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  1. Warlady

    Alena Frostblade · Barbarian · 03931

    It turned out great! Excellent job!
  2. Another month already? I feel like I'm falling farther and farther behind. I think I have too many projects sitting half done on my paint table and it's causing a lot of indecision on my part. 1. Finish a fairy house 2. Paint another dragon, or at least get one started 3. Start on Christmas projects
  3. Still haven't started the Red Dragon. Got distracted by making fairy houses instead. But I did paint more than 3 minis, so made some progress. And I've started a box of minis for my boys.
  4. Amazing fun, as always! Your house must be so interesting with all these dioramas all around.
  5. Warlady

    I’ve got crabs...giant ones

    Wow! So realistic!
  6. Warlady

    Hackmaster Dwarven Battle Mage, sculpted by Jim Johnson

    Another wonderful clean paint job!
  7. Warlady

    Bones 4 Iconic Hunter

    Nice highlights on that purple cape.
  8. Warlady

    Frost Giant Raiders & Winter Wolf (updated)

    These look great! Really nice job on the leather and fur!
  9. Warlady

    Snake Cultists 17108 Bones

    Wonderful job on the scales and armor!
  10. Warlady

    Thull evil warrior

    He has a very menacing air!
  11. Warlady

    Wizkids Griffon

    Nice job on the feathers - very realistic!
  12. Warlady


    Nice job on the armor!
  13. Warlady


    Good job!
  14. So cool - those wings are amazing!
  15. Warlady

    Hunting Akira - Bushido

    Nice job on both, but especially the fur on the dog.