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  1. This metal model originally came in the Honor Guard boxed set with the UM Chapter Master Calgar. I removed the helm and used some components from the plastic Ultramarine upgrade kit released last year. Overall, I was pleased with the results. SK
  2. Love this sculpt! I think it's a Klocke piece. Seen a lot o' versions of this model, yers is a good one fer sure lad. Keep em' comin' SK
  3. @Ary, lol! Yes, it's got a dwarven feel to it. I always grow one out in the winter. My Norwegian DNA allows me to grow a full beard in a short time. he he! SK
  4. Boogers and bum cracks, how can you go wrong! Nice. SK
  5. Cool. One of my favorite Klocke sculpts from the old days... SK
  6. Here's a model I had had in my bits box forever! It's the old metal model from the 40k command boxed set. Anyway, I finally put some paint on this classic sculpt from GW. SK
  7. Randy! Good to see you still lurking about. Do you look like your Avatar? @DZ Sorry I missed that one. I'll do a quick seach. @ub3, thanks brother! Hey Mods, if this thread needs to go the OTR section please feel free! SK
  8. Thanks you guys! Good to see Reaper is still thriving! I'll post few painted models tomorrow. SK
  9. Aye, Stern is indeed alive... Managed to grow me beard out too! And I've done a wee bit o' paintin' as well! SK
  10. This is the last model three captains I completed in December. I mixed and matched parts with two other LE mail order models to produce this final one in the set. However, I realized I had forgotten to take pics of him prior to taking him down to my FLGS for display. Anyway, here he is... This will be it for me gang until this fall. 17 models painted this winter. Didn't get close to my paint list goal (again). Happy painting gang. Keep up all the good work. SK, headed back to lurk mode.
  11. Finally got some paint on this cool boxed set from 2013. Tons of extra bits and options in this kit. Sorry the pics aren't the best. A new camera is long overdue... This maybe the last set of models for me until this fall. SK
  12. Thanks guys. @Darkmeer- Let's see if I have a shot of the checkered shoulder pad. Okay, added one. Thanks again for the kind words. Paint on brothers! SK
  13. Hey Reaper folk, RL has still got me in a choke hold, butt I did manage to get some paint a couple more models. Here's one. This model came in a boxed set this summer. The model was exclusive to the boxed set (classic GW). I opted for the helmed version and added a servo skull as well. SK (back to lurking mode)
  14. I picked up these two models this summer during GWs promo special. I actually did small kit bash swaps on both models, but nothing too complicated. Used both Reaper and GW paints on these two. Lots of details to fuss over and some sub-assembly challenges. My camera is very old and tired, so pic quality is not so good. Sorry gang. SK
  15. Okay gang, Stern has jumped back into the saddle! Man, 2014 has been a tough one for me. Coming off some minor back surgery on 11/14/14. First time under the knife for me and I must say this "recovery period" is pretty frustrating. Anyway, I have been lurking for a while, nice to see so many new members, plus some of the original Reaper Club folk too! Yeah, you know who you are! Anyway, I had this squad on my paint list last year, but only managed one out of the ten. So, without further ado, here are the other nine. These are some really nice Juan Diaz sculpts from around 2005 or so. Stern is back! Courage and Honor!
  16. Well gang, RL has been crushing me lately. However, I did manage to get this one model completed. It was a difficult conversion that I had had in mind for some time wherein I was tasked with removing the model's beakie helmet and put a replacement on his belt. The difficulty was the fact that it was a metal model. I had completed the same model last year, but wanted a version without a helmet. It took me a couple of hours to get the helmet removed. I had to take extra care not to damage the rest of model in the process. Anyway, here it is... I added one shot of the model with the helmet as well for comparison purposes. This might be it for me folks. If so, see you this Fall. So long for now... I need to catch a break or two and get RL back under control! SK
  17. Hey Darkmeer, a very clean casting overall. The blades on both hands were a bit warped... broke two off trying to bend them back. Heated them slightly, then they bent easily into place. I also had to use some green stuff on one of the pauldrons as it chipped when I was trying to cut it off the sprue. SK
  18. Okay, this looks pretty good. A couple of CUs would help me see that face a bit better. SK
  19. Look at you busting out these old RP models... Diggin' 'em. Often, I don't think people realize how small these scuplts really are... Love the limited earthy colors and of course the NMM. Paint on! SK
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