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  1. Hey that's nice! One of my favorite WK sculpts... SK
  2. Thanks gang. @Gabbi, the photo is auto adjusted for exposure, but it's pretty close to the real thing. My camera is old and tired, so I need to adjust the lighting. Photo is still pretty washed out though. SK
  3. Grabbed this guy on e-bay a couple of weeks ago. Love the dynamic pose of this model. SK
  4. Cool sculpt. Love the red skin and camo pattern. Well done. SK
  5. Okay gang. I managed to snap a few pics tonight on my tired old Sony. Here's to a great winter of painting. These are some older metal GW models that I've had forever. Kit bashed a couple of them, but otherwise straight out of the blister pack. SK
  6. Sweet! Love the reflective qualities on the shield. SK
  7. Welcome to the Forum. Nice piece. Another Klocke sculpt in PVC plastic! Really like purples, golds, and browns together, plus that base is very well done. SK
  8. Nothing wrong with this one! Nice. Classic early WK sculpt. Hard to believe this model was one of the first Warlord models ever released. Keep 'em comin'! SK
  9. Nice. Love the smooth tones and color choices... Gold work is also very nice. SK
  10. Got another one started... Will post these two tomorrow as they are now completed... SK
  11. SW, oh those are good. My beard is so long I plan to claim it as a dependent on my tax returns... My beard is so long I told my kids that we would forego a x-mas tree this year and just hang the ornaments from my beard... SK
  12. Thanks for the warm reception men! I shall try not to disappoint. I've got quite a tall order outlined on my 2013-2014 paint list. I am trying to stay committed to painting my 40k stuff again this year. So much to paint so little time. Perhaps it's time to start a new "2013 Action Shots" topic. I've started the beard early this year! MonkeySloth: loved that youtube clip... Needed a good laugh. SK
  13. A bit rusty, but I am trying to get started back to painting again. Here we go! SK
  14. Impressive, most impressive. You still got it Jabb. SK
  15. lol! Well, afterall, you are a private painter, a painter for money, paint what they want you to do... It's AG Home Schizzy. SK
  16. Nice grouping... Paint work, as usual, is fantastic DS. Love the rich tones, smooth blends, and the lovely NMM. Really dig that NMM gold on the "dwarf's" helmet. I must say though, those sculpts are a real turn off. IMO, they look blocky, stiff, and disproportional. Man, I'm glad they don't make 'em like that anymore... Okay, enough of my groaning about poorly sculpted miniatures... Keep 'em coming Sean. SK
  17. I like this... Chilling, indeed. SK, back lurk mode.
  18. Really like these, a liitle heavy with the washes on a few but, still GREAT game pieces. Your players are lucky! The skin patterns on the first two dark lizards are especially nice. SK
  19. Sheerly you understand. Nice sheer effects man. You really are on a roll Sean. Fantastic stuff. SK
  20. Whoa! That sculpt freaks me out a bit, butt that's some nice paint work. She's got hhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuggggeeee tracks of land.... Go DS, go DS, go DS! I'm done. SK
  21. Yes... Another masterwork bro. Love that skin tone. You are in the groove man! Don't stop now... The Force is strong with this one. SK
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