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  1. Not only that but the peices are NOT soft...so those little thorns feel like the real thing.
  2. walls of thorns....just as annoying as they are in reaal life... why did i order 20....whom ever decided they should be assembled like that....should be forced to assemble everyone that ever buys them now and always....
  3. I have to actually be chosen for a case. In my last summons I was there for 3 days, the reason for this is they were going through a huge pool of 200+ jurors for a murder case. If I had been chosen, they would have to wait 3 years. Since I was not chosen. I only get taken out of the pool for 12 months. then they can call me again. The govmint is tryin to keep me from my bones!
  4. So....get this.. when Bones 5 opened. I had jury duty....2019...not even 2 years yet... I literally just got another summons...FML!
  5. Thats weird...Im wave 6 and got my shipping notice. While my order is pretty small, I did have dragonfolk...
  6. I wash all my bones while I do inventory of my order. I only do it with the KS because most everything isnt in official packaging. Otherwise Im the same way.
  7. Well for the first time ever in 5 KIckstarters. i received a shipping notice this morning. wave 6...
  8. waves are really about prestige...and to suck inn new backers who dont know better
  9. Did....did you just disparage the greatest miniature Reaper has ever made?... How dare you!
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