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  1. Sorry all, had to stay out of this one this time. i reallly wanted those ants...
  2. No 3" based one? (yes I know they already have one but a better sculpt would be nice)
  3. I am still under the firm belief that they should just show everything.
  4. Its like a secret door. One side is normal but when you open it the other side is giving you a warning.
  5. its fine for the context of the Imperium, but when I want a fence I dont need skulls on every fence post...Graveyard or not I want to use the fence for a mannor or something.
  6. Because its Reaper. They put skulls on everything. Its actually kind of annoying.
  7. Ive tried that... The critter doesnt make it to market most of the time.
  8. Last session in fact my DM forced me to slaughter baby cubs (baby big cats) They attacked me and I couldn't run away. It was his revenge for constantly posting cat videos in our messenger.
  9. Nothing like representing baby creatures for my party to slaughter... I mean adopt...
  10. This aint even a joke. Little bastards...found 1 in my frying pan this morning. it climbed in and died... No I did not eat it.
  11. $30? Just how big is it? They say 'large" so I assume 2" base...
  12. Malcanthet... I haven't heard that name in a while. There are a lot of succubi. We could always use more this is true... How about a giant version?
  13. Did you say make her look like Betty White?
  14. Oh let me tell you somethin... Wizkids Frameworks miniatures beats all of those even GW in being the most expensive. Its kind of sad 1 set of 5 multi-part kobolds $50 1 set of 1 multi-part hero $15 1 set of 1 huge size multi-part Balor $100
  15. Options are always better, no argument there. I think it would be cost prohibitive for big minis.
  16. Because the men stayed behind while their women and children could escape... Honestly, my only issue with this is the helmet. Put it on or take it off damn it. Dont half-broccoli it. I sort of wish she was more mage like.
  17. I wonder if Reaper will try its hand at their own version of "contrast paints". I was thinking this would be the perfect time to unvail them.
  18. A dancing hellborn Tiefling on the first page. I feel like they are trying to bait me. Also giant ant?! Hopefully we see some soldiers and a queen. Also...dwarven steam tank?
  19. Thank you! Its been awhile since Ive been here.
  20. Not only that but the peices are NOT soft...so those little thorns feel like the real thing.
  21. walls of thorns....just as annoying as they are in reaal life... why did i order 20....whom ever decided they should be assembled like that....should be forced to assemble everyone that ever buys them now and always....
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