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  1. Love it man. Rusty, grimy, pure chaos. Love the greens and browns, the rust is very well done, and all the chaos subtleties woven into the piece. Solid work Jabb. SK
  2. Thanks for the comments gang. @Dontfear, good question. It's come up before. I guess all I can tell you is that when I started painting these marines in 2010, Aside from a total NMM commitment, I also wanted to add something different to the flat surfaces of the armor... So I started adding this sort of squiggly, illustraty (yeah, it's not a real word, I know), kind of effect to represent this... Moreover, my Ultramarine project is a long-term project, so I feel kind of committed to stick with it. I will say, my highlights and sqiuggliness (another new word) have become more pronounced over the years since starting to paint these Ultras in 2010. Hope this makes sense... I have added a couple of 2010 examples of my early Ultramarines from the Black Reach kit (see pics below). @Darkmeer, Aye, that's right, plastic and metal. GW has abandoned all metal castings, but there is a huge amount of old GW metal bits and kits out there. I personally love the metal kits, but you can take the plastic components and/or the new pieces and kit bash seamlessly. Again, thanks for the feedback! Just started work on a couple of sweet Forgeworld Praetorans models, essentially the Primarch's honor guard. It took me 3 hours to prep and sub-assemble them... SK
  3. Nuttin' wrong wiff these little table top gems... Game on Brother Pat! SK, third cup of coffee kickin' in!
  4. The Force is strong with this one... Let go your conscious self, trust your feelings... And use a small amount of super glue to hold your models to the base, then use the edge of your hobby knife and "pop" them off. I used to do this over a pillow or a large piece of foam to assure a safe landing for the model. SK
  5. Another metal/ plastic model from my 40k bitz box. Finally, got some paint on this one! Added a couple of purity seals and used a plastic body rather than the metal body that came in the blister pack. I also tried a checker pattern on the shoulder guard. Again, Citadel and Reaper paints were used in the making of this model. SK
  6. She will not be stopped, we can only hope to contain her! Look at you go with the light sourcing! Fear the wrath of the Spider Queen! All of these are nice, however I would love to see a light wash over that Drow flesh to give it a bit more depth. SK
  7. Table top ready baby! Prepare for the coming of the Drow! SK
  8. Sweet jumpin' dark elves. Nice grouping. Lolth would be proud. SK
  9. Thanks gang. I appreciate the comments... @MS: Agreed. I will check that store website. Again, thanks for the kind words. Courage and Honor My Reaper Peeps! SK
  10. I've had these models since their release in 2008. These all metal sculpts by Juan Diaz are as good as they get in the 40k GW world. Loaded with detail, these sweetly designed models seem as if they could walk right off the table. Despite taking me nearly two weeks to complete from assembly to seal coat, they were a really enjoyable challenge. Reaper Master Series Paints and Citadel paints were used to complete this kit. And of course, no metallic paints were harmed in the production of the project. Finally, ol' Stern has his Sternguard. SK
  11. Jabb, My favorite part of the piece is your base work. This sculpt is such a big turn off for me... Flat, stiff, and static. Sadly, it reminds me of something from the early 80's. Every time I see this one painted up, I admittedly can't get past the sculpt itself. Sorry Reaper folk, but this one is in need of a serious re-sculpt... Put out that flaming greyhound and start over... Okay, I'm done. SK
  12. Good stuff man. Love those bright green gems. The Librarian looks really good in white. NMM looks good, not over the top, but very solid and consistent throughout your models. Nice. SK
  13. You nailed those glowing eyes on that Bog Mummy. Hmm, Bog Mummy, that would be a great name for a band... SK
  14. What a beast... Bone color you achieved looks nice. The blue wing membrane is also interesting. The only thing that detracts from the piece ,IMO, is the slight glossy finish that seems to be there. SK
  15. Nice unit overall. The edges of the armor could use a bit more highlighting (IMO). The bases look good. SK
  16. Thanks again gang. @Kuro- Aye, it's a pretty good sized force. Need more vehicles , but it does include a couple of dreads and land speeder. Probably 60-70 models all total. I don't play 40k so I am not certain about point values. Paint on! SK
  17. That's quite the collection you've got going there. Nice work. SK
  18. Okay, managed to get some paint on this kit I picked up last year. Very cool sculpts by Mark Bedford at FW. FW stuff is a bit pricey for me, but I guess you get what you pay for (most of the time). Reaper Master Series and Citadel paints were used on these models. SK
  19. I like your painting style. The zombies' glowing eyes effects are very well done. The 40k squad looks nice too! SK
  20. Finished this model up Wednesday night. I'm not a big fan of the Finecast resin, but the sculpt is fantastic. Standard treatment on this model, Citadel and Reaper Master Series paints were used. THERE IS ONLY THE EMPEROR! SK
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