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  1. So, uh everyone's posted their first post(round?) what now AC? Do you sit there and calculate everyone's moves and whatnot? When do we go again?
  2. Teras Agailor still reeked of death, still reeked of conquest, "Still reeks of blasted elves!" spat Gaburak upon the twisted granite throne. "This place still reeks of elves! Why does it reek of elf still!" Gaburak Elf-Smiter was a large goblin, about the size of a fully grown human which was twice the size of a normal goblin. Gaburak, as the name implies, holds a bitter hatred of elves which nothing but blood could cure. A gaurd shifted uncomfortably across from Gaburak "M-my Lord, we are cleansing the city as we speak, soon it will smell of one of our underground cities." The gaurd returned to attention as Gaburak began to glare at him "Soon? SOON?! I want it done NOW!" With that last word he flung a chunk of the granite throne at the gaurd just missing him. The gaurd scurried out and into the city to find the cleansers. The cleansers were in the plaza with their demonic machines. These machines spat a poison into the air and killed anything which could not breathe the deep underground airs filled with toxins. Along with removing the elf stink from the air, it also made it easier to breathe the fresh air for the goblins who had taken over Teras Agailor. The gaurd from the throne room ran up to the cleansers with their black metal suits and strange masks. "Boss-man wants you to pick up the pace!" The lead cleanser looked at him for a minute or so and then returned to his machine with a courteous "F*** him." The gaurd scurried back to the throne room to tell Gaburak the news on the cleanser's progress. Along the way he thought about things and he had always wanted be a cleanser. Perhaps with this bit of news he would have his chance.
  3. Tis about time. Would like to see it get started soon. I already sent my thing except for the backstory. Also, how are things with your lady friend going?
  4. Loved the map and the banner spike.
  5. Magnets...... gives me ideas for terrain. Floating towers.....
  6. Awesome. I think the gobbies are still my thing.
  7. If I had minis, I would object because the minis I would play with would be personal to me, and it just would not feel right playing with someone else's army, and vice versa.
  8. What program did you use? I can't use my microsoft Word. Can you type it up here, and post it?
  9. Well? Get off live and get the rules up!
  10. Thanks for the help, I think I'll go with what Vejlin said about buying a warlord and a bunch of Adepts. I can't proxy anything because I have no minis
  11. It's monday. Where are the complete rules AC?
  12. I am kinda in the same situation, cept I have two friends who could teach me(Ashkyrpt's Crew, and another friend) only my income does not have the 'foundations' for an expensive hobby. I would really like to play and learn but I need an inexpensive way to get into playing. Which army is the cheapest to start with?
  13. Awesome work. I am likin the goblin flag.
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