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  1. Cool version of a classic WK sculpt. The player will love it I'm sure. SK
  2. Nice grouping of WK dwarves! Keep 'em comin' SK
  3. Strange, this almost brought me to tears. Sam is 19 now, sadly we don't talk much these days. She has become a talented artist. Ironically, my third and youngest daughter is now 7, and she has a love for dragons too. She has at least 10-12 pre-painted plastic dragons in her collection from my FLGS, plus a huge metal Reaper Dragon (T'Raukzul) sitting in her room right now! Thanks for digging this one up and posting. I was transported back in time, if only for a few minutes. SK, getting sentimental in my old age.
  4. I like this. Just needs a larger black base underneath to make the snow base pop. SK
  5. Welcome. Really nice. Love the soft tones, the spot pattern is excellent, and the base work is nice as well. Hope to see a few more like this... SK
  6. Thanks you guys... Yeah, I committed to painting my UMs in this color/ style in 2010-11, so I've stuck with it for continuity purposes. Additionally, I have not used any metallic paints since 2004-05, so it takes me a long time to do any gold, steel, or bronze. Moreover, the armor on my UMs lack battle damage, scoring, or dirtiness (which I've always wanted to try). Still, it's a 5-6 layer process that takes forever! Maybe it's time to start painting some fantasy models again. Search you feelings Stern, you know it to be true... SK
  7. Nice. I like the wood tones on the bow, it's a little too close to her boots in color, but I still like it. For a quick table top commission, this is really well done man. SK
  8. I completed this model a couple of weeks ago. It is a Forgeworld model from the Horus Heresy Special Characters line of models. What a kit! It came with an elaborate base, but I elected to forego this as I will be adding this to small diorama that will include Roboute's honor guard. The model was very challenging and tricky to assemble. I painted it in six sub-assembly sections, then pinned and glued it together as a final step. Tons of low relief detail on this sculpt, so getting the paint where you wanted it to go was tough. SK
  9. Good to see this thread still kickin'! Love seeing everyone's painting areas. SK
  10. A fine version of this model! Love the dynamic pose on this sculpt. SK
  11. Nice! Love the NMM blade work. I've got this model, but he's wielding a halberd. Ah, the days of metal minis. SK
  12. Nice and clean. Love the cohesion and soft paint tones. Great base work too. SK
  13. Cool. My box of Betrayal at Calth box remains unopened. Hats off to you sir for diggin' in and starting on yours. SK
  14. This model is part of the Horus Heresy Character Series offered by Forgeworld. Nathaniel Garro, the Knight Errant, the first Grey Knight. He's armed with a paragon bolter and Libertas, his relic power sword. I painted this over the holiday break in December. Really challenging model, but really enjoyed painting something that was not blue. SK
  15. We'll here's 5 of 10 from the GW Tactical Squad kit released in 2013. I did add the new larger bases on these models, otherwise followed the pics from the box. I've started work on the other five, but just paint too slow to tackle whole squads at once. Again, no metallic paint were harmed during the painting of these models. SK
  16. Here's another model that had been lost in my bits box. It's metal and heavy! The final model in the Chapter Masters boxed set. Love those Juan Diaz sculpts. I swapped out the weapon for a huge power maul, added a different head, and attached a wee bit o' UM livery to the boarding shield for good measure. SK
  17. These are well done! The only thing bugging me is that googlie left eye on the first model. SK
  18. This another metal GW model from the Masters of Chapter boxed set. This a great Juan Diaz sculpt released maybe 7-8 years ago. I had painted the first two several years ago, but this one had be relegated to my bits box. Finally, got some paint on him this year! I swapped out the right arm and added a couple of extra bits that were not part of the original model's design. SK
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