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  1. Ok, this may have been asked before and I have a terrible memory and I could not find a straight answer in the FAQ. The white material vs the slightly less white material (not to be confused with bones black) I have a what is essentially a bucket of bones miniatures from all 4 kickstarters. Im a slow painter. I decided to pick a few out to paint. I painted Almaran the gold and noticed his head was deformed. replaced it Next I tried Durok the dwarf ranger and I noticed his right side did not mold correctly. Nothing I could do about it but its fine not complaining. Ive noticed most of my bones 4 that had the new grey material have not had these sort of issues. I would show pics but I dont wanna... My question is has this issue been fixed for the older bones miniatures, Are they being cast in this new grey material?
  2. Everything looks great but that armor really stands out for me.
  3. It would be nice if they would do a desert encounter and tundra.
  4. A smidge over I can live with. Just no 40mm. (Not that I wouldnt buy them but,I want them for gaming also...)
  5. Dont worry. The bases will be separate...but since they will preassemble them you are still going to have a horrible time getting them detached None of this statement is fact...but very possible.
  6. They still have to stay medium sized. I have humanoid versions...This aint my first rodeo...
  7. Exactly. Succubi are infiltrators. Thats how they hunt. They are meant to blend in with their prey. Now if you want to have the ones laying down be on 40mm bases and the rest on 28/30mm bases thats fine. But dont make them all 40mm. 40mm bases are the bane of role players. Its not a base size thats supported very well outside of wargaming. It plays havoc with the line of sight rules as they work with a grid or hex style of play. If you play grid less its not so bad but I dont really know to many games that run grid less.
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