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  1. I have soaked some old synthetic brushes in simple green for a few hours as an experiment. Then washed them with brush soap. It got out alot of the paint that gets in the ferrule. Im not confident in saying it would be good to do with sable brushes though. I haven't wanted to test my preciouses
  2. Maybe a bad batch of primer? I use Vallejo surface primer in my airbrush with no issues. I have a huge army of zombies sitting outside in the weather and none have chipped.
  3. I had a homemade one and I had never thought to boil the water. I will have to try it when I get my new one.
  4. That is a good point. im not even sure the new ones have any copper.
  5. Put a penny or piece of copper in it to help keep mold away.
  6. There is a speed paint medium that you can get that will help thin it. I have the mega set and both reds seem to be darker than they should be when applied. A Zenithal highlight also helps these paints get those highlights and shades much easier. Here I did a zenithal highlight with white ink highlights and purple ink shades. The white ink helps it brighten up without turning pink.
  7. Sorry all, had to stay out of this one this time. i reallly wanted those ants...
  8. No 3" based one? (yes I know they already have one but a better sculpt would be nice)
  9. I am still under the firm belief that they should just show everything.
  10. Its like a secret door. One side is normal but when you open it the other side is giving you a warning.
  11. its fine for the context of the Imperium, but when I want a fence I dont need skulls on every fence post...Graveyard or not I want to use the fence for a mannor or something.
  12. Because its Reaper. They put skulls on everything. Its actually kind of annoying.
  13. Ive tried that... The critter doesnt make it to market most of the time.
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