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  1. Look great! Can't wait to see them on the field. Mad Pat
  2. wording for the free attacks MG, Flamer and such was clarified to allow them to take place along with missile attacks, thus they would be eligible. The wording has also been added that will allow you to invoke a special action to fire off all your freebie attacks with out making any other type of direct attack. Soo if for some reason you just wanted to fire your machineguns and flamers off and not the main gun, you could just invoke a special action to do so. But yes to use your example of your gunship, run and gun popup fire missles duck. Mad Pat
  3. yes you can sacrifice a non combat to declare missiles being fired and then fire them off during a run and gun movement. On top of that, you are not penalized for the missiles when figuring up your Run and Gun modifiers. example. Mantis declares a run and gun, as well as a missile attack. Thus you would be firing two main weapons and two missiles. You would only subtract the -1 per main weapon, and not the missile. Mad Pat
  4. Thats fantastic, the paint jobs on the cav's look great, and the pro paint barracks are a riot! Mad Pat
  5. Ohhh I have full plans on playing again starting in June when I get my weekends back. I made it to the second round for the first tourny. Mad Pat
  6. One of the best techniques for fast good looking infantry is a naughty word so we will use the other term, Non Wet Blending (dry brushing) as they guys have said, prime dark, then dry brush your base on, and then pick out some details. I've seen hyper detailed infantry that look fantastic, but it takes tons of time to do just one stand. Which might be cool for stands like snipers and special units, but when you need that Rifle Platoon of 10 stands do you want to do 10 in 2 hours or 10 in 10 hours? i think that a good solid base coat with some good details and a really good basing job makes a infantry stand. Mad Pat
  7. me thinks perhaps if I'm not working to help run the tourney that I shall now have to field my Rach force... Poor little misguided Terrans. Mad Pat
  8. Hold one over the summer and I might just have to come up. Mad Pat
  9. Interesting rig, though you still want a diffused light coming from the front. Mad Pat
  10. Ya I have to say the perlesnt purple look on Abadon is fantastic, great work on both and congrats on your awards. Mad Pat
  11. I had them, bought a box of light mechs that were all the brittle blue resin, I don't think anyone in the industry is using that stuff any more. that was also how long ago??? but ya your not crazy there were blue resin mechs with white metal parts. Mad Pat
  12. pics look great, glad to see how much fun my CAV's got to have with out me Ohh well mabey we can have some matches in the nice warm sunny weather of summer in your Garage. Mad Pat
  13. Those are great, fantastic Rach paint job. Mad Pat
  14. Most of it is contained or in non residential areas. I had to drive through some of the worst of it yesterday and it was scary to see cars along the service road underwater or pushed up against polls like toys. Mad Pat
  15. ya were experimenting with a new long distance pain cage, so let us know when you stop feeling the pain sorry man would be good to have you out, but dont' want a repeat of last time. Mad Pat
  16. Don't forget gang Reaper gaming tonight, for those of you experianced players please bring several army lists with you so we can quickly set up games between folks. I'll be there between 6:30 and 7 setting up. Mad Pat
  17. Sorry Stubdog, the site has another game on thur nights, and neither Sarec or myself are avalible on Thur night s to coordinate things. For Thur night games I recommend the folks at Jasco in Flower Mound which is closer to you to boot. Mad Pat p.s. heck were just glad your still allowed to come out and play!
  18. Untill such time as a sub list is printed its pretty much considered any reptus model produced is for the main list. I'm not offical on that but that would be my common sense answer. Mad Pat
  19. Reaper Games Night! Come Wed March 15th for Reaper Games night. Starts: 7:00 PM Oh My a second night this month!!!! We will have both Warlord and CAV 2 on hand to play and demo. If you've never played either game and would like to learn how here is your chance. Both games will be available for Demo as well as games for each for those players already familiar with the rules. For those players already experience in CAV and Warlord bring along army lists of sizes 750, 1000, 1500 points for Warlord army or 1500, 2000 points for CAV2. We will try to play in the main gaming area next door to the main shop GameWyze 3825 Spring Creek Pkwy Suite 201 Plano, TX 75023 Demo Information
  20. My Lizards are from warmer areas of taltos, so they are going with a tan color. Mad Pat
  21. They are a very tough army, and the players we have to play against are really good with them. Mad Pat
  22. Hey I came close to gettin Ashkrypt some Reptus skin boots. It was a moral victory that Kung-to had to explaine to everyone back home why he only brought back a cleric, a troll and a breaker. Mad Pat
  23. I used it with my Overlords because I was grunt heavy and it was the best way to give them a good extra punch to their attacks for less cost. Mad Pat
  24. Some stuff has come up so I will be unable to be there. Keith will still be running things tonight and there should be plenty of Warlord goodness to go around. We are also looking at setting up a second night on the 15th. Mad Pat
  25. Don't forget DFW players dust off the old Army lists its time to play some Warlord. Wed Night 7pm GameWyze Plano.
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