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  1. Those trees look great, I especially like your birches, the trunks look just right. Anyone here ever try pickling and dying your own lichen for foliage? A friend and I found huge patches of the good type of tree foliage looking lichen (IIRC one name for it is Norwegian Lichen, though we live in Canada) in the woods near his Dad's house and followed a pickling recipe from an old model railroad scenery book years ago, I remember glycerine being one of the pickling ingredients to keep the foliage from drying out and crumbling, and we used fabric dye for the colours. We never had muc
  2. Nice work! Looks like an Otyugh to me. The Otyugh is the portcullis of monsters. Meaning, people have come up with an astounding number of ways to pronounce it. To me it's an "oat-you" "Por-tic-you-liss"... Seriously?!? :) Anyhow, nice work on this guy... whatever he's called. :) Kang
  3. Yeah, you could still Dullcote them or use a brush-on matte sealer (IIRC Reaper sells one) if you don't like the shine and are worried about a spray-on gumming up your static grass. They look good despite the glare though, great job! Kang
  4. Quick update: Some sandable primer and a few coats of gloss enamel spray smoothed over the slightly porous parts of the raised border very nicely; it's smooth as can be now. I expect prying numbers etc. (not yet finished in this pic, needs some putty and sanding and more of the glossy paint coating) off of the recessed face of the pattern will ruin the paint job there, but that will be easy to fix by sanding, I really only wanted to smooth out the borders, that is the reason for painting the pattern. But smooth is good, makes it easier to draw the pattern out of the mold without breaking th
  5. Reminds me very much of the 'Delera's Graveyard' area in the old Dungeons & Dragons Online MMO. Great job! Kang
  6. Garrity eyes have always been tricky to paint IMO, it's not just you. Good job! Kang
  7. Don't smoke around where you are working on anything made of lead. Sucking lead particles/vapours through the cherry of a lit cigarette is one of the best way to get lead poisoning (maybe even better than being a very young child chewing on the window sills in an old house); the heat oxidizes the lead and activates its toxicity. Wash your hands carefully and go outside before you light up. If you must light up. Really not a big concern for a hobbyist working on a handful of lead-age minis, but its one of those things people get worked up about more than what might be reasonable.
  8. Not too blue at all, it looks just like the real ones. Awesome stuff, wow! Kang
  9. Here's my latest creation: a blank aluminum plaque, with the gating left on. The reason is that I am going to use it as a pattern. I'll simply have to glue house numbers or what have you on it, and mold the whole thing in the drag (bottom mold half) with the sprue (a turkey baster tube) molded in the cope (top half). I don't want to use my wooden pattern plaque to make real plaques, as prying the house numbers back off it to make room for different ones will cause heavy wear and tear if I use the wooden one for that, but the aluminum one should last for a very long time. Hoping
  10. I've used mineral oil (baby oil) to leach plasticizers out of rubbery plastic toys so that primer would not stay tacky forever on them, and on plastic D&D miniatures to slightly reposition limbs that came out of the package bent/warped and to correct some that were badly leaning. With decent results. Unsure if this would work on Bones (I like metal, plus haven't been minis-shopping much since pre-bones days on account of my many boxes of unpainted lead and pewter), but at the very least it would pretty much have to lead to less dried out finger-skin issues than using iso. Mi
  11. Nice work, you're a far better wood worker than I am. Now comes the hard part - keeping yourself from cluttering up that beautiful new flat surface with last week's laundry loads and other assorted random detritus that has nothing to do with lost wax casting. Be vigilant! Kang
  12. Awesome! Missed this at first, but glad I finally saw it. I used to play a lot of Dungeons & Dragons Online (DDO), and I have to say, your terrain reminds me very much of an area in that game known as Delera's Graveyard. That's gotta be a good thing, right? On account of it being supposed to look like a graveyard that's fun to play games in and all... :) Anyhow, great job, and the minis look very nice as well! Kang
  13. I liked that marble effect too, but great job on all the characters and monsters as well! Kang
  14. I never understood the 'Bakshi's LoTR' hate, but it never fails to come up. Always been a huge fan of Bakshi's animation, including all the rotoscopy, from the old Spiderman cartoon to Fritz and Wizards etc., on thru Cool World and everything in between. <Shrug>. IMO LoTR' is one of his best movies. Defimitely 100X better than Rankin Bass's Tolkien movies. Can we all agree on that at least?! Kang
  15. Great work on the various fabrics, the texturing on the cape and the green robes are excellent! Kang
  16. OMG, the hairs! Very convincing. Great idea! I gave up on my metal one after it came unglued under its own weight while I was trying to primer it a month or two after my players had already defeated the monster I wanted to use her for. Well, not "gave up"... I'll get back to it one day. Kang
  17. Poor Ser Waymar, first of many doomed prologue characters... You did a good job on him! Kang
  18. Clever how you added the little gates connecting the spiral to the index finger knuckle and the heel of the palm. I didn't notice that on the pic of the wax tree at first until after taking a close look at the as-cast tree then scrolling back up. Great job! Kang
  19. Well, we did get another weekend when nothing wet and gross was falling out of the sky, and the snow on the ground even started melting... so here is my latest casting adventure. Not quite in time for Hallowe'en as I'd hoped, but at least I got in another session before winter (which is coming)... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07UJtifMLmg I've shown a pic here of a skull ashtray casting made from this pattern before, but there was no video to go with it. This time the casting came out almost perfect; last time the sand broke off where the dimple in the jaw hinge is
  20. Good luck! Let us know how it came out, I'll be checking back in a day or two for sure... Kang
  21. Quick update on the Hallowe'en casting contest results: A pic is worth a thousand words, as they say: Not a huge amount of participation, nor an overwhelming number of total votes... But the contest was held on a relatively new forum that is growing, but doing so rather slowly. In any case, a win is a win! Woohoo! Funny thing about being Canadian when $100US shows up in your paypal account - being converted into our native Québecois Quatloos makes my prize look much bigger! There's a dirty joke in there somewhere... Here's my competition's
  22. I vote for 3.5e, or Pathfinder AKA D&D3.75 if that counts, which it should. I have not played 5e FWIW, but I'd played every other edition dating back to (pre-red-box) Basic D&D, and the only one I hated was 4th ed., which we only played through one adventure of - if I wanted to play a D&D miniatures skirmish game, I'd have played DDM! They lost me for good when they killed the printed Dungeon and Dragon magazines right after I'd re-upped both my subs. Hence, zero interest in 5e even if it is better than 4th. Our group switched seamlessly from 3.5 to Pathfinder wh
  23. Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn! Translation: Holy moley, that's awesome! Kang
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