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  1. FWIW I have been using apps to transfer video and photo files from my android phone and iOS tablet to my PC via wifi over my home network. The app gives you a URL to go to using your browser, which is where the device's folders and files show up to be navigated through and selected for download. I know this does not help with people using 'real' cameras like the OP (I'd suggest getting a USB card reader assuming the camera uses the typical removable memory cards), but some reading here may be checking this thread because they're having the same problems I did with transferring files before I found those apps... The android app I use is called "Wifi File Transfer" (don't have my iPad here today to check the iOS app name, but it is similar), or there are many other similar ones to choose from that would probably work just as well. Kang
  2. Awesome! I am a sucker for a Tom Meier sculpt. I think I like these sculpts even more then the direwolves he sculpted for Dark Sword's George R. R. Martin Masterworks line. I actually had to double-check for my own peace of mind, to ensure these are not those same sculpts. Nope. These definitely appear to be different wolves. I guess it's partly the Meier factor and partly just because with the colours you used, they could easily pass for Grey Wind, Ghost, and Summer... Amazing paint work on these, I love 'em! Kang
  3. Part 2 of my Halloween casting contest entry video: molding, casting, finishing the spooky one-piece cast aluminum belt buckle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3YKljnOFwo
  4. Beautiful work on the map art posted here! I like the colours, very slick stuff. I will pass a link onto my workaholic current DM and see if he can find some inspiration here, as our game seems like it is beginning to lose a little of its steam, skipping more weeks that we used to, etc. Kang
  5. That raven is awesome! I love ravens just generally speaking though, so I could be a little biased... There was one hanging around my work for a while several months back. I caught him on video once eating a dead pigeon... while imitating pigeon calls! They are excellent mimics, in case you were unaware. Another time he was sorting through a trash can - food stayed in for eating later; wrappers got held onto until a pedestrian tried to pass by. Then the wrappers got thrown directly in the human's path. The raven just gave dirty looks to the people who didn't like having trash thrown at their feet. And every single one of them decided to keep on walking rather than mess with that enormous bird... Clearly, these creatures have an advanced sense of humour and a healthy dose of courage! Anyhow, that was a little off topic, sorry. The sculpt looks excellent; keep 'em coming! Kang
  6. First time I ever saw anyone summon a mount with a built-in passenger compartment! . . . . . wait for it... . . . . Howdah he do that? (so sorry) Kang
  7. Advanced skills on display here, super cool! Kang
  8. Alfyn Crowkiller will always be a Wildling from beyond the Wall to me, but he looks awesome as a Viking! Very well done. Kang
  9. Here is a (~15 minutes) video I just uploaded to accompany my entry in one of the home foundry forums for metal casting hobbyists I am a member of. I am not sure if I can post the URL for the forum. It is not attached to a business like these forums, but they do accept donations from members in exchange for extra upload space for pix as well as posting permissions in a few special subforums, to help keep the lights on, the software upgraded, and the bills paid. A grey area in my mind, rules-wise... To be safe I will not post a URL unless someone asks or tells me it's OK. 'The Home Foundry' is quite a new forum, not "Alloy Avenue", which I know some of our members here are already familiar with. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5FkA22RWr4 Hope you guys enjoy stuff like this! The video is just part 1, showing how I made the Styrofoam pattern for a spooky new cast aluminum belt buckle. I tried to make my project something that anyone could do who has some kind of a way to melt and pour metal and who owns a bucket of sand, so that the video could be more interesting for casting newbies and old timers alike. You will see me using a band saw and a belt sander here, but I still could have done this project even if the only tools I own were a hacksaw, a file, and a sheet of sandpaper. Oh, and a hot glue gun. In part 2 I will use a drill press and a drill as well, but the press is also optional I would have liked to enter my foam-cast aluminum electric Jack-O'Desk Lamp, but the rules of the contest ask for a new project that hasn't been shown online before, which rules Jack out. For this project I am using lost foam casting because, as you will see in the video, I have a sizable hoard of styrofoam skulls and other Hallowe'en décor I've been gradually accumulating over the years, which is perfect for casting stuff like this. Which of course is the reason I've been hoarding the stuff. Part 2, showing the pour and the finishing of the belt buckle will be going up sometime before Hallowe'en, barring some unforeseen disaster. I know I am not the only one on this site who casts metal, so I just thought I'd share the info about this contest going on in case anyone wants to try and beat me to that sweet, sweet prize money. I am not even sure we have enough entrants for judging to take place yet. Better sign up quick if you're interested! Here's another video where Dave, the new forum's owner, announces the contest and gives a little more detail about how to enter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqaGUePrM28 Kang
  10. Saw hot glue guns at the dollar store yesterday, so I looked up "wax pens" to see how much you saved yourself. Does $29 seem about right? Who knew, "wax pens" is also what some kind of drug paraphernalia are called?! Had to scroll past a bunch of electric vaporizer cannabis oil inhaling devices or whatever they are, to get to the kind of wax pens that are meant for sculpting. Can't these stoners come up with any original ideas? Oh, wait, yeah, right, dumb question, never mind... :) Best decision to take a DIY approach in my foundry projects ever was spending $200 on a tiny little flux-core welding machine that only goes up to 80A, which is barely powerful enough for what I used it for. I made my own crucible lift-out tongs and a pouring shank out of scrap metal I had lying around. Each of which goes for more than what my welder cost me, if you buy them new from foundry equipment suppliers. Now I have a perfectly functional set of crucible tools custom made to fit my #12 crucible, AND I still have a very crappy little underpowered welding machine (I don't even have to unplug the stove or anything to use it; just uses a normal plughole) that I can use to make more foundry gear. Long live DIY! The woodburner to wax pen conversion idea is a great one too; very nicely done, y'allz. Kang
  11. Ron Young recently came out with a second edition of his book, Contemporary Patination, My buddy who cast those dog-hooks for me bought it (despite cringing over the price tag), but now that he has it, he says he has no regrets and highly recommends it. Real recipes, not just "order patina mystery mix #34 from my online store and apply hot" type of stuff (there may be a it of that too but not an excessive amount). Sounds like a winner. Just FYI. Kang
  12. Yeah, I had tried to prime my rubbery plastic toy frog with Tamiya fine surface primer IIRC, a waste of the good stuff as it turned out. That may actually have been the final straw that made me give up using anything on minis that comes out of a spray can. Brush-on everything for me ever since, just too many hassles with dullcote, primers, you name it. Holy moly that elder brain scene pic is amazing. Thanks for the update, Shin! Kang
  13. Oh man, I think he would have a stroke if he heard you say that after all the trouble he went through getting his videos to stay public AND have music in them, LoL... You can post all the ingredients in common patina reagents you want, but Liver of Sulphur is always gonna sound like a potion ingredient to me... (seriously though, that info is much appreciated, thanks) Kang
  14. Somehow I missed this thread. Awesome stuff! Kang
  15. Kang

    Trogs WIP

    Sweeeeeeet! Also creepy. In a good way! Great castings TS. Thanks for showing the trees etc., too. Was the multi-part design of these critters necessary for your lost wax casting setup? Guessing not, and that maybe you cut them up like that because you wanted them to be ready for spin-casting one day if the opportunity arises. But I am no lost wax expert, just a casting hobbyist and always eager to learn about different techniques... Was that you I saw mentioned in DSM's October newsletter as well? If so, congrats on that! Kang
  16. Scythe and Squid look great! Thanks for sharing them. Kang
  17. Kang

    Grenadier Lich

    What moonglum said. I have this guy at home in a box somewhere and... well, what malefactus said! (ie. I would not have expected this old sculpt to look so good painted) Kang
  18. I'm not normally an 'army guy', but I really like these. Makes me want to re-watch HBO's Rome again! Well done. Kang
  19. Very nice work CO, I can't even get a base coat I'm happy with in 2 hours. Kang
  20. As promised, Worldtraveler sent me the ceramic shell molded lost wax cast silicon bronze dogs and light switch cover. He also made a 4-part youtube series showing the entire process. the first 3 parts are an hour long each, so it is a big time commitment, but there is a lot of detail and some great tips in there. I know we have a couple people here doing lost wax casting, so this may be helpful to them even if they are not using the shell molds. He shows some of the techniques and tools he uses for working his waxes and everything. Another channel that would be even more helpful to those members would be Thehomefoundry, formerly known as aonemarine, AKA my buddy Dave, who does some really cool lost wax and lost PLA casting in block investment molds using vacuum assist casting. He (I'm back to Worldtraveler now) would not release his part 4 until I posted video of unboxing the pieces he sent me, and now that has happened, so his complete series is now available on youtube. He is not a youtuber really, he's more of a guy who makes fun of people who call themselves that, who backed himself into a corner where he had to make these videos or look like a big hypocrite (haha). So it was fun to see him give it a try himself. He had a lot of issues with his stuff getting pulled offline due to copyrighted music, but they are all publicly available now on the Worldtraveler channel for anyone who's interested: Here are links to Worltraveler's videos. They follow my 7-part series on 'greensand molding using followers' which can be found linked in various posts above, where I tried and failed 3 times to sand-cast those same dogs in aluminum. Shell Casting part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIWYNM4gR-o Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12PxMan5qG0 Part 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5G4uaMUC34 My unboxing video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RCuf7h9PpM Shell casting part 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6mUFNLn-24 Here are the still images of both the dog-hooks and the light switch cover plate. Amazing patina! He says he did it using heat and 'liver of sulphur', but that the method of applying the LoS is a secret... Heck, the ingredient itself sounds secret, or at least semi-magical. Definitely sounds like a potion ingredient! Kang
  21. Love the bunny rabbit btw! :) I bet you could investment cast an actual (dried) seahorse. Burnout would be long compared to lost wax or lost PLA but I've seen lost insect castings, lost flowers/plants, etc. I believe even bone can be burned out of a mold, though at some point it's likely easier/faster to just make a silicone mold of the subject and cast a wax to invest. Youtuber worldtraveler, a friend of mine, has posted 3 parts of a 4-part tutorial on ceramic shell casting if anyone is interested. Lot of good tips there in the early parts for working on waxes. Kang
  22. Yes please! Never too many pix in a casting thread... :) Kang
  23. Kang

    Boar Demon

    <something something> when pigs fly. :) Awesome stuff! Kang
  24. ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn! Translation: Awesome! :) Kang
  25. Kang

    Medieval russians

    Nice! Love the heraldry on the shields. Kang
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