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  1. A lot of very nice entries! Here's my version of Tabitha and friends Good luck to everyone and Happy Halloween!
  2. This is the only one I could find. It is in the Enigma forum under the New Releases for January thread.
  3. Thanks for all the kind words. I'm glad so many of you like the dress. The dress started out with the RMS Sea Blues Triad. When I had 'finished' shadowing and highlighting using just the triad the gown color was just not right - too flat. At the suggestion of a friend I started glazing the shadows with purples and the highlights with pale yellow. It was just about this time that a powery layer started to form on the paint and every attempt to paint directly over the powder was absorbed into it. I gave the entire figure a couple of coats of paint sealer and changed to straight water for thinning the paints. I lost count of the layers of glazing done, but all the same colors were used. Even knowing the exact colors used I don't know if it would product the same effect. That layer of powder may have been a blessing in disguise. Glazing was also used on Christmas Future's sickle. For that I may have used a green ink, but again memory fails me. One thing I do remember about this guy is that there is no black used on him at all. He was based with RMS Green Liner, shaded with Brown and Blue Line and given successive layers of green - sadly I can't take pictures well enough to show the colors. Working on both of these figures started me on playing with colors differently than I had before. I now try to shade and highlight with colors completely different from what ever base color I'm using. It's an interesting experiment and teaching a lot about how colors work together.
  4. Finished this last year in time for it to be part of the holiday displays at home. Painting Sophie gave a few challenges - mostly because the paints kept getting powdery. A few layers of paint sealer and changing over to straight water to thin the paints helped. A great exercise in fixing problems as you go. I may go back and add some freehand to Sophie's gown if I can find just the right design. Christmas Past could use some deepening the shadows on her base too.
  5. Thanks for the kind words. These were a lot of fun to paint. Here are some close ups of Tabitha. With this close a view I can see areas I would fix or do differently, but I am happy overall. The stockings and sheer skirt were fun to do. If I try stockings like this again I will better plan the whole design. On these I didn't think about how the lines would meet on the back of the legs. Perhaps a center seam would have worked.
  6. When I saw these figures last year the first thing I thought was 'what is going through the minds of the little ones?' I love the expression on the little Frankenstein. You can be sure he's going to get himself in trouble.
  7. I recently started ordering the limited edition figures and have been very pleased with both the shipping time and communication. Just today I received an order that was placed on 1/13. I've also sent emails that were responded to within hours.
  8. It appears that they have closed shop for the second time. If you paid for your order through PayPal yet don't have an account, did you use a credit card? If you did, you may be able to get your money back through the credit card company.
  9. I enjoyed painting this and learned that scales are not my favorite detail Of course that means trying to find more to practise on ! The color scheme was inspired from a painting by Julie Bell. The seaweed is real and I attempted to add highlights, but it was too fragile too and kept breaking. LINKED for NUDITY http://i190.photobucket.com/albums/z14/Eos...heMermaid-1.jpg
  10. Thank you for the great comments and suggestions! Sadly I won't be able to tweek this one. Leo has gone to his new home and was warmly received. I will practise the suggestions on the next figure (and the next, and the next... )
  11. Hi folks! Leo here was done as gift for a friend. The base is a combination of a rock I picked up at the beach and some sculpting to incorporate the figure. This was my first try at 54mm and while it was easier on the eyes it was a challenge to achieve the look I wanted. My friend wanted red in the color scheme and I don't know if I got it quite right. Any suggestions on how to push this a little further? Thanks!
  12. Great work Joe! Your patience really paid off - There's a lot of detail and different textures on this figure. I too take my time painting. Since coming back to painting I seem to average 1 mini a month. Which means the pile of minis to paint will never run out! Here's hoping the other lurkers come out and share their work too!
  13. My nmm skills are not near yours. I guess I have to stop avoiding the minis with armor and weapons that have been collecting dust on my shelf and get to practising. Loving the freehand too. Great job!
  14. Thank you for all the kind words. ixminis, Thanks for the tip with the white balance - I will play with it this weekend and keep my fingers crossed (although crossing your fingers makes both wrestling and photography difficult ) Joe b, These are the annual limited edition Christmas minatures. The base is metal and comes with the 2007 figure and include spots for the 2005 and 2006 editions. Take care! Eostar
  15. I have been wrestling with the camera - don't think I have quite won yet. Lurien started as all while and the colors were layered on. These ladies from Freebooter were quite a challenge! So much detail in such a small space! I tried playing with some photo editing software to change the background, but that experiment failed miserably. Some day I'll get it right, but not in the near future. Eostar
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