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  1. Very nice list Bill! You are right about spreading the Piercers I had similar experiences and by having them surrounded by melee models it makes them harder to take down. You can go for targets of opportunity such as a wounded enemy that you don’t want to get defensive strikes from or an unwary caster. Regarding healing… well the dwarves have two healers: Herryk and Ivar. Although I like Herryk, I find Ivar a little bit too expensive. At 71 points there is something missing to this model to make it worthwhile. This does not stop me from fielding him when I want healing for models like the King or the Stone Spirit. Warriors might be my favorite model of the Dwarven Faction. Using them along with the Berserkers and the Maiden is a good way to manage your opponents de defensive strikes, which we all know is important in this game… Anyway, go kill some mercs and win another victory and we will have the hall ready for a feast! We could use the skulls of your victims to make the place lively
  2. Two things often make this a valid tactic: From the Tough SA: “If the Tough model is destroyed by First Strike attacks (the first attack by models with the First Strike SA or the Pike SA), it does not get to make this roll and is instead destroyed.” If the model charging the First Strike/Pike model has only one damage track, using this tactic means it will at least get a defensive strike in a later turn.
  3. If the model being based is not attacked it does not get defensive strikes. First Strike and Pike do not change that.
  4. Betrayed by your dices! Happens to me all the time…
  5. 1) Only unique models and Warlords cannot be taken more than once. 2) A troop is a fighting unit and is either a leader with a group of soldiers or a solo model (such as a monster or a strong individual). 3) All leader models have a rank and troop capacity (Rank: Captain (4-10/1)). 4) The first two numbers are the minimum and maximum number of soldiers a leader can have, and the last number is the maximum number of elite models that this same leader can have (during the game it is possible…well very likely… that the leader will have fewer soldiers than his minimum because of casualties). There is also a few more rules regarding army creation... but basically that is it...
  6. Well I am very glad you think so, I am a fan of this game and I would like to see it go forward. Unless I am mistaken I haven’t seen a reaper employee on the Warlord Forums in a very long time, and that makes me nervous. Don’t get me wrong, I love Reaper, I love Warlord, and I did not expect them to launch a second Kickstarter in the next few months, although it would be nice to know if they have something in mind for Warlord… The title of this thread is “Request for a minute of Reaper’s Time”… Anyway, I am glad to see people coming here talking about this game we all love so much. If nothing else it gives us the opportunity to share between fellow gamers! Finally, I would like to say thanks to all of those who have posted battle reports in the last few months! This kind of positive feedback is great for the game. I will try to do the same in the future…
  7. Does Warlord need a revised edition? Maybe? Maybe some of the special abilities and some of the data cards might need some adjustments. Is it a great game the way it is now? Yes it is! I’ve been playing this game for several years and the work that the Warlord 2nd edition team has done to improve it over the first is fantastic! I would in any case support a Kickstarter for Warlord, especially if it means a nicer book and the rule in PDF. The real questions are: 1- Is Reaper interested in Warlord? 2- Do they have the time and energy for it? (they are quite busy right now) Anyway, I love this game and I know that I will be playing it years from now… I hope you feel the same!
  8. Great report! Thanks! To be honest I also enjoy killing Dark Elves
  9. Also, if you play a 500 pts game a lone Gargoyle with its DR/1 can be very effective... It's good to have the option...
  10. The Crusaders are a great classic choice (they were the first army that I bought). They have several special abilities that if well exploited can be very interesting… Access to Healing Magic: When your opponent has been trying to kill one of your big model and your turn around and heal it, the look on his face… priceless! (For you Phil) Access to Blessing: This simple but so wonderful spell can make a big difference in a game. Using it in conjunction with either Gerard or Jehanne’s Warlord benefit can be deadly. Sacred (Faction Doctrine): Summoning as a free action… you are in melee combat with a model like Duke Gerard and then pouf… here comes the Guardian Beast! Once again priceless!
  11. Necropolis is a very good choice! Reaper has a ton of models that can be used as proxy! Half of my Necropolis models come from the Dark Heaven line; this gives my army a very different and personal look. Furthermore the Necropolis could be said to have two sub-factions: The Vampires and The True-Dead. Some players play just vampires, some just true-dead, and other mix everything. This allow for a very versatile and great looking army.
  12. Exactly like DanyBoy, I already got an attack strategy but I have to adjust everything to those 2 Earth Elemental, At least I know it's always like that between me and Dan it's a constant adaptation and evolution, it's Warlord :) One of the first thing I did last time, but unfortunatly after it was on surface I wasn't so lucky with my rools.Well will see next time... And I had two elementals Anyway it was a great game and we had fun! The thing to remember is that Earth Elementals are far from invincible. You just have to remember to evaluate your attacks before executing them, sometimes knowing when not to attack is as important as knowing when to attack...
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