've been told (never used any of the vallejo line except for metallic medium, which is neat) Tamiya's paints are pretty good for airbrushing, that's what I use them for exclusively. They've got a very smooth finish and thin down well with windex (old school formula) Plus those little pots can prime a lot of minis when compared to spray cans of stuff. I've never actually used their paints with a brush and palette however (at least not since i was a kid), only for priming.
  6. Smelling the aroma wafting out from the room Kane surreptitiously slips backwards placing someone else between himself and potential harm and definite stains on his clothing.
  7. SG:U has resumed airing new episodes as well
  8. Just don't mind the smell of sulfur and brimstone, or the odd chanting, or the occasional rust colored stain on the walls or floor or ceiling. They're really a great group
  9. The morning, sheesh can't you read? :P
  10. Kane sidles up behind and off to the side of Taryn, his still pristine dagger shining in the torchlight.
  11. Kane finds the cleanest patch of floor he can to settle down on, and begins furiously scrubbing away at the dozens of new stains on his clothes. I hate dungeons, I hate dungeons, I hate dungeons, I hate dungeons he mutters under hsi breath all the while rhythmically working on salvaging his clothes.
  12. I was wondering where ole Qwyk had run off to... and here I thought my charming wit and pleasant aroma had skeered him off.
  13. I know I'll be in the same boat... haven't bought a plane ticket yet but I'd more than likely be flying into love field sometime early afternoon wednesday, and flying out sometime sunday evening.
  14. Yea you definitely need serious cutters to use the musical wire, I accidentally ruined a couple pair of sprue cutters when I grabbed them to cut by mistake.
  15. For the tools like pin vises and saws and stuff... Harbor Freight (if you have a store locally) and Micromark (online) tend to be my favorites. For pinning rods I found that some .020 sized "music" wire works well for smaller/medium joints. I've never pinned anything very large or heavy however so can't comment on that. The stuff I bought a couple years back came in a bundle of a half dozen or so 3ft strands of it and didn't cost me very much from hobbytown USA.
  16. Kane steels himself for another strike at the crafty rat that evaded his first attack [Attack Roll d20+0=11] [Damage Roll d4+0=1]
  17. Yea as large as our army is I definitely think doubling the scale might stand to be a good idea.
  18. I'll take that offer, I haven't utilized my sla... minions at all anyway and I think i've got two finger dabblers anyway
  19. Mmm bacon! Methinks this was the wife's late night bacon snack right here.
  20. orcsoul

    Room shares?

    This year I'm a definite maybe on attendance, and if I do attend, I'll definitely be needing to share a room. As well as needing a pickup from the airport... probably Love field.
  21. Hehe, those actions work well enough for me. I was rather hoping to catch them rats as they rounded a corner or charged past me so I could slip a knife in one of their mangy back sides.
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