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  1. Yeah, I grew up outside of San Angelo (about 20 miles north), and we did all our gaming and like stuff in town. Been about 15 years since I left, so you've actually have a better lead than I. Having said that. Pull a couple of flyers and run a demo game or two. Get some people interested. Show them how they don't have to spend a fortune to play, and have a bazillion 6 siders to play. Heck, you could even get them interested in Warlord, but that's just crazy talk. I've written a couple of friends who live there and see if they are still gaming. So I'll you know. Jhilahd
  2. So you're moving to Goodfellow? I can't say for sure, you'll want to do a search, but there is a comic shop (and maybe a hobby store now)who might have games or at least a board to recruit from. San Angelo isn't what it used to be when I lived in the area. And that's been eons ago. I'll ask some people who still live there and see if I can get you some info on gaming. Jhilahd
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    Looks cool. And akela and Madpat got up on the rankings first... rats. One quick note, there is no link to the forums from the CavHQ page. Otherwise, yahooo!!!! Its alive! Jhilahd
  4. Excellent, Heisler. Thats a cool story. See for my kids it spawned from WarCraft 3. In fact when he was learning to play during the demo this weekend with MadPat and I, he kept referring to the different factions like Warcraft. Looking at beastmen he kept asking "So those are Tauren right? What faction are they for?" or "So Judas is like Prince Arthas, cool." That was the hook for him. My daughter was easy. Elves. Pictures of painted Elven armies. Cake. Now I'm fighting with them on painting their figs. They want me to, I don't wanna! :D Jhilahd
  5. Good question. I saw sample copies this weekend at Reaper Asylum, but they must have been extra's from the Deluxe set. Any chance we could get a pdf with swag points? That way if we screw up our original we can reproduce them? Just curious. Jhilahd
  6. I'll remember to wear my shin guards. I agree. Too many times parents leave their kids at a demo expecting them to be lil angels. As if. And yeah... Darkspawn... kinda not a good idea. But that's me. Jhilahd
  7. mateybob has a point though. Thats part of it. Some kids can be annoying. Which is why they need active parents to be involved in their game. At least in my mind. Or a Black Lightning Masta who's great with kids. But then again, some adults can be just as annoying, only smellier. I don't know how many of you play Heroclix, but the times where I have played tournaments in the Dallas area, kids under 13 have been solid players. They're still kids and do kid things, but they'll think outside the box, which is great in strategy games. They're courteous, insightful, and get my potty humor. For me, this would be an opportunity to get my kids into a hobby that we all can play in. I'm going back up to Reaper Asylum (an hour plus drive) on Saturday again, just so my son can play Warlord buy some Skellies for his army, and my Daughter can demo it with an Elven army and get a better idea of how to play it. Don't ask me why, but someone other than your parent can teach you something and you get. Yes. Even at an early age they don't listen to you. :D Plus it gives me an excuse to get some points if I can field my barely painted Dwarven troops and bring the smack down on MadPat's Reptus army. Papa needs a new pair of boots, baby.
  8. And so everyone is clear. What I was thinking was a way for under 13 kids to play. Either parents or with parental supervision. Not starting an under 13 league, but hey, if we can get that too. Cool. Jhilahd
  9. Yes. I wrote Rob directly and we're fine. He was just given me grief. I set myself up for it with the noob, when it shoulda been newb comment. Its all good. :D Jhilahd
  10. Fair enough. I just wanted to be able to let them enjoy the same benefits I do when I play. On a similiar note: If I had enough players, I would be glad to help with a jr. event at RCon. It'll give me another reason to come. :D I'll PM the powers that be when I get home with my ideas and thoughts on the setup and play. Jhilahd
  11. Because I'm all about cool new troops types. What are some thoughts on the different calvary types for the factions? For instance, here's a quick run down of ideas for the dwarves that I was thinking of: Dwarves Bears(because of Thorvald Clawhelm) Boars(just because of Confrontation's dwarves on boars looks cool) Giant Badgers(since they burrow) Elves Horses Panther/tigers/giant cats would be cool Deer/stags Unicorns Pegasi Necropolis Anything skeletal Neksofar Scorpions Beetles Chariots Reven Wolves Boars...hmmm Giant weasels for Skeeter types? Overlords A mix of critters, horses-living and undead, dependant upon the troop The Onyx Chevaliers use ... black steeds? Darkspawn Demon-looking critters, overmuscled, with pieces of bone peeking through Reptus Dinosaurs! Triceratops, raptors, you name it Crusaders Big powerful horses. Pegasi(?) Any other thoughts? Jhilahd
  12. Yes yes, please share. Especially for us newbs. jhilahd **edited per Jesters direct instruction when dealing with this type-see below**
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    touche' Guess I'll have to substitute Warlord instead of the Magic Tree house at out normal bedtime story hour. Oh and for anyone who might play against him, watch out, he has threatened to sell defeated armies on ebay. Jhilahd
  14. Oh and one more thing. Both of my kids have experience playing regularly in Heroclix tournaments. So gaming with mini's isn't completely foreign. Jhilahd
  15. So something interesting happened this weekend. My son has a new addiction. Warlord. I had gone to Reaper Asylum to demo CAV2 with Pat. I drug my son along because my Wife and 11 yr old Daughter were at NASA for a Girl Scout retreat, and they (lol) ended up playing some GW demo's. (off topic) GW had their TX event at the Johnson Space Center this last weekend. Anyway... I took my 8yr old and he started asking me all these questions about Warlord. Of course the scenery on the table tops didn't hurt. He started comparing the armies to those he has played in Warcraft III. At first he was drawn to the Reven, who he played against me in a demo game. But after that he decided he liked the Necropolis'. Thanks for that tidbit of info about the vampires possibly having chattle to use to heal themselves. He especially liked that and the fact his attacks against an opponent could heal him. But I digress. My son found out about the campaign options of playing and wanted to know if he built an army, can he play? So thought, "wow, this is so cool." Then when I tried to register him, I found out he had to be 13 or older. While I agree with this, I was wondering if there could be a way for parent to give their consent/approval or have to agree send in a statement consenting to their children playing. I'm asking because my son has been chiding his sister that he's playing and that if she plays, his undead forces will trample her tree-huggers(aka Elves). He doesn't even have anything other than Judas and Malek, and he's trash talking about victory. He's already put away this weeks allowance to get a pack of Skeleton warriors, and has plans to pick up a set of archers. Anywho... just thought I'd ask. I had brought the question up(yesterday) with Pat and he said he'd look into it, but I wanted to get some feedback from the rest of you. What do you think? Is this something doable or too much work? Either way, I'm looking at the possibilites of painting three armies. Jhilahd
  16. w00t!! Fear mighty mad sniping mage!! Jhilahd
  17. So you could have ground troops, armored troops, aircraft, armored zepplins and robots. Lots and lots of robots and rayguns. Oh yeah, gotta have some rayguns. Kinda like Crimson Skies except with more robots.
  18. pfft.... not because I want to kill your Reven, silly. I want to kill ALL Reven. heh Spells are a big thing. Especially if I load up a mage with fireballx3 or something obscene. My Dwarven formation, on its turn, opens up its formation, the mage casts, the formation closes. CP vs MD, then Bane. Nasty business. If I had any DWARVEN CROSSBOWMEN(HINT HINT WINK WINK-sorry)I could do volley's too. Bane is a really a nasty thing against opponents with Toughness.
  19. So I got to play my first Warlord gave yesterday up at Reaper Asylum. My opponent(s): my 8yr old, the Reven demo army and MadPat. Pat helped us both out alot, but didn't overload us with too much rules so my son could play easily. I lost. Really bad rolls, and then just some tough Reven opponents. Afterward Pat remembered the faction abilities. Bane. oh... now he remembers it. ;D So he told me what it was and what it did. It would have made a huge difference in the game, but no matter. My question is does bane only apply to base-to-base attacks like MA attacks? Can Range attacks from weapons and spells count as well? For instance, a fireball from Margara takes out 4 Reven grunts. They would be removed from play without any tough/stun checks, right? Or if Thorgram had taken someone out with a range attack, that still counts too? Just want to make sure I get this down, before bodies start getting looted on the battle field. Not that I'm bitter or anything.... Jhilahd
  20. I agree. They can be a blessing and a curse. I think, to do a comparison, Warmachine's Escalation book works great. I combines all of the factions with new troops, rules, and does so in one book. Call me a Reven but this seems like a good model. Now having said that I look forward to holding a copy of the Dwarf "splat book". :D Jhilahd
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    ...sigh no no no. Its maybe. Actually, I talked with MadPat this afternoon at Reaper Asylum and he let me know that it should be up next week. Exactly as it was stated here. They've been having som interesting things happen with the galaxy map and that seemed to be the biggest thang. Other than that... no worries. And if you ever get any of your children playing RAGE games, don't have Pat coach them...lost all my dwarves that way. Bastich... Jhilahd
  22. But I could proxie this guy(please note I would of course adapt the base to a standard size) for Fulumbar Ironhammer since there isn't currently a model for him, right? And in doing that I could still retain the faction abilities? Jhilahd
  23. If I wanted to use the mini below as a "dwarven hero/tank", technically all I would have to do is use the Hero template, and get the player across from me to agree to it? Is that, basically correct? I only ask because I want to field more dwarves to my army, and this guy looks cool. He's a Hasslefree(sorry Reaper) mini and I like the look of him. Anywho's thought I'd ask. Like I wrote in the subhead, still reading rules.
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