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  1. I'm more angry at myself for pulling a dumb move out of nothing more than just laziness (not wanting to have to melt more bronze after pouring) than I am in pain. No signs of infection so far thank goodness, I'm keeping a close eye on it. I was taking to my friend Martin from Australia (aka Olfoundryman on YT) and he told me he'd gotten a teaspoon of cast aluminum down his shoe once which took 6 weeks to heal. Mine happened about a month ago now and the wounds are smaller than they started out, but still very much holes in my foot. The short video of the spill I linked above is unlisted, I
  2. Was pouring more castings just to test my sand, big dummy that I am sometimes, I chose to fill my crucible right to the top with bronze because I did not want to have to take the time to melt a second pot of bronze. A #12 crucible brim-full of anything hot is too dangeous, but full of bronze it's also heavy enough to be hard to control. Splash! Hello 3rd degree burns on my right foot. Luckily I had my leather steel toes on or I'd be an even bigger dummy with it 1 foot. Shoes took no damage, the worst 2 of the 3 burns happened right through the leather in the amount of time it t
  3. Wow, haven't checked in for several weeks, so much progress! A dragon shaped helmet sounds very cool... Really though, I'll be happy enough no matter what, as long as they actually use their weapons on their enemies, not just to cut the rope that causes the chandelier to fall and entangle Rocksteady and Bebop. :) Kang
  4. Rammed up a few test molds over the weekend and cast one of them in Everdur silicon bronze. My first time casting this alloy as well as the first casting poured in the new sand. Also made up an ingot mold with some of the new sand. Also made a couple of styrofoam skull belt buckle patterns to cast in the same bronze alloy. The new sand did not have as much "green strength" as the commercially made sand I'm used to, meaning that the molds were more crumbly. The sand casting and ingots came out of the mold with the sand stuck to the c
  5. Last post was Big Bucket Mull chewing up some old greensand to bring it back to life; here is the true test of his functionality: making new greensand! https://youtu.be/CNzKwx2Qb0s If you enjoy watching noisy machines go round and round, you might just get a kick out of it. Here's a pic of a test mold half I rammed up after making four 15kg (dry) batches: All in all, a great success. Woohoo! Next upgrades will be to attach a repurposed microwave oven timer so I can set the muller to run for so many minutes then automatic
  6. Oh gosh, seems like I forgot to post the video where I installed the second scraper! Well, too late now, you can find it on my YT channel if interested, but this one is gonna be way more fun to watch... which may not really say all that much. Well, maybe not, the last one did have my first attempt at blacksmithing in it, which was a lot of fun... Which you would think I would do more often, given that my youtube name is Tobho Mott... If there were any metal casters in the (ASoIaF) series, I'd have used their name instead. Drogo vs. Viserys doesn't count; there's no
  7. Well, the muller build has slowed a bit. Easy enough to blame going on vacation and the kids both having their birthdays last weekend, but to be honest work has me a little burned out, so I've just been too tired to get out in the shed and work on stuff... But I did get the first scraper built and tested fitted... Click image to watch the YT video: Since then I have also mostly finished building the other scraper and fitted it, but it needs some bending, which means I need to find my torch to heat it up so I can hammer on it and make it move. That will be my fi
  8. Ooh, I like how you threw in a bonus old school mini there. I have the potbellied guy somewhere too, possibly even with all his parts intact! Kang
  9. Cool! Haha, yeah Mary, I've never used a mill or any other real machine tool either, but I've become aware of what they can do through my metal casting hobby. One thing I know for sure is, the machines are quite hypnotic and relaxing to watch running. I could spend hours watching a shaper do its thing... Hey Djinn, do you know about David Gingery's 7-volume "Build your own metal working shop from scrap" series? Gingery literally wrote the book on building your own milling machine. The individual books (1: charcoal foundry, 2: lathe, 3: shaper, 4: milling machine, 5
  10. Nice. I expected a red fox like Disney's Maid Marian, but I like the way you went with it! Kang
  11. More pix of Big Bucket Mull's scraper assembly clamps, 2 of which are now finished up and functional... They tighten up well, I think they'll be able to keep the sand from making the scrapers push out of alignment. Also, a new video showing how I made the clamps, plus a close up look at the big homemade melting furnace I call Balerion the Black Dread. AND some gratuitous fire scenes. If you look closely you'll see me using Tong Belwas for the first time, to add ingots to the hot crucible. That went well, and cleaning th
  12. Good weather at last! Finally. Good enough to get out into the foundry, fire up Balerion the Black Dread (the melting furnace), and cast some parts for Big Bucket Mull (the sand muller)! 8 clamps (more than I need, always pays to cast extra when using lost foam casting in case one or two don't come out right) for attaching lengths of pipe to the crossbar. The pipe sections will hang down and have the sand scrapers (that push the sand into the wheel's path) attached to the bottom ends. The clamps have since been cut off their sprues, cleaned up
  13. Ah, gotcha. Thanks for watching and asking, I'm not trying to be mysterious, so I'm glad you reminded me I hadn't explained it all... To sum up, all that mashing and smearing etc. causes each grain of sand to end up with a thin layer of clay coating it, in a much less boring and laborious way than hand- and foot-mulling. Not to mention faster and more effective. Kang
  14. It is Big Bucket Mull, former cement mixer and current partially built sand muller, designed for making and rejuvenating the molding sand which I use for casting historical replicas of the Valyrian Bronze axes George R. R. Martin keeps forgetting to mention having been used by the First Men of the Dawn Age of his fictional world. And such. It rolls and plows and squishes and squashes and smashes and bashes and mashes and scrapes and smears the sand/clay/water mixture into suitable fluffy sticky awesomeness for use, or rather it will when I'm done building it. Having become inexpli
  15. It's alive!!! But it still needs scrapers and sweeps and plows installed and adjusted. Edit - Oh dear, my animated .gif has been removed, thanks for bringing my post into compliance and apologies for not realizing/remembering those attachments aren't permitted! The rolling muller wheel that was in the gif can be seen toward the end of this video if anyone's interested: https://youtu.be/KDHYGShp048 Sorry about that, won't happen again. Kang
  16. Castings look great, it's almost a shame they're only for making armatures... Edit - this comment was not intended to diminish the role of armatures. :) Kang
  17. Makes.me want a pic of the mimic chasing the yellow wizard! Great stuff as always, Kang
  18. You can get small amounts of LoS (still probably last you ages for this small stuff) on a popular auction site for quite cheap compared to the big sculpture supply people, get the solid form; premixed it won't keep. From what I've read... Kang
  19. Edited, uploaded, and ready for your viewing pleasure... https://youtu.be/oeebNwgC4zE Includes no muller progress beyond what is in the previous post, but you might get a laugh out of seeing me deal with broken bandsaw blades and drill bits and fighting kids... Oh and there is grinding. And sawing. Grinding and sawing steel. And drilling! Grinding and sawing and drilling steel, that is mostly what you will see here. Plus there's some bolting... Also includes the epic duel between Dawn Age Westeros' most coveted magic weapons: Ice Vs. Tobho Mott's Valyr
  20. Wow, looks awesome. If that's not perfect, it's really hard to see why from the pix. I'd say you nailed it... Congrats! Kang
  21. Made some more progress on the muller over the long weekend, after using my bronze axe to chop up the ice on my back porch so it could be shoveled off and I could roll the mixer/muller out there from the dining room to make room for Easter dinner - need half a handful more fasteners to complete the upper crossbar installation, but to be honest it might already be sturdy enough. But I'm gonna put them in anyhow... I also trimmed down the top edge of the mixer drum. Once the crossbar is fully bolted in place, I'll have to figure out how to hang the roller and scrapers from it.
  22. Cool! I love a good machine tool build, and I must say I did not expect to see one on these forums. Excellent start! I never had a chance to use any machine tools (mill, lathe, shaper, etc.) but I love watching people build and run them. I'll be watching closely... Kang
  23. Got some work done on cutting and fitting some of the muller parts over the weekend. Not as much as I'd hoped, but some is better than none... I figured out what shape of the upright arms that will hold the cross piece that the scrapers and roller will be attached to will need to be, and cut one out arm of some heavy angle iron, I think it ought to be plenty sturdy once it's bolted onto the mixer frame. Still need to cut out its mirror image for the opposite side, but I have it all laid out and ready to start cutting. Cutting this one out was a long drawn out proce
  24. Here's my (as-yet unmodified) cement mixer, a better roller wheel I found that I'll use instead of the lawnmower wheel above, and the round piece of 3/16 or 1/4" (somewhere in there) steel plate that I will be tack welding in place for the roller and scrapers to ride on: The circle was easy to cut out once I had it drawn on in sharpie, I used my portable band saw held in a vise with the plate lain flat on a kitchen step-stool to bring it up to the level of the blade. Then I just slowly spun the plate and did my best to follow the line.
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