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  1. Its not terrible but it doesnt really go with their other giants. There is no real indication of what giant type it was in life. Also it seems small. I didnt watch reaper live this week yet. Did they say it was a giant? Because judging by the size of the vultures it seems to be normal human size ogre sized tops.
  2. Bane Of Humanity

    Orc Squad group picture

  3. Bane Of Humanity

    Bones 4 Elf Rogue

    HA Rogue...I get it.
  4. Bane Of Humanity


  5. Bane Of Humanity

    Townsfolk: Friar

  6. Bane Of Humanity

    Townsfolk: Thug with axe

    Here are pics....
  7. Bane Of Humanity

    Townsfolk: Thug or Bandit

    I forgot what he was actually called and Im not really into looking it up. This is more of just a quick and dirty.
  8. Bane Of Humanity

    Wrath of Ashardalon (Red Dragonborn)

    I did use a lot of dark colors on him. The mini itself is a nightmare of manufacturing damage. So I tried to obscure that damage best I could with darkness lol Im not good at photo either but I will see if I can get some better ones later.
  9. Bane Of Humanity

    Dancing girl (bones 4)

    I based this paint theme on Stella Soleil from a music video Here is a link Stella Soleil - Kiss kiss