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  1. Would love to see the finished painting station eventually too :)
  2. the back of her cloak is awesome. It reminds me of a well-loved leather jacket.
  3. Oh my ... I had just resolved to STOP buying figs until I got the ones that I have painted, but I absolutely love the Dryad, Fairy and Duelist! Now I'll be forced to break my word because I know that I'll just have to buy these when they hit the shelves Unfortunately, the Angel picture wasn't showing up when I just checked.
  4. Great job on the mini. I like this one a lot. I'm totally envious of your basing skillz! As for the comments on the photograph quality ... don't let it get to ya too much. Ultimately, if you're happy with it then that's what matters. I think the CMON photo is the better one simply because I'm not distracted by the fig's outline, but that's just me.
  5. Me! Pick me pick me! I'll be free to give this a shot.
  6. I've recently run across these little pots, and I love the variety of materials and appreciate the smaller containers. The only other place to buy basing materials around here is the local Hobby Lobby, and I'm not at all interested in the LARGE shakers simply because it would take decades to use it all up (unless I were to go crazy and create some Warmachine tabletops). Of course, I'm merely a beginner when it all comes down to it, and only plan to base individual figures. Should you ever wish to get rid of the shelf clutter ...
  7. Pretty cool. I'm going to have to try the Olive Garden Alfredo sauce and the TGIF Jack Daniel Grill glaze. I wish they had some Buffalo Wild Wing sauce recipes!
  8. She's looking really good so far ... but she works for Cygnar hehehe
  9. Personally, I was out last night so it didn't factor in for me, but I did notice a pack of teenagers racing from door to door who didn't appear to be in any kind of costume. Which got me thinking... is it too "scrooge-like" to deny candy to kids who show up at your door without a costume?
  10. Yeah, the pants were definitely too red. I was hoping for a dark brownish red (like the color of dried blood). Instead of making a brown-red mix of paint, I should have just started with brown and washed in red, I think.
  11. Well, I had intended this guy to be an entry for the Halloween Contest, but didn't quite make it. My stupid card reader messed up at the last minute which serves me right for trying to get this all done with only 5 minutes to go, eh. Anyway, I know the highlighting is atrocious but I'm pretty happy overall. I wanted to make his coat look old (visualized it more grayish...) but wasn't sure how to get that without making all the dark sections too milky. I intended to make his pants more brownish (especially in the creases) but just didn't get it done. Oh and ... um, pretend his scythe is pretty... ps) the smileys are way too fun...
  12. You did an amazing job. The only thing I can see (worth commenting on) is the gap around the base of the horse and the road. Even if you want to be able to remove the horse at a later time, perhaps even some kind of paper/cloth/plastic lip to cover the gap with the road gravel on top of it might have worked. But then again, I know absolutely nothing about basing. The bar has been placed so far out of my reach ... but I'm still entering something darnit! Again, awesome job.
  13. Awesome job on making him look like a toad! Skin looks great.
  14. This is our little paint 4'x2' station. It's in our living room (because we've got tons of space there) right next to the stereo.
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