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  1. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/goldenlassogirl/decuma
  2. Often, I had to log in to the site multiple times in order to access whatever information I was looking up. I'd log in, then go to the class or game list or whatever, and it would decide I was not logged in. It is not obvious from the landing page you end up on after logging in how to get back to the ReaperCon event pages and have the system continue to consider you logged in. When submitting events, either classes or games, it's just good practice for the confirmation email to contain the details of what was submitted. It should include the content entered into every field on the submis
  3. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/demigods/demigods?ref=nav_search&result=project&term=demigods
  4. There's also a board game library with a selection of games available.
  5. Is the convention rate also available to people who aren't Facebook users?
  6. Krylon makes a low-odor spray finish which I've used on painted Bones figures without getting any tackiness. The low odor formula leaves out some of the things that seem to interact badly with Bones.
  7. I like Dark Elf and Dusky triads both for steel NMM.
  8. Just finished her up. Well, the pictures show I need to do just a hair of touch up, but this is pretty much as she'll be.
  9. This, a whole lot. This is the first ReaperCon I taught at, and I am not an experienced teacher. I am sure that everything did not go totally awesome in all my classes for all my students. However, I want to get better at it and am trying to get better at it. In order to do that I need practice, but also constructive criticism and feedback.
  10. I bought one of the rechargeable Ott Lites. It worked fine for a month, then the length of time for which it'd hold a charge declined rapidly. Then one day it started smoking and stopped working completely. It was three or four months from when I got it to when it died. Also, it was very heavy, so even if it were still working I'm not sure I'd want to travel with it.
  11. This year, the Origins painting competition was a Crystal Brush qualifier run by CoolMiniOrNot.
  12. dks did at least a couple of topics where he talked about how he does dark elf skin, if you can find them. I'm pretty sure he used browns.
  13. The flesh is using RMS Bronze Skin triad (with some other stuff as well). If you look at the swatches on the paint page, it's definitely an orange-y skin tone.
  14. I have some old Partha fluorescent paints. I haven't had any trouble with them fading (though it's possible I wouldn't have noticed) and they're a couple decades old. It's been a while since I used them, but I do remember them as having a funky consistency and not covering well. They tended to be...not gritty, but it's like the pigment tends to want to clump together.
  15. Not for me this month...got a family thing.
  16. Managed to sneak in getting this done this weekend.
  17. I love these sculpts. They have such character.
  18. Finished this for a friend. The basing did not go quite as expected...it was an experiment with a new material.
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