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  1. I was coming here to ask a similar question. The article indicates a May release, but the store shows that the book is available and was released in 2015. So... yeah. Is it the same book or something else? Thanks and w00t(like I need a reason to get sucked back into this game)!
  2. Holy cow! I just got my Vampire reward yesterday and am totally stoked about it. Now teasing with CAV bones!!! I'm in. With the quality of the bones I've seen thus far... these will rock. Please, sir, may we have some more?
  3. Nicely done! Love the robes!
  4. Pralix is right. We had a recent flutter of brown-outs in the area and the Wii decided to just stop turning on. The kids and my wife freaked out. I did to, but google is my friend. Found a site that suggested what he did. Basically, unplugging the wii from the power surge and letting it sit for several minutes(not hours) and then plugging it back into a wall socket. Not another powerstrip. That should help "reset" it so that it'll come back on, and once it does, you'll be able plug it back into your powerstrip/outlet and it should work. My Wii won't turn on - hot fix - link
  5. How did it go? How many new customers played demos? What Gus said. My son and I had planned to come, but got side tracked and couldn't make it. Did it go well enough to do again?
  6. I play... the RPG... does that count? If you're in Dallas, I'll let you teach me how to play so I can beat you. :D I sold off my Clan Wars mini's as there was no one in my area to play. And only used the CCG for pictures of NPC's. :(
  7. You just did. OoooooOOOOOOooooo
  8. Thank you, sir. I thought maybe I had not printed all my pages out.
  9. Other than Soft SA: The Model is considered a Soft Target for all rules and effects. Where is definition/example of what it means to be a soft target and how it works in the game? Other than Piercing and Shredding, is there any other rules for the ability? I know I gotta be overlooking it. Help!
  10. ...sigh... So anyone wanna post if they're going, and not the benefits of going to RC?
  11. Oh yeah. Lots cheaper. Alas... I was outta town when RC happened, again. Next year. Prior to this year, I've only been once before too. But I gotta fish around and see if anyone's going. :D
  12. So A-Kon, the local anime KON of KON's is this coming weekend to DFW. I'm taking my son there for the weekend as his birthday present. Anyone going? Any Reaper gaming goodness going on? Anyone.... <crickets></crickets>
  13. Nice job! Like the jacket. Thanks for posting those, and yeah, I feel your camera-skillz pain. At least you have a digital camer. :(
  14. ...downloading... have the day off and wish I would've started this before I went to bed last night. d'oh!! 3 hours.... :D
  15. Niiiiice. That look through her eyes... ouch. "I'm gonna put these on you, and you're gonna like it." Ouch. Very nice.
  16. I am planning on running an Eberron campaign in the not so distant future, and need a couple of Warforged mini's or something similar. I know Reaper has a mechanical Golem mini, but does anyone know of any of manufacturers mini's that might resemble a Warforged? Thanks, Jhilahd
  17. Ok. I don't have the rules in front of me, and I can't remember(been way to long since I read them fully) if you can create a custom team for campaign play. Basically, you create your force, and then personalize the outfit with names and experience characters. As the campaign progresses, so do your individual units. Too much Crimson Skies(FASA table top, not Wizkids or Microsoft versions), I guess, but I love that aspect in gaming. In CS you created a pilot and his wingman for your game(s), not just campaign. That created a closer feel to the squads you built. Anywho... was just curious. J
  18. Well... I'm used to skirmish type games. Warlord, CAV, Heavy Gear and a few others. I'm spoiled by the playing of I go with a couple, then you go, continue until all pieces have moved. I really don't have anything against FoW. To the contrary, it looks great and the tanks... man... those tanks rock. I know, from just looking at the website, FoW covers more of an Epic playing style than say CAV(which is a skirmish game). I have, but never got to play, Easy Eights Battleground WWII. Which is a skirmish game, I have the basic box set with a squad of US Airborne, and a squad of Wermachts(I believe). The company was going out of business, unbeknownst to me, and so I never was able to get the support and troops to play. AND there wasn't/isn't players around who did play the game. trideau, is the the only one on the boards, that I know who did. I actually blame him for getting me interested in it. Hear that Terrence, its your fault. ::D I see that FoW has support, and I think that there is at least one group that plays that I know of. That would be the group that meets at Lone Star in Arlington. When I saw a similar discussion on another board(rpg.net) about FoW and the cost to enter into the game, ouch. Scared me off. But now I'm finding myself looking at the site on a daily basis. So I'm torn. I'd like a decent skirmish game, if possible, but if this is the king and the only game supported by rules and mini's I might be better off saving money and picking it up when I can afford it.(and learn not to have lots of run-on sentences). This, Heisler, is one of the strongest points I think about in regards to FoW. It seems to be the top dog in this genre right now. Thanks guys for your input.
  19. So I've been reading about Flames of War and it looks cool. I just don't know that I want to drop $200 in an army, especially a teeeeeeny tiny one. I've got a hard enough time painting 28mm, let alone 15mm. So besides FoW, what other good wargames are there for WWII and why? Do they have great mini's? Great support? Lots of players? Thanks!
  20. **bump** Because this thread has gotten really, really quiet. J
  21. Super Simple Light Tent Found this on another board, and thought "how cool".
  22. I'd say they looked great... but I can't see them. And you webpage is down.
  23. Those leathers.... wow. Wow. Great work. Love the worn and weathered look. Very nice. Jhilahd
  24. Will there be a fee to enter the tourney? Cash or mini purchase? I only ask because alot of the DCI stuff(WotC Star Wars miniatures) games my son and I have played have an entrance fee. 'course we split a box(or three) of boosters in order of placement. So that's not too bad. 6:30 at the Asylum. Oy. I35 traffic heading north on a Friday. Oy again.
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