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  1. Did....did you just disparage the greatest miniature Reaper has ever made?... How dare you!
  2. Or when you have to leave the kids behind, because there is just no room..
  3. Ok, this may have been asked before and I have a terrible memory and I could not find a straight answer in the FAQ. The white material vs the slightly less white material (not to be confused with bones black) I have a what is essentially a bucket of bones miniatures from all 4 kickstarters. Im a slow painter. I decided to pick a few out to paint. I painted Almaran the gold and noticed his head was deformed. replaced it Next I tried Durok the dwarf ranger and I noticed his right side did not mold correctly. Nothing I could do about it but its fine not complaining. Ive noticed m
  4. Everything looks great but that armor really stands out for me.
  5. It would be nice if they would do a desert encounter and tundra.
  6. A smidge over I can live with. Just no 40mm. (Not that I wouldnt buy them but,I want them for gaming also...)
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