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  1. Ok gang I've posted the only scenario that will need any advanced prep or consideration for your force Org. For the first round of the tourney you will need a sub list built from the available troops of your main tourney list. All the models from the mini list need to be pulled from your main list but do not have to be part of the same unit on your main tourney list. Please let me know if you have any questions about the scenario.
  2. So I thought I would participate in the Sat to Sat self challange. I've chosen Merack my Overlord Phalanx Sgt, since I have two of them and well quite a few Phalanx figured I needed to get started. updated wip photo
  3. I will be announcing the details for the first round scenario tomorrow. That really is the only one that will require any thought with your force preparation. All of the other Scenarios will be fairly light on how they affect normal game play. I have not decided if we are going to announce them ahead of time or not. They will be playable with any type of force construction so should not be a issue for anyone bringing a force to the table. Mad Pat
  4. don't forget Reaper Night tommorow night. Who knows I might have some new and intersting things for you guys to try out tommorow night!. Mad Pat
  5. Could you please be more specific in your meaning of "Not working correctly" While there is one issue that we spotted Kit will need more specific information to correct any problems you've noticed. Mad pat
  6. Tabasco if you want to have a run at CAV2 i'm up for it no problem. I know that we'll have at least one warlord game going as well, so there should be plenty for everyone. Mad Pat
  7. ohh trust me I prefer big games on big tables. Had allot of fun one night at a local game store when we pushed all the 4*4's together. Look on Tabasco's face when I started the game with a IF barrage from a pair of Conquers from 12 feet away. I knew I wasn't landing on target I was just hoping I drifted to one side or the other to get all those nice juicy targets sitting in their deployment zone.
  8. We will have both Warlord and CAV 2 on hand to play and demo. If you've never played either game and would like to learn how here is your chance. Both games will be available for Demo as well as games for each for those players already familiar with the rules. For those players already experience in CAV and Warlord bring along army lists of sizes 750, 1000, 1500 points for Warlord army or 1500, 2000 points for CAV2. The Gaming Area has moved to the back of the main shop, please get there as close to 7pm as possible so we can make table arrangments with the other gaming groups there
  9. While I don't think we'll ever get vehicle costs down to fit your view of them on the battle field (and I'm not saying its wrong trust me) I think you will be pleased with the final vehicle and Infantry rules. Mad Pat
  10. General, trust me the design off the game has been done so that its just as fun and challenging at 4*4 as it is at 12*12 the reason you see allot of folks gearing games systems to have functionality at 4*4 is so they can be played on your standard kitchen table which usually isn't even 4*4. Lots of folks don't have the ability to build large tables in their garage like StubDogs fantastic terrain, or have a good game store close by that has good game space and terrain for folks to use. lots of folks play games on their kitchen table with anything they can get their hands on for terrai
  11. Spoke with Mark the Manager, he asked that if you can't make it by the store to sign up for the tournament that you give him a call or drop him a email so we know how many folks to expect. both his email address and phone number are located in the first post of this thread with the store address. We have overall 24 available slots, but those are filling up fast!!!
  12. In the testing there is no difference between Gun's and other ranged attacks. Having worked extensively with black powder small arms and artillery pieces I can tell you that unless your at pretty well point blank a good heavy steel shield will deflect a ball round typical of the Gun's used in the warlord game. What it will not deflect is the canon currently in play but that's why she has blow through which the shield wall is not immune to Thats not to say the powers that be change their mind and adjust sheild wall for guns, but we'll have to wait till the Overlord book is out for t
  13. There is at least one Scenario planed at for the day and that will be the ice breaker round, I will be announcing more about that soon. I am looking a at least two other scenarios that will at least ad some flavor to the rounds other then normal go kill everyone on the other side of the board. Mad Pat
  14. After discussing the issue with the powers that be, and a few other long time players I have decided to pull the restriction for Freelance armies. All other standard force construction rules and other tournament rules still apply. Mad Pat
  15. Well I hope you choose to join us, it would be good to see you again. Mad Pat
  16. Ya we really don't want to keep anyone from playing but we also want to make sure that anyone who walks in the door has a chance at taking home first place. Mad Pat
  17. Two adept choices period. As in your second example. You are absolutely correct in that a faction based army can field a entire fighting force made up of adept units. But those adept units are not necessarily the best of at their field. Taking a fighting force made up of the best archers in the game supported by the best grunts in the game along with the best mage in the game healed by the best healers in the game has very few down sides other then point cost and lack of faction sa This limit was something that was banted about, if it turns out to be too limiting for freelance group
  18. Well. I guess I'm flattered. And annoyed. I would like some clarification please. Does this restriction mean that Freelancers can only have two units with adept troops in them (and possibly more than one type of adept troop in each unit), or does it mean that Freelancers can only have two types of adept troops? Or does it mean something else that I've missed? -StV Official response is up above in the FAQ section of the original post. Sorry this ruling was not meant to be directed at any one player, it was actually just a solution to a growing issue with Freelance armies in
  19. I have not yet put together all the scenrios yet, I will post basic out lines of them as soon as they are ready. Mad Pat
  20. *** New Info Added 6/20/06 Back by popular demand the Jasco/Game Exchange Warlord Open!!! When: June 24th Noon to Six Where: Jasco Games 2240 Morriss Rd Flower Mound, TX 75028 (972) 355-5380 [email protected] What: 1500 point Warlord army. Any model available is eligible (Models with SAs that have not been published yet may not utilized that SA). All other standard force creation rules apply. Only published faction books may be used. How: The tournament will be run with one special opening scenario ice br
  21. Thanks for reminding me to make the announcement. The date is set for June 24th, full details coming shortly. Mad Pat
  22. yes it would but do to space constraints all of the Tourney Rounds for both Warlord and CAV were placed on 4*4 to maximize the available space. Mad Pat
  23. If your not fielding infantry and support vehicles at any point cost your probably not using them to their full potential. Its true that the all CAV forces did very well in the tourney this past weekend, but small tables and shorter time limits really suit all CAV forces much better then a larger table would. Mad Pat
  24. Won't be changing to either Tue or Thur most of us that will be running the games have something on at least those nights. Our only other night I belive is Monday nights. Mad Pat
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