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  1. Welcome back Brother... Max Headroom lives. Nice Greenskin... SK
  2. Despite RL kicking me in the backside lately, I managed to get some paint on this sweet FW resin kit over the weekend. This was released by FW a couple of years back. It really caught my eye. The studded terminator armor and MKIII style lightning claws make for a nice sculpt. I think Tyberos was a special character in the Badab Wars 40k storyline. Anyway, I of course, painted him up as an Ultramarine... I added a demon prince's severed head on the base, but is was sort of lost in the ballast flocking... SK
  3. Impressive, most impressive... Nice one Jen. SK
  4. Is that a tail between your legs or are you just happy to see me? Cool sculpt... Nice paint work too! I like the base as well... SK
  5. Hey thanks... The pics are a bit washed out chaoshead, but yes the colors are lighter than the normal Ultramarine colors you typically see. The individual shots are much larger than they appeared in my photo files as well. My tired old camera just can't handle it any more! There is only the Emperor! SK
  6. Wow, this squad seemed to take forever to complete. I have had these models since their release in 2008. Another superlative set of sculpts by Mr. Diaz at GW. These are the all metal models, however I swapped out the jump packs with the plastic ones from the new 2013 Veteran Assault squad boxed set. Anyway, felt good to finally get some paint on these models. Ave Imperator! SK
  7. Impressive, most Impressive. Keep 'em comin' And welcome to Reaper Land... SK
  8. Slowly but Shirley... This is coming along nicely KC... SK
  9. You are on a roll sir or perhaps a biscuit... All kidding aside, nice stuff bro... You must have a serious collection going... Are these seeing some table top action? SK
  10. She's a real beauty Meg. SK
  11. This is a model I've had for several years. Its one of four that came in the Masters of Chapter boxed set released in 2007 by GW. This the metal version, sculpted by Juan Diaz. Knocked it out over the weekend. Added the iron halo and a few extra rocks to the base. Painted him as an Ultramarine Captain of course! Getting myself psyched up to paint the metal version of the Vanguard Assault squad from 2008, five more sweet sculpts by Juan Diaz. Gotta love December in Iowa. -17, walking dogs... SK and Frosty Beard.
  12. Okay, very nice work Jen. Any chance of a CU of the face? I can't quite tell, but it looks like the models skin around the head/ face is red and the rest of the body is green... SK
  13. Good stuff. Although, I don't quite understand the dio scene... SK
  14. I picked these up this past spring/summer after their release from FW. By far the most challenging FW models I've taken on... These resin cast, multi-part kits, are filled with mind blowing detail and took me nearly two weeks to complete. Feels good to finally got some paint on them and call 'em complete. I tried not to wash the photos out, but my camera is old. Reaper Master Series and GW paints were used to complete these models. I added the helmets to each model. Enjoy. SK
  15. Old School Termie... Your Jedi training is progressing as was foretold in the prophecy... Growing stronger you are... yes, yes... SK
  16. Nice... Not sure about the special effects lighting, but that's a nice grouping. My fav is the Manor House... SK
  17. Still don't like this sculpt, but your paint work on this one is very well done. I really like the effort you put into the base as well. Far too often I see a great piece with little to no effort put into the base itself. Paint on Brother Metalchaos! S wiff a K and a beard.
  18. LJ: Hey cool dwarf. Yer paint werks be VERY nice. Don't be sellin yerself "short" lad . SK
  19. BEAUTIFUL MAN. Your tones and color depth is very nice. Crisp, clean, serene... SK
  20. CW, need to get this model in some better lighting... I actually like this sculpt. Browns and greens yes, very nice. Pants and boots seem flat to me... Keep 'em comin' brother... SK
  21. Wow, look at that 80's hair! Nice work on this "little" model. From top to base, she looks good. Diggin' that wood grain in particular. Paint on Brother 72mg! SK
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