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  1. Polo! Good to see you posting again bro. SK
  2. Nice to see you're still around Sean. Not a big fan of the model, but your paint work, (especially that NMM gold) and basing has not missed a beat my friend. SK, back to lurking mode.
  3. Nice work. Love the freehand and the base work is top notch. Looks like Derek and Darkstar have finally got some competion! Look forward to more from you Nakatan. SK
  4. Cool conversion. Is this NMM? If so, I need to know how you acheived the NMM silver on the armor. Otherwise, it looks like standard metallic gold and silver paint work. Either way, cool stuff. SK
  5. @TGP: That's really interesting. I am going to look into this swimmer theory more closely. I always imagined T-Rex as a big opportuntistic predatory, but also scavenging when ever possible. The olfactory portion of T-Rex's brain was huge, this guy could smell a carcus from 10 miles away! @SR: Hey thanks. I would love to see that museum in Alberta. I've been fascinated with dinos since I was a small boy. @Haldir: Thanks Randy. I know you were around on the forum boards when I posted those 1:30 scale dinos back in 2005. SK
  6. Thanks Jabb. You can count on me in the fall. Unless this snow continues into April, then I may have a couple more models in my schedule! Paint on brother! SK and B.
  7. Hey thanks gang. I've got my eyes on a 1:20 scale Stegasaurus, but I think I'm done painting until Fall. Although we just got about 4 inches of fresh snow last night... SK
  8. Beard and I are calling it done. No camo pattern, but I may re-visit this later. Posted in Show off now. SK
  9. Okay, I am still deciding if I will add a camo pattern to the skin. But, I need to leave this project alone for a bit. So, I'll call it done for now... What an intense project! Other than my poor sculpting of the tail joint, I am fairly pleased with the outcome. The only other issue I had was when getting the four carbon steel pins to match up with the holes I drilled, I was not able to get the plant foot completely flush with the base. So, Big-T's toes are about 2mm off the base. Hard to tell unless you are close, but I was hoping of a bit better fit. However, the model is securely attached t the base. I also added a 28mm model for scale purposes in the last shot. Well, this big boy is off to myFLGS for some display time. Thanks to all those who followed along and offered suggestions/ support. SK and Beard
  10. Looking good MetalC. Too bad this sculpt isn't a bit more exciting... SK and B
  11. Well, made some more progress today... Base is almost done, claws done, eyes done, teeth now done... I also took a couple of photos of the 1:30 scale dinos I did in 2005. SK and B
  12. @Nameless, you're on! @Kuro, thanks pal. SK and B
  13. Thanks lads. I worked on Big T last night until 3am... It looks better... My error was not using white Squadran putty. So, I think I will try and use the camo pattern to hide the line... That's really my only option at this point. Beard and I shall not yield! SK and B
  14. I got a few layers of green on tonight... Plus, I tried a green wash to hopefully give the skin a bit of depth... On a disappointing note, I have discovered that I did not do a very good job filling/ sculpting the joint where the tail and the body connect. I should have used the white squadran putty to fill gaps rather than the milliput... It looks pretty bad (see last photo). Any ideas on fixing it? I will try and use some detailing paint work to mask it, but it looks like crap! SK and B
  15. I've spiked a fever just looking at them... Very nice. One day? You are a mad man! SK
  16. Sweet stuff. All Hail the First Legion! SK
  17. Hey thanks guys... ThesH: Hmm camo. Never really thought of it that way. I am trying to simulate relfection off a flat-semi polished metal surface. However, at the wrong angles it looks a bit wonkie... Butt hey, I am trying to paint an entire army in the same style! Nameless: Good to know Beard and I aren't alone. SK
  18. Thank for your comments. Okay lads (and lassies), managed to get a base coat on Rex tonight. After careful review of color options, I did opt for a series of greens. Sorry SW, the brown color scheme didn't quite fit for the paint I had on hand. So, here's a few shots of T-Rex with his first base coat of green. Very fresh photos, paint was still wet! Beard and I hope to start layering tomorrow! It's not easy being green... SK and B.
  19. A little dark in there, but what I can see looks good. Love the greens and browns together... Welcome to the Reaper Forum. SK
  20. Thanks guys. @CookJJr: Yeah, that's what I dig about the 40k stuff, you can paint 'em how ever you want or you can look thru all kinds of source material... Baugi, sky is the limit man. Paint those Chaos models how ever you want... Moreover, there are tons of reference material if you want to have some continuity with your models andlong with your own unique aspects.. @Smokin' I concur man. You can use the 40 rerference material to guide you, but there really no limit if you are painting to paint. I don't play 40k, I would love to learn at some point, but for now I am content to just work on painting som really cool kits. Thanks again guys. SK and B.
  21. Houston, we are stalled a bit... Looking over color options, hope to get a base coat on this week... SK and Beard.
  22. Okay, put the finishing touches on these three this morning. Some good old school Assualt marines, these guys had been in my bits box for 10 years! These chaps are all metal! Really enjoyed getting some paint on them. Painting the jump packs was time consuming and each model was loaded with lots of little details. Other than a little fuzz getting stuck on a couple of these guys during the sealing process (noticed it after reviewing the photos), I really had no issues while working on these three models. Freehanded all the markings, except for the metal Ultra shoulder pads. Note: No metallic paints were harmed during my work on these models. Probably my final three pieces until this fall. That makes 28 models total from October to March. Not to shabby for this old bearded guy with three daugthers and a 50 hr. a week job... Here's few pics. Sorry they're a bit washed out... SK
  23. Okay, just added three more steel pin mounts to the plant foot (one on each toe). Test fitting seems good. Now, to decide on base color for the skin... I am thinking a darker greenish brown, then start layering up... SK
  24. Thanks for all your comments gang. MetalC: I really like that idea of pre-threading the base with a large screw! Man, I wish I had see this post earlier. I am using a carbon steel pin and glue to secure the model to the base. Appreciate your other ideas too. I'll probably go with subtle camo and highlights either way. The padding idea makes sense too, there's no way I could hold this model while painting it... Here's a few pics of the primed model. I ended up hand priming all the tough to reach areas and covered all of the clear resin spots with acrylic black primer to avoid any problems with the oil based spray primer. Yes, the date is accurate, no shave since July of 2012. I am a hairy bas-tard. Again, I appreciate everyone's ideas. Question: Browns or Greens for base skin color? SK and Beard
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