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  1. Great resources. Wow I feel that my next one will be better.
  2. Yeah, she got a strange face for an elf. I am going to check that tomorrow. I think it's the general shape. I had so much trouble with the feminine look. I will tweak some stuff and I pass to the other mini.
  3. Orc? LOL ;) I've seen a lot lately. I'm looking forward the printer from formlabs.
  4. Hi All, I'm back. Sculpting with computer. I've recently seen many low cost 3D printers and I'm willing to bet on that technology. I'm still develloping my pipeline, so I take about 25 to 45 hours per model. Here is an example. http://www.youtube.com/embed/aOCAMwxOtLs Enjoy!
  5. Dollie Hyledd The Mechanic Thanks to you all ! Now I'll post WIPs ;)
  6. I'm open for any ideas, I would need someone to cast them if they are what players want. I'm going to try to cast them with injected resin in a rtv mold. I'll use a vibrating device to remove bubbles. What would be next?
  7. Hi Guys Here is my latest miniature: Toilet Beast: A Mimic in the Bathroom!
  8. Kneadatite Brown/Neutral found HERE. If you go way back, it was referred to as "Gas Tank Repair Kit", but that was in Ye' Olden Days of Sculpting. Gene When it was brown and aluminium maybe, now I think they weakened it. It lack the metal dust.
  9. To get olive you usualy add some brownstuff to it.
  10. I wish I can be there... Wait I cold work to make it happen!
  11. LOL yeah but more heads then that actually I got 27 now and going up to a 15 more but those are to master Gene's technique and face anatomy. Here are less fuzzy pics:
  12. Pictures !!!!! Sorry for the poor quality pictures.
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