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  1. Are there any plans to release new Warlord starter boxes and/or rule books in the near future? My understanding is that the current set has been discontinued for a while and are getting harder and harder to find in stores or online. Also, does anyone know when the new army packs will be available for purchase? Thanks!
  2. Oh, gotcha. For some reason I had the impression there were official colors. Thanks!
  3. Based on all the excellent advice I received in a previous thread, I'm seriously considering getting into Warlord via the deluxe starter kit which comes with a Crusader and a Necropolis army. As I understand it, the rulebook will advise me on color choices for these factions. I have a bunch of Reaper Master Series Paints already, but plan to order more when I order the starter kit. Can anyone advise me on what colors are recommended for each of these factions so that I can order them all at the same time and don't have to wait until after I receive the starter kit & rules to order more RMS paints? (Sorry if this is already answered in a FAQ somewhere... I didn't see one around.) Thanks a ton!
  4. Oh, OK. I think I understand, in a general sort of way (not having read the rules yet.) So, both factions in the deluxe starter set require one additional leader in order to field all their troops. Otherwise you just don't play with all available subordinates. There's no reason why I can't pick up Gerard and Judas along with the set, or proxy something. Even without them, that's still a lot of minis for the money. Now I just have to wait a month or so until my birthday... unless I can find a way to justify the expense to my lovely bride sooner than that. :) Thanks again!
  5. Thanks again to everyone for the help and advice! Someone mentioned that Crusaders vs. Necropolis (in the deluxe starter kit) aren't as balanced as they could be. Is this true? Could anyone advise on two factions that are more balanced? I'll likely be playing mostly with my gaming friends and if I introduce an unbalanced game to them they aren't likely to embrace it. Thanks again!
  6. Thanks all for your help. I'm in Southeast Michigan, in the suburbs of Detroit, but am willing to travel as far as Ann Arbor if there's anyone willing to show the ropes to a newb. I was hoping to find a store where they host tournaments, but everything around here seems to be pretty MtG or Warhammer focused. I played Magic competitively for about 5 years, but that was before we had kids. There's no way my wife would tolerate the cost/time associated with that again. My friends and I play Euro style board games pretty obsessively, but we haven't ventured into mini gaming much due to the cost of games like Warhammer. I'm hoping that Warlords would be a lower cost alternative. There is a game store nearby in Livonia who have regular Paint & Takes (but no game demos) which are advertised on Reaper's demo listing page, but I haven't gone to one yet. I should probably do that, just to meet folks, especially since I'm enjoying the painting aspect also. I don't know enough about the factions to know which I prefer over the others, but maybe I'll get started with the delux starter set. Thanks again! -Hawksbill
  7. I've recently started painting minis and although I'm pretty terrible at it, it has made me think about playing a mini game like Warlords. My question is this: I'm thinking about picking up the starter set (rulebook + 2 faction armies) but I'm confused with all this talk about how some rulesets are now obsolete and are replaced by the Rage Chronicles pdf files. Is this starter set really what I should start with, or is the information in the rulebook now obsolete? That is to say: How should a new Warlords player get started and what sets are good to start with? Also, anyone know of any places in SE Michigan where I might find a demo, or where players congregate? Thanks! -Hawksbill
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