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  1. Nice work; this dude was the last mini I managed to finish painting, so I can appreciate the hard work that went into this. The crystal on his staff came out quite nicely on yours - on mine, other than some extremely frustrating trouble with a can of Dullcote, that was probably the part I had the most trouble with (not to mention it ending up being the part I was probably the least satisfied with) - care to share some tips on painting staff-top crystals? With mine, the trouble began when I decided to try and make it look like it was glowing and experiment with OSL. I halfway (maybe even 3/4 way) gave up on that, as you can probably tell from the final photos (linked below along with my other painted Reapers, if you're interested. The actual name and number of this mini is there too.) In any case, congratulations; very nice mini! Kang
  2. Very cool mini, and I like the base a whole lot too. Waitaminute, did you just say you have a feral minotaur PC in your group?!? That must go over well at the tavern... And I thought my D&D party was unusual - sounds like fun! Kang
  3. LOL... Too true! If there is anything that this horrible tragedy can teach us, it's that a Christmas Succubus's life is a precious, precious commodity. Just because they have chiseled abs and stunning features, it doesn't mean that they too can't not die in a freak gasoline fight accident. Zoolander references aside for the moment though, all 3 of these look great to me! Kang
  4. I just had another idea - why not paint one up in green, as the grinch? Sure, he's got a tail where the grinch didn't, and the parts of his body that are covered with fur are slightly different, but he's got the Santa hat and the generally furry body - who's to say he's not grinning like that 'cause he just snatched that teddy bear from some unfortunate young Who's stocking? Reaper has a few dog minis (the familiar from 14041 might be the best fit, or else maybe 14208 or 14219... gotta love that figure finder!) that might serve well as poor old Max if you decide to do a little conversion and add that classic strap-on antler... I'm sure something small and innocent-looking enough to represent a Who child could be found too, with a little more searching. I don't know if this counts as the kind of feedback/pointers you wanted, but that's the idea that came to mind - YMMV. Kang
  5. Maybe try one with more than one color of fur? I've seen your pastel versions, so I know you're not afraid to get a little wiggy with your waggas (on any other forum that would have sounded just... wrong). Seen your leopard-print pants more recently too. I'm not necessarily talking tiger or zebra stripes or anything here (although...), but many if not most furry critters have patches of different colors, right? The simple example would be maybe to try one with whitish belly fur and darker fur on the sides and back, or maybe a pure white albino with pale skin and pink eyes... These guys are pretty much all fur other than hands & face from what I can tell, and since I can find no flaw with anything you did with this guy, experimenting with fur patterns is about all I can think of in terms of feedback. Cats have lots of different types of patterns of color on their fur, and they are classified based on that (ie. calico vs. tortoiseshell, etc.), making it easy to search for images of the different types of fur-color patterns for reference. That might be one place to start if you're interested in trying something along these lines. But honestly, to me, this guy looks just fine the way you painted him. Kang
  6. I love the old-school minis. Heck, the reason I clicked on this thread was 'cause I was hoping "Grandier" really meant "Grenadier". Yeah, so these old sculpts suck hard by today's standards (which is certainly not to say they weren't of high quality for their time; please don't get me wrong)- and they were cast in such soft lead that I'm surprised many survived in as good a shape as this one - but I grew up on these things - they were all we had until a few Citadel minis started showing up in the local family-owned suburban neighbourhood toy & hobby shop (many thanks to the shopkeepers who, I suspect, kept the place running for years not because they enjoyed slowly losing money but because us kids, including theirs, needed some way to keep busy that didn't involve huffing glue & breaking windows & stealing cars)! I actually used an old Grenadier (90% sure he wasn't a Partha anyhow) dwarven archer with a huge, very goofy, floppy hat for my Caver PC in a recent all-dwarven D&D campaign. Good times! No photos of that guy though, sorry. There are a whole bunch of my minis in this post; mostly Reaper, a few GW... But there are a couple of Grenadiers here too - a zombie and an efreet. Also a couple of Ral Partha figs from back in the day - a necromancer and a dwarven warrior. All the minis posted from those 2 companies were purchased in the 1980's but painted since 2000; I've got probably a few dozen more of these oldies at home that I may get around to painting someday. I tried to dig up as much info about the companies and sculptors and which sets the minis came from for that thread, so if I got anything wrong or you can add to the info I posted, please post your info there! Nice half-orc, BTW. Kang
  7. I stand corrected. Obviously, it's time for me to watch that movie again! I didn't need an excuse, but this might even justify me buying the DVD... Thanks for the reminder! Kang
  8. Not a Warhammer player or an army painter (I'm strictly a D&D guy, use mostly prepainted plastic minis for my games and paint PC's and major villains to the highest level I can when I have the time to paint at all and am not already working on a mini just for fun), but this & the rest of your army that you posted before comes darn close to making me understand the attraction! I always pictured WH armies as being sort of bland-looking, with no one mini really standing out, all relying on being in formation to look cool, but you've managed to give each of these units a lot of character, and I think any of these minis could stand on their own and still be interesting to look at. Stoppit! My wife finally got me to cut back to one night of gaming per week, and I can't afford another hobby (especially this one)! A few? I know you are not done yet, but the new troll is looking way too yellow to me. And I have to admit I think you went a little overboard on his back with the boils. LOL - I was just going to say that... I think you can make it work though MK. Great start - I love watching you work. Actually, I think most of the bumps on the cave troll's back were not added on - the mini comes that way. I've got one (unpainted) too, who's been sitting in his box at home since shortly after the FotR movie came out, but I checked on CMON before posting to make sure (there are a few of this guy posted there). Pretty sure the only boils mousekiller added were on the head, arms, legs and front of torso. The fact that people can't seem to distinguish between the original sculpt and the added boils should be taken as a compliment on your scultping, MK - the fact they seem to prefer the ones you added to those on the original sculpt, moreso! I don't know if I'd say he's "too" yellow - the yellow is not so different from the other troll in this army; to me it's just less green and more brown in the shading. Being still "very much in the middle of the paint process," I'll wait a while to see what happens before forming an opinion on that issue. I really like the bumbling goblins so far too! A very ambitious project, all of this. I'll be watching eagerly. Kang
  9. Speaking of your bronze recipe, after reading this I hunted around a bit and found your exchange mini show off thread which states, "...NMM with just a little highlighting in metallics. Found the recipe on accident really. The old bronze look came from a glaze of evergreen thicket over a brown/ yellow ocher and a wash of reaper brown ink." Can you elaborate on this a bit? Never heard of Evergreen Thicket, and can't tell how much highlighting you did with the metallics (or which metallic colors), or how much brown you added to the yellow ocher... But that is a very nice bronze look that I wouldn't mind trying out at some point if you feel like sharing your secret in a little more detail... Arnold's Conan really was much different from R.E. Howard's original character (vulture-biting aside), but that first movie is definitely a classic. As for this piece, there's certainly no mistaking Thulsa Doom's standard, and I do remember that helmet from the movie... I don't remember Arnie ever using an axe, but you're right - the resemblanbce is certainly there! Great job, awesome base, cool mini, though I must admit I was a bit more blown away by that exchange mini. Of course, much of that may have to do with her being a beautiful woman showing lots of leg and this guy being, well, Arnold; without some pretty radical conversion work there's really nothing you could have done about that, so don't take it too hard. You did a great job sculpting that shield strap BTW, and Wyrmgear's right - the leathers are amazing. Kang
  10. Wow, skin looks really great; love the hair & armor; can't detect any signs of a 'stache (though a close-up of her face wouldn't be out of order since the lips have been mentioned). Very nice! Since you asked, as far as critiques go, I could mention that I was anticipating the stockings to look a little more transparent than they do. I've seen the look I'm talking about on some other minis, though the technique for achieving it is still beyond my grasp so I can't offer any hints about making it happen. The only other thing I might think about changing is the purple sword. Don't get me wrong; I don't mean to jump on the "let's bag on LC's purple sword" bandwagon - it's a beautiful purple sword that would look fine on just about any given mini; this mini has so much of that same purple already is all I'm saying... That's what my gut tells me, anyhow. Maybe when the whole thing is finished the purple won't seem excessive anymore, so do take that with a grain of salt. Again, very impressed! 'specially the skintones. Kang
  11. Protective coating like this works well for my figures too. Me too, the idea being that the layer of gloss provides the real tough protection for the paintjob, while the Dullcote knocks that annoying shine off it. I had some difficulty getting the Dullcote to go matte rather than glossy, though. Apparently this is rare; it may have had something to do with an unexpected reaction to the type of gloss spray (namely DecoArt Acrylic) I was using underneath the Dullcote, as after many other solutions failed to help, I finally solved it by giving it an extra-light spray of Krylon Matte before putting on more Dullcote. I started doing some experiments with different types of spray sealers over top of each other on blister pack plastic, but I never did the one that would have proven or disproved that theory. Maybe I'll go back and do that this weekend and update the Tips & Advice thread where I got some great help with this problem a few weeks back. In my case, I ended up putting way too many layers of sealer on my for me, as when I went back with brush-on gloss for the slimy flesh, the thick layers of sealer underneath it helped make the little guy look that much slimier. At this point, it'd probably take a jackhammer to chip that mini's paintjob. Kang
  12. Kang

    Mind Flayer

    Geez, I really could have used that warning 2 weeks ago! We're veering a little off-topic here I guess, but since you asked (and since it seems like everything that's going to be said about the mini has probably been said already), I'd be more than happy to babble on about my D&D campaign for a bit: {Age of Worms Adventure Path Spoilers - you have been warned!} I haven't watered it down much, but I did allow a much higher point buy value for PC ability score generation than I normally would. Early on I actually had to beef up most of the bad guys a bit because we had 5 of these powerhouse PC's and they were walking right over everything they met, but then one of our more casual players got himself a girlfriend and soon after bailed on us, so his dwarf's older brother finally caught up with him and dragged him back to the clanhold by his ear to "stop this foolish adventurin' and think about yer responsibilities to yer clan fer once, like a proper dwarf should" - since then it's been straight out of the Dungeon mags as-is. We've had 2 PC (& 1 DMPC, "Chuck" the halfling knife thrower who got eaten by a huge constrictor snake) deaths so far - the Ebon Triad Hextorites took down the party's cleric in the 3 Faces of Evil adventure (episode 2 of the adventure path) when the party blundered into what has since become known at our table as their "kill room", then a randomly rolled wandering black pudding in the sewers killed the rogue/abjurer while they searched for the guy I'm using this mini for's lair in the Hall of Harsh Reflections (episode 4), which we're still playing. Luckily they were able to get out with the bodies both times, had saved enough gold, and had garnered enough good will with the gods & their clergy to get Raise Dead cast both times. We used to have a lizardfolk wilder too, but he stayed behind in the swamp to rule over the newly conquered Twisted Branch tribe whose leaders they had slain at the end of Encounter at Blackwall Keep (episode 3), and as of 11PM yesterday when we called it a night, his human fighter replacement PC is stunned, with 2 mind flayer tentacles attached to his head. 2 of the remaining 3 other PC's are also stunned, while the 3rd, a Spider-Man wannabe monk, has only 6 hit points left and just began grappling with the mind flayer in an effort to save the fighter's brains, while the one remaining octopin moves into try and rend him to death. Next week's session will begin with the mind flayer's next turn, so the fighter could easily be headcheese after the very first die roll of the evening. For the sake of the campaign, all I can really hope for is for the monk to get really lucky and somehow keep the 'flayer busy until its buffs run out and the others can shake off the effects of the mind blast. If anyone could pull it off, he's the one to do it - I've seen him roll 6 consecutive natural 20's on more than one occasion. Sadly, he also rolled as many natural 1's in a row one night, so it could go either way really... So maybe I should have watered it down some after all... I definitely smell a TPK despite trying to avoid one (every way I could think of short of blatantly "throwing" the encounter) by having the mind flayer toy with them, giving them a chance to retreat and heal up by using hit and run tactics rather than finishing them off the first time he had them in a situation like this, but it has actually only served to lure the fools deeper into his dungeon and ramp up their terror level while draining their resources. Terrified minds really are so much more delicious though, so he doesn't mind so much. Kang
  13. Cool! Very nice work! Not everyone can pull off wearing pants like that, but the fact he was obviously able to steal those from Kraven the Hunter and walk away in one piece pretty much proves he is among the elite who are worthy... I really like the muddy base too - is this an example of one of those times you mentioned in another thread recently, when you'll occasionally use brush-on gloss "just to really accentuate that slimy look"? Asking 'cause A) it certainly looks slimy and B) I didn't notice any glossed minis in your montage. Kang
  14. Very informative WiP, especially the early steps using your Dremel. I always wondered how people were able to use them to clean up their minis without totally destroying them. Thanks to this thread, I'm beginning to see the light - quite amazing what you're able to accomplish with it, and I'd imagine you end up saving a lot of time on much of the preliminary cleanup as compared to using nothing more than stone knives and bearskins... er, I mean needle files and X-Acto knives! The only question I have is, am I correct in assuming one would need a Dremel that can be set to lower RPM's to safely apply these techniques? I've got a cheaper model at home that only goes at full speed, and if it could be used without too much extra difficulty and risk, I could see it maybe being worth springing for some of those micro-bits you're using. But if I would need a whole new rotary tool then it's probably a little out of my range... Aside from the Dremel stuff, I just have to say that Cinder is looking absolutely incredible. Thanks for posting this; do continue! Kang
  15. Kang

    Mind Flayer

    F.A. - I'll look into my camera's settings before shooting my next tiny victim; I assume you mean a 'white balance' setting or some such thing? It probably does have this function, but I am not sure. I guess I figured that with the 2 different types of 'daylight' bulbs, I'd get fairly true-to-life colours in my pictures, so I never checked. The camera I've been using here is my old one and I never really learned all the functions it has. It's a Fuji; my newer Canon's lens movement got busted when my son swatted it onto the floor out of the wife's hands about a month ago, and I still haven't gotten it fixed. I know that one has a way to do it, and oodles more megapixels to boot... W.L. - Thanks, I'm really glad you and a few others seem to be getting a bit of a kick out of this guy. Anything here you'd like to see done better, though? As I've mentioned, the big challenge for this piece was really to get most of the mini to stop looking slimy. Since you mentioned the base (I think I mentioned this in my WiP thread but IIRC I didn't provide any links), for the stone texture of the base, which is made of HirstArts tiles cast in dental plaster, I used a technique I learned a few years back from Laszlo J's website, more or less (some great tips there, BTW - this one is under Advanced/Granite). It's really easy to do; all you need is an old toothbrush and some white, grey, and black paint. Just don't try to do it with an already-painted mini on top - unless you're painting a stone golem! I actually had the whole base built and painted before I had done anything with this mini other than to deblister him and saw off his original broccoli base so I could do a test-fit to determine how best to position the fungus pools and trephinated skulls. Legion - LOL, too true, especially given how slow I work (although we use a point-buy system for ability score generation)... But if the PCs' brains are all too busy decorating this guy's innards, who's gonna drag their bodies back to the temple to get Raised in time to save the world from the Age of Worms? Kang
  16. Kang

    Mind Flayer

    Wow, I'm very impressed with how very impressed everyone seems to be (your cheques are in the mail)! Thanks all, I'm blushing... Maybe next time I won't chicken out on the OSL & NMM... V.V. - Glad you like the base - the munched-out victims' skulls, despite one of them unfortunately seeming to float just above the ground, are one of my favorite parts of this mini, though I think I had a better photo of them in my WiP thread, since you could make out the inside edge of both skulls in that one - you can only really see it on the Dwarf skull in these pix. You really like the freehand? It's actually tied with the "NMM" (I'm making sarcastic quotey motions with my fingers there) armbands he's wearing for my least favorite part of this guy, though I'm not completely disappointed. I had something more elaborate in mind at first, as well as less... pink. My first freehand attempt ever though, so I guess I can give myself a pass on that one... At least it gave me a chance to use one of my Micron pens. L.C. - Do you mean the slime on the base (gooey, glowing cave-shrooms), or the slime on his head/hands? The latter looks as thick & viscous as it does as a lucky end result of many too many layers of 3 kinds of spray sealers followed by a generous helping of uthinned brush-on gloss from a damp brush. I guess it turned out for the best in the end, but man oh man was that whole Dullcote problem I had (see WiP and Tips&Advice threads linked above) ever annoying for a while there. The former is a bit of model railroad sand covered over then built up with multiple layers of white glue, painted, then brushed with the same acrylic gloss. F.A. - As for my lighting, yeah, it could be better (you should have seen some of the shots I didn't bother posting!). I took these on my painting desk, which is lit by daylight-spectrum fluorescent tubes a couple of feet above the desk's surface. I also used a couple of lamps with daylight incandescent bulbs, one on each side and as close as I could get them without being in-frame, but one of the lamps has no reflector and the other has a broken spring-clamp and is therefore difficult to keep from falling off the desk, much less reposition. I know I need to hit Wal-Mart and pick up a couple of cheap gooseneck lamps with proper reflectors or something. If I can find some compact fluorescents that come in daylight colour, I figure they'd almost have to be brighter than the cheapo incandescents I'm currently using. If there's any other way I can improve my photos (or painting), I'd be grateful for any tips. Legion - Note, I'm actually hoping it won't be a TPK; I already dropped, like, 20 bucks on the BBEG mini for their next adventure, after all! Kang
  17. Kang

    Mind Flayer

    Thanks, Beo'. Yeah, some of the highlights (especially in the blue of the cloak's liner, which was much brighter originally) got a bit lost in multiple botched Dullcote layers (upon layers), though even without the sealer overdose fiasco I suspect you'd have a fair point there. Still trying to master the smooth transitions and all... 'Above average' is as much as or more than I could hope for, really, given the small number of pieces I've actually completed since I got back into gaming & minis roughly around Y2K. Thanks again for the comments, Kang
  18. Well, I'm finally ready to call this guy done. Actually, he was almost finished in the most recent posts of my WiP thread for this guy (lots more pix there), but a few little things have been completed since. This mini gave me a real headache when I tried to apply Testors Dullcote - it just wanted to stay super-glossy. Finally got the shine knocked back, (see the WiP thread and my Dullcote thread in the Painting Tips & Advice section for more about this). It's still just a little shiny; that, and the lights I used for taking photos, make it a bit hard to discern the highlights on the black cloak. They're there, though. Since then, I have gone back with some brush-on gloss to make his slimy flesh and luminescent cave-slime glisten, as well as the green crystal tendrils on his staff. I wasn't sure about glossing the flesh, but Fieldarchy suggested I give it a try so I went ahead and did it (seen her minis; who am I to argue?). Anyhow, here are some more pix of the finished product. There's a good chance this guy will be TPK'ing my D&D players' party this coming Thursday - wish them luck! The mini: The base (HirstArts tiles, drilled-out Reaper skulls, and some white glue & model railroad sand for the slime): Anything that may help me improve my skills can't help but help. So if you see anything you think I could have done better, please let me know what it is and how I could have improved it Hope you liked it; thanks for looking, Kang
  19. Seconded, since Ollie seemed a bit concerned about it. Definitely pulled that one off quite nicely, IMO. Looks rusty, but not so rusty that it can't still reflect the light from just the right angle... Both pieces are looking great! Kang
  20. Tips gotten from a little research about photographing minis that I've found useful to avoid blurry pix: - use Macro mode (look for the flower icon) - turn off flash (make sure you have enough bright daylight bulbs at multiple angles to compensate) - turn off facial recognition for auto-focus, if you have it (camera may think you're trying to focus on something that isn't just the center of the image) - half-push the shutter button to check if it will focus (if not, pull the camera a little farther away and try again) - at max. resolution, you don't have to fill the entire frame with the image to get good details (assume you will end up cropping out a lot around the edges) - use time-delay setting if you have it (though for reference, all the pix on my WiP thread of the same bathalian went without using it) - use a tripod (I have one of the cheap miniature ones that can sit on the desk with the mini - works fine for this type of stuff) I hope those help, especially after dropping a bundle on photo gear. Can't wait to see better pix of these guys - from what I can see through the haze, they seem quite promising. If none of the photography tips folks have posted seem to help, maybe posting some info on how you are set up for photos will get you some more specific advice. Without more such details, my instincts are telling me you may be trying to take them from too close to the minis. Good luck! Kang
  21. No need to thank me - I'm doing this to try and kick-start myself into painting more minis. But thank you for taking the time to look, and to comment! I seem to work in fits and starts - I'll get on a minis kick and paint up a mini, sometimes taking months or more, working a couple hours at a time with weeks or days in between, then I'll find myself constantly busy doing other stuff for months or sometimes even a couple years between pieces. Other than the mind flayer in my current WiP thread, plus an old Ral Partha Umber Hulk and an old (brand unknown) draconian that I forgot to bring pictures of, this thread contains literally everything I've painted (or repainted) since around 2000 (hence the thread title), when some of my gaming buddies moved back into town and I got the itch to start painting again after a hiatus that had lasted the better part of a decade. The older stuff I did when I was a kid with all kinds of free time for hobbies spent all those years in a box in one of said buddies' parents' garage with many other minis dumped on top of them, getting kicked around and run over by bikes and chipped beyond recognition. So I ended up stripping some (some of which you've seen here) and setting others aside to eventually restore if possible. With a pregnant wife and a kid and 2 hours on the road daily to and from work, a hundred-and-four year-old house that always seems to be trying to fall apart and a half acre jungle of a yard to maintain outside it, not to mention a D&D campaign to run and prepare for each week or my reasonably serious TV addiction, it's hard to find time to paint. Otherwise I'd have more to show. Aside from my mounds of naked pewter and lead, I do also have 02515: Krunkh, Bugbear Chief - he's been sitting half-painted on my desk for the past 3 years or more (someday I'll paint his legs and his gear, honest), but aside from that, my newest pieces are the skeletal dragon and the tentaclehead WiP who is my new avatar. I'm hoping the fact I'm no longer strictly a lurker here will keep me inspired to make a point of kicking things up a notch so I can crank out more pieces, more often. For now, my goal is to paint up the BBEG for each new adventure in the D&D campaign I'm running. That ought to keep me busy, I figure, even as slow as my players seem to move along. Mind you, there've been several adventures played through since the encounter with the skeletal dragon from Dungeon magazine #119 back in July 2005... we've since played a couple of other randomly selected Dungeon adventures, then began playing their Age of Worms adventure path from the start since then, and the mind flayer is from the fourth adventure in that campaign, which they're now barely surviving. So I have my work cut out for me even to get myself up to one new mini every couple of months (much less years). I should probably be checking out the next issue right now to see what sort of Big Bad is in that one so I can buy or dig out a mini and paint it up before they actually fight it... If I can get ahead, then maybe I'll finish off that bugbear or start on something else sooner rather than later. Kang
  22. Thanks faol, glad you liked them. How about posting a pic of the adventuring party set that includes the dwarf barbarian? Even if they're unpainted or whatever, I for one would appreciate the help it would give me in reuniting my own set. I'm pretty sure I still have them all too, but I forgot which ones were in the set ages ago and I may have to track down one or 2 pieces that might be hiding in a friend's gaming box. One's a goateed knight who keeps falling over, with a lion crest on his shield and a lance made of a removable length of wire, right? Or am I thinking about another old boxed set I used to have? Do you remember what company produced these guys? It'd be nice to eventually track down manufacturer's names & years for all those minis I collected back when I was a kid with no bills, 100% disposable income, and all the time in the world for gaming, minis, and analog music... Good times. Maybe I can make a start on that here. Thanks again, Kang
  23. My painted Dark Heaven minis (most recently painted appearing first): - 2568: D'Khul, Bathalian (WiP thread) (The next 4 minis are all in the same post) - 2705 - Skeletal Dragon - 2510 - Balto Burrowell, Gnome - 2653 - Slipshadow, Thief - 2520 - Troll Matron Enjoy! Kang
  24. Yeah? Hmm, well, if you do it then maybe it's not cheating after all... I'll have to think about this some more. Love your work, BTW. Wow. Got any pix of your gloss-slime-bearing ones posted around here that I can check out? Kang
  25. Well, it's all fixed up now anyhow, so maybe the whole thing is moot (unless some poor soul finds this happening to them too and gets anything useful out of this thread - I sure have). I shook it like mad. I used the hot tapwater. I made sure to let previous coats dry, and not just to the touch but for up to 24 hours. I did everything people here suggested plus a few tricks I picked up on other sites. The only conditions that changed between Dullcote layers that went on glossy and the one that went on Matte were my level of frustration and that the former were all sprayed on top of DecoArt Gloss while the latter went on over Krylon Matte. The only suggested theory of why this happened to me that hasn't yet been refuted is that DecoArt Gloss + Dullcote = shine, but like I said I may do another blister pack experiment with these 2 tonight and come back later to post the results, for the sake of completeness. But I agree - the layer beneath shouldn't matter. Kind of like I shouldn't get paid so little, and my neighbour shouldn't expect me to mow my lawn before the grass is at least a foot long. Well, who knows. I half expect to discover it wasn't the layer of DecoArt Gloss is I ever test it out. Thanks for the tip about tapping the bottom and side of the can to check if it's mixed up well; I'll remember that one for sure. Kang PS. I did end up updating my WiP thread with a few more pictures, if anyone's interested in seeing the improvement. It's linked in my previous post.
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