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  1. Page- Cool. Thanks for sharing that info. 40-50 models each side, that must have been fun.
  2. Jim Johnson's Gauth is the best I've ever seen. It's huge! My three scents. SK
  3. Hey all- I've got the boxed game. Picked it up a couple of years back. It's got loads of info in it on most of the characters through #2400 or so. Maps, background, histories, biographies, etc. I'd be happy to look up any information on a specific character for some one. The in house game is quiet good, I could never find anyone who played in my area. It's a skirmish style combat based on all the DHA line of models. Is that a fair summary Kit? SK
  4. And some HUGE TRACTS OF LAND... SK
  5. Here, Here! Thanks man. I'm currently working on the new GW Archaon model for a entry into a painting contest, but then I will definitely be tackling Bjorn and several other single REaper minis. I've got a cool party of six. All Reaper, all W. Klocke models, including a cool conversion of Mangu Timur. Thanks for the noted anticipation... SK
  6. The toad could make several camios throughout the film... I'd like to play an ex-paladin trying to atone for past heresy against his church... ???
  7. Yeah a stop action movie! Haven't done one of those since the 8mm days in JRHS. Great idea 'Hammer! Still, a full length animated feature film with a style like "The Hobit" or "Heavy Metal" would just set me a flame! Opening scence: A gruesome large scale battle scene b/t the Orcs and Elves... Catchy Narrative about the world of Adon and it's current plight, etc.
  8. How about a DHA animated series set in the world of Adon? What do you think? SK
  9. Interesting, very interesting... Thanks Istormhammer... BTW, could I call you Hammer for short? SK
  10. Agreed. Istormhammer, what's your secret for removing Reaper minis from their bases? A rotary tool perhaps? SK
  11. I like those ideas too. Thanks Polo. SK
  12. Great ideas... How about facial hair, eyebrows, beards etc.? ???
  13. Thanks again to Scowling and Nadin. SK :p
  14. Cool, thanks for the direction. What about those taller grass strands I see sometimes? SK
  15. Anybody have some general guidelines or secret tips? SK ???
  16. IS that what you call it? Yes, I've done something like that myself. I have entered paiting contests where you are required to show your work in progress. ??? SK
  17. Howdy all- My all time Reaper favorite mini has got to be Stern Kestrelmann #2338. I've have painted and converted this model 17 times! I love the model's gesture and true 28mm scale. Here's my top 10; 1. #2338 2. #2347 3. #2327 4. #2411 5. #2438 6. #01402 (If I could ever get a hold of one of these) 7. #2589 8. #2543 9. #2571 10. #2573 Werner Klocke's work has really made the Reaper line complete! Cheers- SK
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