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  1. Not to hijack here...too late. That's the little one in my avatar with me and now he is entering 4th grade. Time sure goes by fast.
  2. Well crud. Looks like my son and I will be a slight bit late to his back to school open house tonight then :P
  3. Yikes, I just realized I may have a problem. The new bones, plus those in the previous 3 KSs that I haven’t finished yet still do not outweigh all the metal Reaper figures I still have yet to finish. Of course, the metal figure to figure weights a good deal more than the Bones do and I have been collecting Reaper figures for over 20 years now and some of the metal was bought at artist conventions held by Reaper prior to starting up the Reaper Cons. I need to dig out the older ones, like the Horsemen of the Apocalypse and seriously make a dent in those. Too many figures, too little time. I need to retire and get back to serious stints of painting.
  4. I obviously didn’t order as much as I thought or as much as I should have - only slightly more at around 33 pounds. Ah well, there always Bone 5 whenever that is started. :)
  5. About an hour North of your area - Kitsap Pennisula - North of Poulsbo - not far from the home of Frog God Games / Necromancer Games. Redambrosia - hope you get your notice soon!
  6. Wahoo! Just saw the tracking show up on my orders and received the email! Now to wait patiently till mid/late next week - at least it is suppose to be one of the days I am working from home. :)
  7. Argh! Saw WA show up on the reader...alas it was the wrong city/town in Washington. So much for getting my work done in a timely manner, looks like some work will be going on late tonight as well.
  8. Well not 10 orders, but I was a wave 1 that locked in Jan of 2018 and I ended up with 3 orders. I forgot that you can lock and then add more, a mistake that I will not make again. I doubt too many others are in the same situations though. Oracle
  9. I was probably one of the very latter ones of Wave 1, my primary lock was Jan 2018. I wish I hadn’t gone for the hut now because of the delay...but Ill probably come around. Being able to detach the legs was somethings I was planning on, but I may be able to figure out a mounting system that involved threaded posts and very small hardware on the bottom of the hut so the legs would screw in when needed very securely. Time will tell. In all honesty, I have a lot of figures / terrain for historicals, Sci-fi and several large bins of early Reaper metals and bones from I - III to someday get to so the urge for Bones IV is purely “I want it” over “gee, I don’t have anything to work on”.
  10. Not that it is a huge issue for me, but do not forget that there were some of us (including I) in Wave 1 that didn’t get their order yet either for reason of including a Hut in their order.
  11. Congrats to all those that have gotten theirs or have notices of shipping. Looks like I locked in a bit too late on Wave 1 and due to ordering one of the huts will have to wait. Sigh, not like I don’t have enough minis to paint. My backlog is measured in hundreds of pounds now. :P Oracle
  12. Interesting... was refreshing and notice the in stock count was no longer zero, but the first change I saw was it at 36. Jumped on it very quickly as I thought they were going fast as in seconds. Finished the purchase and notice there were then 42 available. Talk about a sigh or relief. :)
  13. Thanks for the update and posting time!
  14. Any chance some more are coming up today? I noticed there was mention they were hoping to get another set together but I could have missed the announcement that they were put up and gone already.
  15. Hopefully I can grab one this time. :)
  16. My main paints are the various Reaper lines (MSP & MSP HD), Vallejo for my some of my historical use, a few GW washes, a mixtures of others for terrain and miscellaneous uses.
  17. Very nicely done! As others have said, the bottles look great!
  18. Wow, I'm slacking then. Mine is only 25 pounds and a few ounces. I'm loosing my touch. Oracle
  19. Thank you for your kind thoughts. I'm headed to the historical convention South of PaizoCon so I sadly am unable to be in two places at the same time. As a painter that has done a few display pieces for Reaper in the past, thank you for manning the table and assisting others in learning and advancing their skills. - Oracle
  20. If the convention you speak of is one of the Washington state ones, I'm in the same proverbial boat. However, due to my wife's illness I am returning home each night so likely I'll be up late opening it (assuming my Wave 1 backing is shipped in time to arrive this Friday or Saturday).
  21. Hi. I realize I am coming into the discussion a few months late. If I can be of some services on this matter let me know. I am a Mac and iOS developer and my employment contracts do permit to work on outside projects. I don't have copious amounts of spare time but I can find some here and there if my 5-year is asleep and my full-time work as well as trying to get a few more figures oninthe collection painted isn't dominating all spare time. With most of the cross-platform projects I have going or have worked on we've typically defined division points between code that is cross-platform and those files/parts that are platform specific - usually this breaks along the area of data modeling vs. UI coding. iOS and Mac both use frameworks and tools that expect Objective-C (there is a C++ version too) and many times Apple's Xcode IDE is used for developing/building iOS & Mac apps. Forgive me if I'm posting information you are already firmly familiar with - just making sure the basics are set down :) There are other development systems and 3rd Party code bases which wrap up the UI for Mac and/or iOS so one does't have to dig into Objective-C, but I don't have much experience in this direction. All of my work has required getting into specialized UI or operations. Best wishes, Kevin
  22. Poor guy. I hate to tell you this...well not really...me thinks it's going to be a longer still. :) Kevin
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