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  1. I personally would love to see them cast both in blue and/or white, and in transparent/transparent blue. Because why not?
  2. Panzer_Engel, you win +5 internets for using "theropodal" in a sentence. :D
  3. I just so happens that the new sculpt for Hyrekia (Kaladrax's assistant) is in a pose that would make that very, very easy to do. ;)
  4. Well, the ventral "seam" was my call, based on some images of theropods and the like. But I see now that it was an unpopular design choice; my apologies. P.T. Barnum was only partly right - turns out you can't please anybody, any of the time.
  5. There were three versions of "Bomber Gal Sophie" done that year - the sketch for the mini, a pen & ink version for the shirt, and a pencil-shaded version for the cover of Casketworks. ReaperRon or ReaperEd could probably tell you more about what you'd need to do to get a copy of them, permissions, etc. Hope that helps a bit!
  6. I'd say it's a Walther P-38. Or the Megatron toy from the original Transformers. ................................ ........ Good grief, I suddenly feel old.
  7. Wow! Every time I see a new batch of figures here, I'm blown away by the seven-league strides the sculptors seem to be making with each new figure. And the pirate king and queen do look a bit familiar... hmmm....
  8. Good call, Tre. I'm interested in getting a feel for this, too. ^-^
  9. Silver Dragon... not sure Broodmaster should be in anytime. Just to clarify, are you saying the Broodmaster is coming anytime, which is the true dragon riding Reptus Warlord... Or do you mean the Brood of Payanak, which are the adept non-flying models in the Reptus army? If I remember correctly, the Brood of Payanak will be the first through the doors, with the Broodmaster coming shortly thereafter (I have no idea exactly when that will be happening, however). I haven't heard anything about scheduling on the Silver Dragon yet, but should have some concept sketches done in the next week or two, so it'll be ready and waiting when its number comes up at the great Miniature Scheduling DMV. And no, I'm not allowed to share. But the next few months should be a good time to be a reptile...
  10. I'm no metallurgist, but I've noted that a gold/brown or purple patina can sometimes occur on any metal formula of mini, most likely from oils leeched from the rubber molds. I think it's likely a combination of fresh rubber and a particular casting temperature range. As far as how it effects the metal, I've never noticed any difference other than an interesting color. Given the low numbers of runs by ME on most of their minis, I'd guess it was "young mold syndrome". But again, that's all speculation on my part. Someone else probably would know better than I.
  11. Due to crazy-haywire-life stuff, there was no color version of the ReaperCon Sophie this year. I still have the original pencil version, however, and will paint it up when I have a couple of days I can throw at it. And if it turns out OK, I'll make it into a wallpaper for you guys, all right? And if anyone knows the correct type of paints for working on leather... let me know. I'm just askin', is all.
  12. I believe Klahan is one of the venom-spitters (actually, I'm pretty certain of it). As such, his ranged attack would be his venom jet (also accounting for the poison shot add-on). He also counts as cavalry, and I believe he may have been mis-based in the photo. Hope that clears up some of the confusion!
  13. We know you did that on purpose, just to make a point. Right? Um... right? <subliminal>Send Bryan more hot wings, and his typing gets better</subliminal>
  14. You're so difficult to contact! I send you a PM ages ago and you've been off doing artist things! Love the work tho. So it's a trade-off.

  15. Shin is quite correct, with one small exception: I think Bryan handles most of that sort of thing now. Just contact Reaper, let them know what the problem is (basically what you've already done here), and they should set about fixing it with no fuss at all. And no matter what Bryan tells you, sending chicken wings will NOT make the UPS truck drive faster.
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