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  1. My group met and overcame that exact struggle a couple levels ago... The solution: a portable hole! These days we spend more time making sure the furniture contains no hidden sharp corners or extradimensional spaces than we do checking for traps or discussing how our moves could be done in a slightly different path to avoid attacks of opportunity in the middle of someone's turn! :) Beds and pic look great! Nice work. Kang
  2. Haha, she looks like she just caught a glimpse of a tarrasque swarm coming over the horizon. Thanks for posting this, I love classic old minis! Kang
  3. A lot of great work in here but that oozing lava w/OSL really stood out for me too! Great stuff... Kang
  4. Great job on the tiny details with that gold! I like the red skin/fur too, great stuff all round. Kang
  5. Kang

    One zombie

    Nice! The static grass looks fine to me, I am always worried mine isn't standing up enough too! :)
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elaJ7CB8-YU Video of the carnage mentioned above, then more testing after repairs were made. Do I have a working bronze axe again? Yes. Yes I do. All ready to do some more smashing in of King Joffrey's stupid evil face! (see video linked in previous post) :) Kang
  7. Love the eyes and the bright colours! Great job. Someone already guessed blanket for the backdrop, so I'm going with an inside-out sweatshirt. :) Kang
  8. Video showing how I finished up the aluminum bronze axe (grinding, peening, sanding, hanging) plus field testing it (throwing it at a target and chopping down a tree). It held up great! Not so much as a nick or scratch on the edge. Nerd warning on the intro... Well maybe "warning" isn't the right word on this site... Nerd alert on the intro! https://youtu.be/6kKGjRgig9s I think you guys might get a kick out of this one. Unfortunately, after all that I still thought it needed to be sharper. More peening, then I re-ground the edge. But I got a bit careless with the grinder and let it get the metal too hot, I think I annealed (softened) it by accident, as when I tried chopping some more wood, it was really sharp and worked great at first... But the edge was HORRIBLY mangled. Now trying to determine whether I can fix it, or if I will have to melt it down and start over. Or possibly get access to a heat treating oven... You can't win them all I guess. :( Kang
  9. Got the new axe mostly finished up, just need to trim off a bit of wood at the bottom of the handle where it cracked a little when I was installing the head. I had expected that and left some extra meat on the handle for that purpose, so this trimming was always part of the plan. I gave up on learning how to heat treat it for this one, as very few hobbyists (and even the al-bronze gladius guy above who is definitely above hobbyist level) seem to even have any idea that this is even possible, much less the details of how to get it done. I cold-worked the edge with a ball peen hammer to work harden it instead, and ground/sanded it to a shiny finish. Then I made a handle for it and installed it. There is a bunch more video footage but it needs editing and uploading before I an share that. Meanwhile, pictures! Can't wait to do some testing... Kang (edit - first pic is the axe blade sanded, before I did the peening to harden the edge. Had to redo the sanding afterwards, the price of learning this stuff as I go along I guess. You can still see the marks from the ball peen near the sharp edge (not here), a dimpled texture similar to the entire first axe I made, pictured above) Edit - someone on another site said the handle looks too big for the head. Not sure if it is an illusion of perspective, so here's another angle, I'd appreciate any thoughts you guys might have on this...
  10. Wish I had the equipment and know-how to get a fine polish on my stuff like that sword, holy moly that thing is sweet! Thanks for linking. I've seen a few aluminum bronze blades people on youtube or the backyard metal casting forums have made, most often with homemade al-brz alloy (about 90% copper plus 10% aluminum), but none looked as professional as that. I thought mine looked pretty good! Goes to show there's still value in formal training; he is an apprentice with the ABS preparing to do his journeyman's test according to his site. That is the first bronze age ACTUAL historical (not FICTIONAL historical) replica I've seen that was made in aluminum bronze, normally people use traditional tin bronze to do the historical stuff as it is more period-accurate. Also the first FORGED aluminum bronze piece I have seen, as opposed to cast. That thing might have seemed like a magic sword if an ancient Roman had a chance to wield it! Much stronger than tin bronze, comparable to mild steel or so I've read. That guy's sword has likely even been heat-treated to harden it even more; a smith with a shop like his could likely manage that. I lack a way to control temperature accurately as well as the know-how to figure out the heat treat schedule. That and not having a way to get that quality of finish is why I'll be hammering a dimpled texture on my axe as part.of the work-hardening process, like the one I made last summer, the pic of which I believe got eaten by photobucket. I've added a pic of the old axe below to show what the of finish is in store for this new axe. Thanks again for that link, amazing stuff! Kang
  11. Heh. The answer was "A Game of Thrones" by George R. R. Martin. Hints that were given include: - Forges of Qohor - Tobho Mott - First Men - Westeros - Weirwood trees - Children of the forest - Andals - Narrow Sea - Actual quote paraphrased: "Tobho had learned to work Valyrian steel at the forges of Qohor as a boy. Only a man who knew the spells could take old weapons and forge them anew." - Lemoncakes - Mention of the popular TV adaptation - Heh :) Kang
  12. Cool stuff! Love the work on that handle. Clean and smooth, great work! If making handles is getting "out of hand", you must be doing it wrong! :) lol, J/K that looks really nice! I'll be working on making an axe handle myself in the very near future, but probably that will be all one piece carved and sanded down to shape... if you don't count the little wedge that helps keep the blade from flying off the handle (so to speak). 'Cause that is technically a separate piece of the handle... I have a hickory log I've been saving out in my shed this past year for that very purpose. Handle making, I mean. Keep it up! Kang
  13. Thanks! Nope, that's not it. But there certainly are dragons! :) There were several hints in that last post of mine. There's also a TV show based on it that you juuuust might have heard of at some point... The show is really good, but the books are AMAZING! Here's the video; the title is another hint: "Bronze Age Axe From the World of Westeros"... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbpdYm6EjHM Never read any John Ringo, I'll put that on my list of authors/books to check out! Thanks, I'll reveal the answer sometime in the next day or two if nobody guesses it. We don't want those lemon cakes to get stale now, do we?... :) Kang
  14. So, this past weekend at the Forges of Qohor (actually my hobby foundry just outside Ottawa), Tobho Mott (my online identity in the world of backyard metal casting) created a historical reproduction of a bronze axe such as the First Men of ancient Westeros might have used in day-to-day life to chop down weirwood trees, make war on the Children of the Forest, and push Andal invaders back into the Narrow Sea. Pictures! The sand mold just after shakeout. Look at the shrinkage on that riser! That is what it's there for, to take the shrink that would have appeared on the casting itself otherwise. Gating and risering theory FTW!: The axe itself after removal from the gating: Needs some grinding to smooth out the curve on the blade'e edge and remove flashing, plus sanding, work hardening thru a good peening, and a handle. During last year's annual "Boys' Weekend" canoe trip, I grabbed a hickory log from the same campsite where I first got hooked on metal casting during our 2013 trip, so that will make a really nice handle with significant (to me) provenance, I hope. A shot of the axe blade's eye: How did I make a casting with a hole through it like that in a 2-part sand mold, you ask? Simple! I used a sand core hardened with sodium silicate, AKA wood stove gasket cement! A pic of the core, plus a couple extras I made: Video! Quick 'n Dirty Sodium Silicate Cores or Backyard Foundry Work: https://youtu.be/TeXkFgIfZzQ This axe was cast in Aluminum Bronze, alloy C954. A tricky alloy to cast. To paraphrase The Book*: Only a man who knows the spells can take a modern alloy that in no way existed in the bronze age, and use it to forge historical weapon recreations from a fictional history! This alloy is the toughest, hardest bronze, comparable to mild steel from what I have read. I can believe it; removing the casting from the gating was a real Mormont! It's also hardenable via heat treatment, very unusual for a metal called "bronze". I don't know how to do that, but I aim to find out. Meanwhile I will work harden this like I did to the first (but different shaped) aluminum bronze axe I cast, last summer. I have another video still in the works showing: how I molded it, some of the tricks for casting al-bronze, and how cores are used in the foundry. But my computer's headphone jack stopped working before I could finish editing the last 3 minutes of footage, so I won't be able to upload and post a link to that until I find a workaround. Arrgh! Right now I am looking into using a game console's USB-connected headset instead of the standard headphone jack; hopefully I won't have to download any annoying hard to find drivers to get things going again... Kang * - bonus lemoncakes to whoever first identifies the book I'm referring to here.
  15. Reminds me of a line Clint had in 'Hang'em High'... "When you hang a man... you better look at him" (pulls down scarf to reveal nasty scar around neck to guy from posse who didn't recognize him, draws...) :) Great old movie, once you get past the fact they cast The Skipper as one of the villains! Just saw Spiderman, liked it. Finally saw Gaurdians o'Galaxy 2; not quite as much. Kang
  16. One could maybe try to make a case for Andre the Giant... His voice was too awesome not to show up somewhere... but yeah, I do tend to agree with you there, good call.
  17. Done it; worked great. Not nearly as nice as what the OP did to attach the bottles: I zip-tied Reaper MS paint bottles to the blade of my recip saw, just loose enough that I could wiggle the zip tie off afterwards to re-use on the next bottle but tight enough that it'd hug the neck of the bottle tight enough for it to not fly off and snug in between a couple of the saw blade's teeth to hold steady. Went through my whole collection of paints (admittedly not as huge as those of many here) a couple times before having to replace that original zip tie. This did not work on Vallejo paints (slightly different bottle shapes) and I did not even try on my few surviving GW's.. I may have to find my old Ryobi battery powered recip saw next time (though I really don't like those tools, the batteries never did last worth a $#!& but the multi-tool bundle it came in seemed like a good deal and the drill is still OK while the battery lasts), as my cheapo Princess Auto saw recently bit the dust (cutting down small trees in the yard) after more punishment (ie. said logging, cutting up aluminum car wheels once or twice) and improvised uses (most demanding: chucked up a long piece of steel bar in it instead of a blade and used it as what's most easily described as a concrete vibrator for a very dry mix with EXCELLENT results BTW) than it was ever designed for or, frankly, ever did anything evil enough to deserve other than coming from Princess Auto, Canada's answer to "Horrible Fright". I don't think the paint shaker idea harmed it at all though. I'd have used or at least tried my jigsaw instead, but the first time I tried it... the reciprocating saw AKA sawzall happened to be located on top of the pile o' tools.
  18. The minis in DSM's GRRM Masterworks line are insane, what with the accurate proportions. (Tom Meier is godlike.) Great job! Interesting how his shield is painted in Lannister colours when he probably hasn't even married Cersei yet at this age! Or has he? That happened soon after he took the Iron Throne, and although my copy of young Bobby B. is across the continent at the moment and I'm my phone right now so it's hard to see, it does sort of look like his prancing stag is already crowned on that sigil... Ok scratch that, what I meant to say was, interesting how his shield is painted in Lannister colours to honour his beautiful new wife! :) Kang
  19. Happy belated nameday TS, thats a really nice mini-mino. (Speed paint, he says, hmph. My speed paints take at least month and don't look near this good)... Kang
  20. This place had chunks of what they said were spruce trunks. Dad thought they looked more like ponderosa pine though. Before we began throwing, they sprayed them with water, apparently this keeps them from getting beat up too quick and helps blades stick in. Let me know if you find out any more about how that should be done, chucking axes is a blast! Kang
  21. Ha! I am currently on holiday at my parents' place out west in Kelowna, BC, and the other day my dad and my son and I actually went to one of those places where you can go throw axes at targets for an hour. Now that is some kinda fun! Been documenting the stuff we've been doing here on my YouTube channel, so there is axe throwing footage online there if anyone is interested. Also, deadly giant birds! And a lot of swimming. Don't worry, it's pretty safe to watch - I did my best to edit out as much footage of me with my shirt off as I could... https://youtu.be/Xcnbslifguc This place actually allows people to bring their own axes to throw, unlike the place back home in Ottawa that I checked out several months ago, which considered that to be too much of a liability. Ottawa, go figure... If I still had my bronze axe, I'd have been a little sad I didn't bring it along. I'm definitely setting up some targets in the back yard when I make the next one though! Kang
  22. Ralph Bakshi mentions get auto-like'd by me, but the pigface orcs would have earned one anyhow. Amazing! They can take away our pigface orcs, but gamorrean guards are forever... Kang
  23. Pochi, I don't know about the rest of the spiders, but all these Cadiriths posted lately are clearly the universe's way of mocking me for failing to ever complete mine. Ebon, keep working that airbrush! Whatever you're doing, it is really working. Kang
  24. Thes, the one you linked is really amazing (thanks for arranging for me to see it)... But I would not say it looks to be made of lava or even to be particularly lava themed. Not that I have any better suggestions. Still, I'm glad I got to have a look. :) The usual suspects look great; Slipshadow the rogue was the mini I used for one of my D&D3.5 PC's once upon a time, (KiA, IIRC, and since the party fled so that no body was ever recovered, he stayed that way. I think it was a zombie grey render that softened him up for the necromancer bbeg's enervation spell to do him in in the end) and I thought mine was one of my better painted minis - there's a pic of him in slightly beat-up condition that can be found via my old (linked) reaper minis index post - but yours totally blows it away. Great work! Kang
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