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  1. Strange, this almost brought me to tears.  Sam is 19 now, sadly we don't talk much these days.  She has become a talented artist.  Ironically, my third and youngest daughter is now 7, and she has a love for dragons too.  She has at least 10-12 pre-painted plastic dragons in her collection from my FLGS, plus a huge metal Reaper Dragon (T'Raukzul) sitting in her room right now!  Thanks for digging this one up and posting.  I was transported back in time, if only for a few minutes.


    SK, getting sentimental in my old age.

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  2. Thanks you guys...


    Yeah, I committed to painting my UMs in this color/ style in 2010-11, so I've stuck with it for continuity purposes.  Additionally, I have not used any metallic paints since 2004-05, so it takes me a long time to do any gold, steel, or bronze.  Moreover, the armor on my UMs lack battle damage, scoring, or dirtiness (which I've always wanted to try).  Still, it's a 5-6 layer process that takes forever!  


    Maybe it's time to start painting some fantasy models again.  Search you feelings Stern, you know it to be true...




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  3. This another metal GW model from the Masters of Chapter boxed set.  This a great Juan Diaz sculpt released maybe 7-8 years ago.  I had painted the first two several years ago, but this one had be relegated to my bits box.  Finally, got some paint on him this year!  I swapped out the right arm and added a couple of extra bits that were not part of the original model's design. 





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