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  1. Cool!!! I'll have to check it out and see how far it is from me, and hopefully, it'll be around for a while. We always need more stores to keep the business going. :D
  2. Cool. I got the 2nd ed Tactical book off of www.drivethrurpg.com about 6 months ago as a freebie. I just need to print it. I've been sitting on, while learning/loving/growing with CAV2. But something about these gears that are under 2 meters tall, and are agile and powerful is cool. Now to find a game store that carries the mini's.
  3. Woohoo!!! Go Dwarves, Go Dwarves! Congrats. Keep it up! We'll have a drink for each victory you have, at least one. Ok. At least 12 drinks.
  4. So I like Mecha games. Love me some CAV2. But I'm intrigued by the Heavy Gear Tactical Game by Dream Pod 9. I used to have the RPG, back when it first came out, but never played the mini's game. I actually used to shun wargames, I was an RPGer only. Pfft, what was I thinking? Now its almost a complete reversal. I find I can play mini games easier than prepare for an RPG. Weird. I digress... I know there's a new version out of their tactical rules and was curious to see what anyone thought. Thanks, Jhilahd
  5. Well said, Steve, well said. There are days I want X from Reaper. But I'd rather have a beautiful well conceived product, than one that looks like crud, and rules that stink to add to them.
  6. Update. Did anyone go last night? I apologize that I was not there, I'm dealing with a very sick child. If we have to do another round of tests where he gets prodded and poked, I'll be the one to start crying. Anywho's... If you went, how'd it go? So what is the next "scheduled" Thursday? Jhilahd
  7. Ok so I discovered the www.drunkendwarves.com and then Phigs Mini's this summer. To my recent dismay, he has closed his site down. Does anyone know where I can obtain any of these really cool figs(other than writing the creator?) And has anyone played this? Look like it'd be a hoot. Yes, I see the similarity to Blood Bowl, but to be honest, I've never played BB and don't know how fast/slow it is. Thanks, Jhilahd
  8. Hmmm. guess this means I need to actual paint my figs. I plan on being there.
  9. Alrighty Dallas East-siders! What I would like to have to go back to him with is: 1. How many people would play regularly. Me 2. What factions are being played. Dwarves are my starting army. My son has Necropolis(and working on elves-oy). I will eventually go Reven or Mercs as well. 3. How much area would we require for terrain and how many boards we want to use. Good question. I've never been inside his store, so I'll have to check it out. 4. Any questions I can't answer for yall, post, and I will get answers. If we start having tourney, can we convince him to throw in some prizes. Maybe a figure or two for the winning army? What about store discounts if we provide patronage? I have no problem using him instead of the game store in the area, if he can help carry Reaper products. I would prefer using a store who is more personable and willing to carry products. This could be the start of a beautiful relationship. I hope this is what everyone was looking for. Let me know what you think and I will finish setting this up. Thanks guys. No. Thank you. We appreciate your time and energy in the matter. Jhilahd
  10. I'm out. As I told Tabascojunkie, I've got a Boy Scout event that my troop is involved with on Saturday and wont' be able to break away. :( Maybe next time. Thanks!
  11. Ah, I see. I don't have the Necropolis book yet. That would explain why I didn't know about 'em. Curses....
  12. Bane cancels out Toughness rolls. It considers those with it to have been Coup de Grace. As it was told to me, Dwarves do it right the first time. Jhilahd
  13. Took the family up to Denton to tour the facility. Bryan was a good host and even gave out free skulls. And... my son learned a hard lesson. If someone gives you something for free, you take it. And then trade it with your Dad later. Bryan offered a free figure to my 9 year old. But... my son didn't see it that way. He saw a free GIRL figure. And a dwarf to boot. Oh well. Now he knows. And knowing is half the battle. Yo j....nm. Thanks Bryan, and the rest of the staff. Y'all were great and friendly. Bobby
  14. I agree. When you told me Saturday that you were working on this, I got excited. We need to decide on which Thursday and what time to start and close. How late do they stay open? Are we allowed to bring in snacks/drinks or do they provide? I agree with Bruce/Tabascojunkie. Do they have terrain? Do we need to bring some in? I've a little and I mean a little board(3x3) with some scrubs and rocks. Other than that its paper cups and other sundries around the house.
  15. Dang, GE. Is that the fig you were working on this weekend? Very nicely done.
  16. I know we haven't even gotten together to meet yet. But be thinking when y'all would like to game. Is it better for you to play on the weekends? If so, what time(s) work best for you? Is it better for you to play during the week in the evenings? If so, from when to when would you be able to play? Just some things to think about as we grow our lil' group.
  17. drjsallison I plan on going Saturday. I'll pm you when I know for certain. DChihorn I think I can do that. I'm waiting on my daughter's soccer schedule. The league has her games on both Saturday's and Sunday's. Hopefully, it'll be in the a.m. and I can swing your way. I'll know more by this weekend. Keep posting. I had planned on setting up a group forum on another board just for this group. But wanted to make sure everyone is ok with that. I don't want to make the Reaper forum our personal planning board. I realize they do not mind us using it, but I do not want upset anyone by doing so. Let me know if y'all are cool with that and I'll set somethin' up, my rpg group has a nice server we use. I'll make space there once I hear from eveyone interested. Jhilahd
  18. I don't have my book in front of me, but are there any stipulations about WHO can be the musician? Is it any soldier, or just grunts? Could I assign this to my Warlord or one of the other unit leaders? Or maybe a solo? Thorvald and his dancing bear.
  19. No kidding, Qwyk! Those bad boys look sweet. Dang it. Just when I thought I had a second army to choose... you make it soooo hard.
  20. I believe I mispoke. I was asked if the Asylum was open on Monday, I said "yes". I was thinking, "Yes, Reaper is open." But in fact, the question was about the Asylum. Sorry for the sudden panic attack. John, we will rain skeleton goodness on you per Kelson on Monday. I plan on bringin' my monkey's to tour the facilities. (note-I sent you a pm Bryan). And Bryan is right, GE(aka John) is da' boss in dat dere part of da building. *****edited cuz I worded it funny.
  21. According to Pat it is. They only seem to get the major holidays off. So I'm taking advantage of it and headed that way with the kiddo's.
  22. heh no problem, I've played twice and lost twice so I'm more than willing to get my butt kicked again by new and different people =) I've only actually played once. And I didn't know about my Bane abilities. Thank you very much, Mr. MadPat. My son reminds me quite often how he beat me. Had I only known, I would have crushed his little... er.. nm. I'm pumped about this. I look forward to getting either a regular game or a regular campaign going. This is cool. I'm really glad you guys have responded. I told Sirikus that I have plans to go to Reaper possible this weekend, and for sure this Monday. Gonna do the tour thang with my family. Should be fun. I'll start a list tonight of the members who have posted with interest here, and then pm all of you with some possible dates and ideas how to start this. Thanks. Bobby aka Jhilahd
  23. Wow, Sirikus. Or should I say neighbor. I'm just up the street from Thompson Elementary and about 2 streets south of Berry off of Edwards Church Road. I'll have to come over and pound.... er... meet you and your Elves. Bobby aka Jhilahd
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