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  1. i regret gnawing all my bones when they arrived i regret the three i swallowed particularly the goblin with the spear
  2. so, goblins... did the factory actually have to glue these guys onto a sprue?
  3. i just dunked my whole box in a gallon tin of leftover housepaint... do i win? :D
  4. that said, don't discount the hilarity of throwing a 30 HD rust monster against the party...
  5. there's part of your error. kickstarter isn't an order system. i imagine you'll blame others for not informing you of that, too.
  6. mine's super-simple. 1 x vampire, got notice it shipped today. :D
  7. Check here for your badge.... http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/47961-the-badginator-is-live/?p=684399 badginator? we don't need no stinkin' badginator! wait, hold on... i'm informed by my agent that, in fact, we do. yay!
  8. honestly, i'm a bit worried about it. not the shipping, the delivery. there's the structural strength of my front doorstep to consider, and whether i can get them inside before the squirrels get to them. the squirrels around here are crazy for the minis, but they just slap on the paint, you know? no care for the craft. hmm.. i don't seem to have a supporter badge.
  9. am i too late to suggest invisible stalker?
  10. you can't blame them too much. after all, the hobbit is being released, and the urge to recreate a few battle scenes with all those minis just sitting in their waiting area must be ENORMOUS.
  11. soo.... reaper's going to start selling paint in gallon tins for this guy, right? :D
  12. i'll tell you what, send me a couple of full sets of translucents and i'll see what i can do. ;D
  13. can't resist anymore, i'm in like tesla. well, its only money.
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