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  1. Ok its official. I'm out for Saturday. Got a full day of quickfoot soccer over at the frosty Eastfield playing grounds in Mesquite. Hopefully I'll be able to get together soon.
  2. I would just like to add one minor adjustment to that list. Bring the kids. Nothing makes a wife happier than one less headache, or is it just in my house?
  3. Awesome. Will make an effort to come up this time. Your link gives a 404 error.
  4. That cloak is way cool! I love how it looks heavy and well used. Your highlights help create that look. Great job. I'll be sure to visit Mysticeyes42 and "borrow" this, unless sirikus beats me to it. Jhilahd
  5. Wow. Makes want to pick up a crusader army...
  6. Very nice. Love the skin tones. Any chance you can drop your recipe here?
  7. Patrick Haughton aka Mad Pat. Pat(when he plays) is a regular in my gaming group. He showed me the beta book along time ago. He was excited and I was ..eh. Another mini game. great. I was trying to get a Warmachine game going at the time, and he convinced me to come up to Denton and try out a demo. I did. I took my 9yr old and he and I played at the Asylum. I was hooked. He was hooked. I picked up the rules at a game store later that week. And now... I'm trying to paint, my armies, his armies, and soon(as she gets them) my daughter's army. Oy. I did however get my Reven starter set this week. W00t!!
  8. So with the 2nd printing changes, are the data cards from Reaper(as in the SWAG ones) updated to reflect the 2nd printing updates? I was thinking of Varaug in particular. Just got the Reven starter and was reading the changes. Got some swag points and want to spend them!! :D Thanks, Jhilahd
  9. Yes, but thats why you spend 20 pts for a Familiar. :D
  10. Cool. I went by there yesterday with my son. Can't beat a 20 minute drive, compared to the 35-40 minute drive to Comic Asylum. Which I found out yesterday, is owned by a friend of mines boss's husband. (not their cousin's uncles roommate). Small world. I wished I would have had Jack show me the back room. His front is small. But clean. I'm so used to being overwhelmed by product like at Lone Star and the Game Chest. I did pick up some MSP's yesterday, first time to use them last night. Interesting. I had alot of luck with one bottle, but then the next, I had trouble with the pigment getting lumpy. But I digress. As far as the 10th, thats up in the air and I won't know for certain until the 9th. Sorry, but my daughter is playing in a Quickfoot soccer tournament, and Sunday would be the play off game(s). So we won't know until they finish Saturday night. Jhilahd
  11. Hold basically makes models within a 2 " radius lose their next Action Points. It sounds like you went in a strange fashion. You got your turn, did whatever it was with your figure. Then drew, they got their turn, their cleric cast on your fig. That figure is now held and would lose its action points they next time it went. But want to make sure you understand its not, I go, then you go. Its I draw from the initiative deck for each time. A designated player draws from the deck, and whoevers card comes up-its their turn. After they finish all their actions, draw again, and then next person, which it might be the same person if they have more than one troop. And so forth. Now barring that- You lose the next time that character comes into play. Just that character actions. If your opponent drew and his team came up again, then yes. Yes they could attack, but I would think you would now be free and you could get a defensive strike against them. Just wanted to make sure you understood. Its not, I have two troops and I take one figure and activate, then you do. Its all luck of the draw. I might be preacher to the choir, so please excuse my rant if I am.
  12. No no no. Not Canadian. Espanol. Viva Tejas!! Long live the Republic.
  13. I was thinking about adding a Totem, but hadn't thought about doing it that way. Now I just need to find a suitable proxy.
  14. Cool ideas. Am I missing something? Get another Gargram? I thought you could only field one character at time. Like one Gargram or Fulumbar or Freya. Can you point out in the rules where I can field another one? Cuz thats a cool idea. And yes, I'm still new at this. :D
  15. Hey y'all. I have a limited army but wanted to pass this idea for 750pt army. 3 Troops #1 Fulumbar, with Lesser Magic Armor and Moderate Magic Weapon Warriors x4 with Lesser Magic weapon, Musician #2 Freya, with Greater Magic Armor, Lesser Magic Weapon Swiftaxes x4 with Lesser Magic Armor and Musician #3 Gargram with Greater Magic Armor and Lesser Magic Weapon Piercersx4 747 total Thoughts, opinions? Yeah... we're still only moving 6 inches on an avg unless we charge. Then its close to 16. The only other models I have at my disposal are Magara, Thorgram, and Ivar. I do have the extra Warriorsx2, Swiftaxes x2 and piercers but thats it. I'm broke. :D So hammer at me.
  16. I'm sure they will. But with only two faction books out, we've only seen those two. I was just wonderin' if there was a discussion talking about the "who's who" for each faction. I mean, I play dwarves and we've only got one Warlord at this time. :P
  17. Sounds good to me too. I just gotta check the schedule with my boss aka Wife. :D CAV/Warlord both work for me. To be honest, I have the new beta rules for CAV2, but don't know them as well as Warlord. So if y'all be willing to suffer with me, I'd be willing to blow your CAV's up. Or just Warlord. So why don't you set up some army point lists for us to work towards. That way if I need to go pick up some more figs, I can, and still have time to paint them before we play. I just look forward to playing.
  18. And as long as he stayed on his side of the field. Thats really an interesting prospect. I guess, once we see more Warlords. I can only think of two factions that have multiple Warlords. Reven and Necropolis. Are there more, if so can someone list them off?
  19. Tabasco, Since you seem closest and brought this to our attention, any updates on the new store? Has he started stocking mini's? I just wished he'd stay open alittle bit longer. I'm usually on the road coming home when he closes his doors. Thanks and bump!
  20. I have to agree, I think you've got the wings starting too far up from the shoulders. If you want them up that high, make the shoulder muscles extend a bit more out, or make them larger. Bulkier. The shoulder muscles. :D I like the idea, reminds me of a White Dragon pic I've seen from somewhere... I'll look it up. Could be a really neat dragon mini. Like the sketch.
  21. Preachin' to the choir. I'm not knocking your paint job at all, btw. Its just your cockpit stands out. I think like everyone has suggested, alittle more wash would help the rest of it pop. /hides from Anne I dry brush the weapons openings on alot of my CAV's to help with the highlights and look of a much used area. Just minor tweaks and you've got a really nice mini. Can't wait to see how the rest of your Platoon looks. And we'll be happy to blow up any other Templar you bring. :D
  22. The cockpit is awesome. Now if you could get that kind of detail on the rest of your CAV you'd be unstopable. At least, visually. :P
  23. Just curious. I know its a big Comic Book and Anime con. But are y'all planning on being there? I read somewhere that Whizkids and Wizards of the Coast are, but was hoping that y'all might be there too. Any other local conventions in the near future that Reaper will be going to? If this is the wrong area to post this, please move it. Thanks, Jhilahd
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