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  1. Great resources. Wow I feel that my next one will be better.
  2. Yeah, she got a strange face for an elf. I am going to check that tomorrow. I think it's the general shape. I had so much trouble with the feminine look. I will tweak some stuff and I pass to the other mini.
  3. Orc? LOL ;) I've seen a lot lately. I'm looking forward the printer from formlabs.
  4. Hi All, I'm back. Sculpting with computer. I've recently seen many low cost 3D printers and I'm willing to bet on that technology. I'm still develloping my pipeline, so I take about 25 to 45 hours per model. Here is an example. http://www.youtube.com/embed/aOCAMwxOtLs Enjoy!
  5. Dollie Hyledd The Mechanic Thanks to you all ! Now I'll post WIPs ;)
  6. I'm open for any ideas, I would need someone to cast them if they are what players want. I'm going to try to cast them with injected resin in a rtv mold. I'll use a vibrating device to remove bubbles. What would be next?
  7. Hi Guys Here is my latest miniature: Toilet Beast: A Mimic in the Bathroom!
  8. Kneadatite Brown/Neutral found HERE. If you go way back, it was referred to as "Gas Tank Repair Kit", but that was in Ye' Olden Days of Sculpting. Gene When it was brown and aluminium maybe, now I think they weakened it. It lack the metal dust.
  9. To get olive you usualy add some brownstuff to it.
  10. I wish I can be there... Wait I cold work to make it happen!
  11. LOL yeah but more heads then that actually I got 27 now and going up to a 15 more but those are to master Gene's technique and face anatomy. Here are less fuzzy pics:
  12. Pictures !!!!! Sorry for the poor quality pictures.
  13. I'm proud to say that I nailed Gene's techique because I found a tool to do it. Now I did 2 faces with good looking eyes. I'll make 8 more to master it and then make some more to refine my faces! I need to make them good to give them soul and after that textures ! I'll start with ears and hair... I wonder why ;) pictures to come!
  14. I'm in fury!!! Not in a good way, I just can't think about anything else than the eyes!!! Those damned eyes!!!!!! I am thinking about making a pillar of eyes!!! Yeah I hate not being able to make them it's the only thing that make my face ugly to a point I don't like them. I really need to get this fixed. I just can't sculpt hands. I'm going to make 10 more heads after being able to do one good pair of eyes! Now to the writting of the magic chapter!
  15. @SimVail From head 3 to head 20. Not constant not satisfied and I am going to do 100 before this fall. But next steps hands! Here are the pictures! I'm really not proud of he 2 last... I need to do something else so I'll do 20 pairs of hands, 10 open and 10 closed. Each 3 pairs I'll make an other head. I'm hard on myself I know.
  16. I'll take pictures of the faces and post it here. Where is my light box!!!
  17. Hi Moon, how does Bob Ridolfi make faces? This week I have 2 main task: Sculpt and write my pdf for my game. I've canged the scale of my miniature range to 35mm, I didn't see a lot of miniature of that scale yet. I'll still practice for 30mm tho ;) Yeah I'm getting my own game out next week. I got to finish the english core rules and translate it in french. The core rule book will not have many pages, because I don't include the setting in it. But that's not part of my lesson plan. 4 heads to go and still not satisfied. For the hands, I have problem with open hands so that is what I'm going to concentrate on. Going to sculpt 2 heads now, and going to tink about my Introduction to the file for my game. Have a nice day all!!! Update: I did 4 faces todays... passing to other part of my lesson plan but going to continue faces. I'm not satisfied with them.
  18. I am going to work a little more on the next one. I need to polish it more here and there, smooth it, perfect the eyes and enlarge the mouth a little. Once I can do that I'll be able to start sculpting real faces like a pro ;) I think that once the faces are mastered the other part will be easier to make. Ok I've not sculpter chainmail and other texture but I'll have to ;) Next step after 5 more heads, Hands ! I fear those will be hard.
  19. Head 15: I've made it like a jedi use the force ( ;) at Gene) I've made one of my best face tonight. Procreate is just like GS let it sit for 20 min and it become easyer to sculpt with, take more time and it is even better. 30 min has been a charm for me.
  20. Hi everyone here is my lesson plan! Heads : 14/20 made. hands : 0/20 pairs. Textures : bunch and bunch of them Weapons : must learn it!!! Full sculpt: male 0/10 female 0/10 (must make a lot of progress before starting.) I've put a time limit for everything done before xmas. now my problem! Eyes!!!!! how te F I sculpt them! I am trying Gene technique and I just fail and Fail again! On the 14 heads I made so far 0 of them have good looking eyes. I do the needle thing then the first lozenge and then bam eyes looks bad and lost my cheek bones. hope somebody got a visual of a technique I can use to correct that problem. I can't seem to keep a symetry either.
  21. Sculpting faces so I can become pro

  22. I'd say if you really want to add eyeballs, your best bet would be to roll your own out of putty like you were doing previously. That way you can make them bigger or smaller as needed. The glass beads "might" work, then again they could also be too big or too small. Gene Hi Gene, I still have your pewter tutorial for faces do you want me to take a picture of it and put it in here?
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