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  1. Another option that was discussed at one time was a MK 1 targeting system shot.  Turn off your guidance and fire your indirect at a point in space and pray the target is there when it lands.   Removed the issue with bubbles but increases the risk of drifting your shots.

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    I've found that when using infantry to assault it works better to put them in transports, so they can remount and have the mobility to engage another target. Even when power armored and given jump jets they just don't have the mobility to keep up with all but the slowest CAVs.


    I prefer to give drop troops either of the missile weapon upgrades, since it gives them some range to reach out and touch somebody to make up for their lack of mobility.  That and it's fun to launch a M3 attack with a rifle section against a CAV.


    That's been my general experience as well; I'm particularly fond of drop infantry with both FiST and AT-23s for a really nasty one-two punch. Maybe too nasty--I'm strongly considering a one-strike-per-activation limit. In this particular case, however, it worked out fairly well; he caught my Emperors at the head of an alleyway, so while I could have run away with a couple of successful EXP checks it would have meant returning the Emperors to my deployment zone, which likely would have reduced their effectiveness even further than the loss of one of them.


    The RC08 Grenade Launcers are an excellent surprise tool against the huddle too. IA w/no AOE means that they don't need LOS but never drift. So they can jump out of their transport and attack an ECM/EST model hiding behind a wall of bigger CAVs.


    They were actually supposed to have no AOE in the original CAV 2 rules, but someone added the AOE stat at the last minute w/out realizing how it effected the weapon's mechanics.


    So THAT's how that was supposed to work :wacko:  I think that also means it would suffer range band penalties to the attack roll like a direct fire weapon? I'll have to give it some consideration--I was intending to rewrite the drift rules into the main rules text as part of a wider effort to reduce the number of rules subsystems which make no appearance outside the appendices, but it would preclude having the grenade launcher function that way as it would make drift an intrinsic part of IA.



    No need for drift, the concept of the no AOE grenade was also originally supposed to have a fixed distance.  At scale a under slung grenade would drift but in the abstract of the game distances it wouldn't have been too much to add a short range drift.

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  3. Another option that was discussed was a non guided shot. This would be the most viable shot for units where IA is a secondary weapon like the Dictator.


    1. Pick a point in space on the board with in range.

    2. Strait up Exp stat roll vs 10 minus range band modifiers, so EXP of 5 in the second band would be a 3 + d10 vs 10.

    3. Beat the 10 round lands at the designated spot, continue on to normal damage procedures, if you miss roll for unmodified drift.


    This is a completly unaided shot, no TC, no FRS no nothing, just take your cursur pick a spot on the map and hope something is there when it lands. Because you aren't using any electronic aids for shooting you are also not restricted by electronic counter measures. In the small group of testing that I did this was a really nice option for the small IA packs on the initial turns of the game to help soften targets up on the way in. It also works because ammo is free might as well fire it.

  4. I've finally finished Commander Stryker from my Cygnar Battlegroup. Painted mainly with Reaper Master series paints as well as Games Workshop colors. I did a simple block paint with no high lights or shadows at the time of painting. I then used the Dark Tone Quick Shade by Army Painter to give it depth.


    All in all I'm pleased with the dipping process the only thing I missed is a small pool of the dip solution on the back of his coat. I saw the dipping solution pooling up on the front corner of his coat and the tip of his sword. I managed to soak that up while it was still wet with a handy paper towel. I missed it on the back. Now just a few more jacks to go.



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  5. Hey gang, thought I would stop by and say high and show off what I've been working on.


    Primary Color is Reaper MSP 09011 Leaf Green

    The rest is a mixture of Reaper Pro Paints, Reaper Master Paints and GW Citadel Colors


    The cloak was my favorite and was done by simply trowing down about 5 layers of GW Sepia Wash over white primer.


    post-431-12979622975454_thumb.jpg post-431-12979623084115_thumb.jpg


    **Update, Now with more pictures!!, sorry didn't know some folks couldn't see the original links.

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  6. It was a slow day due to being a Sunday afternoon and the Superbowl. We had a good battle going between the Crusaders and Reptus on the main tables, and I was able to walk some folks through the basics of the game and discuss options available in building armies.


    Look for another date in Late Feb or March, though with that other thing I do looming most events I'll be able to run will be week nights till summer.

  7. I'm not sure the Windex approach has ever been published, unless its deep in the archives.


    Basically its two drops of paint to one drop of Windex, but that was Jester using a gravity feed. I use 2 parts paint to 1 part Windex measured by weight on a digital scale.


    Windex is also run through the airbrush after wards to clean it out, and works wonders.


    Amusingly Jester did some tests and affirms that it has to be actual store bought brand name Windex to work well, he tried several other brands and knock offs and the mix wasn't right.

  8. Hey gang, we have a new store opening up first part of February and we've got a slot setup to run some Warlord!!!


    I will be up at the store from 12-4 giving introductory demos for folks interested in learning the game, and for you established players we should have plenty of space for pick up games!


    The Gamers Realm is located in Richardson at Coit and Beltline. The address and map can be found by following the link or visiting their website.




    Not only does this new store have tones of space for folks to play, but they are really excited about supporting the Reaper community!

  9. We did allot of testing both with and without the rule. With out the rule we found that both the attacker and the defender got really frustrated at times with situations where there was just no chance. The auto 10 represents several different factors from luck, to random chance to switching off the scope and just using the force (ya i went there).


    I have grown frustrated with it at times but at other times I've seen it allow the underdog a vital moral boosting shot or even that winning hail mary.


    If your group has a house rule for no auto 10, or even one group i know has a auto fail on 1, thats great. The object is to have fun with the game. Just make sure your players remember that if they ever do get a chance to play in an official event that they will need to remember the auto hit on 10.

  10. I had a chance to play against and with a desert wind army this weekend. If you can keep the calvery moving the swift attack is a very very good tactic. The only thing that could improve upon it is if you could use your single attack in conjunction with your first strike thus negating their chance at hitting you back...granted..bit of cheese there but still would be cool.

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