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  1. oh it's art alright. i believe all forms of creative expression can be called art. but saying that i do feel much the same as joe kutz saying miniature painting is like putting colour in a colouring book. if someone were to call me an artist i would never feel like a true artist unless i sculpted the mini as well. i can't draw much nor paint in the tradition of the great watrcolourists that i admire but at least i could try to put a blob of paint here and there on a piece of metal.
  2. i've had many hobbies come and go but the one constant is movies, movies and more movies. if i'm not watching it i;m downloading it lol
  3. i've had it happen to me twice with a spray and i usually just brush on some humbrol mattcote to get rid of it but since the mattcotte is solvent based i'm not sure how it'll work on a water based sealer like the rms. i've never heard of a brush on sealer frosting over which is one of the reason i switched over to brush ons? i hope you find the solution to your problem
  4. my two most used brushes are the W&N regular round size 0 and 1. i have yet to use my 2/0. since you have $60 to drop on them brushes and dickblick is having a sale you could always get the rounds and the miniatures to see which one you prefer. there's nothing like trying it out for yourself.
  5. the best thing i ever found at the car boot sale ( uk summer occurrence where every weekend loads of car would drive to a specific loaction and set up shop from the trunks of their car) was a bunch of old cthulu fanzines called dagon which i bought for £3. in amongst them was the very first issue of dagon which sold for close to £200 in ebay. in total the lot fetched over £500. if only this happened every weekend at the car boot sale.
  6. if it's purity seal ( matt varnish) then it's pretty good. very matt but watch out cos they got quality control issue so test spray first or you might end up with a batch of frosted minis which have got nothing to do with humidity. i thought they stopped making the matt varnish? they don't sell it anymore here in the uk? are they selling it in the us?
  7. i couldn't finish reading the article ( short attention span) . what does that make me
  8. thanks everyone for all your input. i think most layout problem has been solved. fingers crossed!!
  9. black scorpion. yeah i'm still working on the thumbnails. can't figure out why it's not opening. it's only for a few pictures though. thanks for the heads up
  10. yes. i think i finally fixed the problem! so most things are working fine now
  11. oh dear i have wonky pictures now? yes he said to change everyting from percentage to pixels but now i don't know where he's gone! looks like i'll have my hands full trying to fix this problem all part of the learning process i suppose. thanks for your input though
  12. thank you for the kind words matt. it sure is a morale booster. i was hoping the site would be a good place especially for beginners to get lots of information to help them get started. learn css. that sounds a bit too complicated at the moment .it took me so long to get the site up that if i don't do another site it won't be too soon!lol
  13. smoking wreckage i have absolutely no idea what you just said above.LOL . I'm really crap at this tech thingy and you would laughed if i told you how long it took me to finally get my site up! i did my site in dreamweaver 3 which i found out later that nobody uses it anymore. no wonder my book only cost me 2 bucks. i thought i had found a deal! i think i understand this set width thingy. somebody at the dreamweaver forum told me that i had to set all my percentages to pixels and it should solve my problem. so i did that but firefox is not recognizing the change. some info is still showing in percentage. hopefully he's still around for me to ask hiw what to do next. i will go have a look at the kiddie site you gave me. thanks for your help
  14. the link is working, i think that might have been a glitch. site been off and on today because of server problem
  15. you must be viewing it in firefox cos i had a shock today when i opened up firefox to look at my site just out of curiosity. had to scroll horizontally!! it's all fine in explorer. i'm trying to get help so fix it. this web design thingy is a real pain in the arse cos what you see on your screen isn't always what other people are seeing. thanks for your input though
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