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  1. I disallowed the Faction Abilities at RAC because of the size of the armies involved. At that stage of the Beta rules a single CAV platoon of 1300 points would have been a disadvantage for some faction abilities and not for others.


    With the ReaperCon game being 3000 points that allows for more force flexibility thus allowing you to fully use and explore your faction abilities.


    We will need to wait for LadyStorms official answer but I thought I would explain why they weren't allowed at the RAC.


    Mad Pat

  2. While I don't think its been discussed yet I would think that the Crusader has to declair his deployment for summoned units before the delay.


    I see a the delay choices being made right before the models are set on the table via the deployment phase, thus the units would be built and set.


    again, I haven't heard anything offical on that subject. Just common sense thoughts.


    Mad Pat

  3. Maybe you can answer my question:


    If my third section of cavs is ESM can I break them up so one ESM cav is able to support the other two sections?


    I'm afraid not, the ESM is for the platoon they are part of. Thus you will need to add a ESM unit to each of your platoons. Though check around in the JOR1 and JOR2 you'll find some pretty nice main line CAV's with ESM


    Mad Pat

  4. By the CAV1 rules your ESM CAV could be included in any of the CAV platoons but the Platoon may not go over a total of 4 units.


    Thus you would have a platoon with 3 mainline CAV's and a ESM scout.


    And what I think PreFunk was trying to say was check out the CAV2 rules, we think you'll like them. The books you currently own will still be a valuable source of reference information.


    CAV2 is what most of us will be playing going forward, but we'll still be more then happy to answer your CAV1 questions.


    Mad Pat

  5. Reaper Games Night!

    Come Wed March 1st for Reaper Games night.

    Starts: 7:00 PM


    We will have both Warlord and CAV 2 on hand to play and demo. If you've never played either game and would like to learn how here is your chance.


    Both games will be available for Demo as well as games for each for those players already familiar with the rules.


    For those players already experience in CAV and Warlord bring along army lists of sizes 750, 1000, 1500 points for Warlord army or 1500, 2000 points for CAV2.


    We will try to play in the main gaming area next door to the main shop




    3825 Spring Creek Pkwy

    Suite 201

    Plano, TX 75023



    Demo Information

  6. That's what I'm seeing as well, Jason used his available forces to their maximum effect first turn, that's what they were developed to do. If you were using the Canyon table (which is awesome by the way) that just screams to have some indirect capacity in your force.


    I'm really still not seeing a issue with the rules as written, though the numbers would have been less you would have still had the potential to do as much damage to as many units. Granted as you say with out those extra numbers from FRS and Barrage you would have had a much harder time doing so.


    But then again indirecting the hell out of everything when its bunched up in the deployment zone its a perfectly valid tactic. Just ask the Elves in Warlord.


    Mad Pat

  7. Scan for fire has been changed, to be replaced by the Accurize action. Mostly same mechanics to gain a +2 bonus beyond first range band.


    Scan for targets has been rolled into a simple Scan action


    A Model is allowed to do 3 “Sweeps” per declared Scan

    Action. A Sweep can either be to do a Measurement or

    to Break Enemy Stealth.



    And to answer the follow up questions


    1.5 Beta were the last beta rules but they were still beta and things have changed since. You'll like the changes trust me.


    second question, Rifle and Mechanized Infantry Platoons may no longer contain a unit with a Indirect attack. A new platoon type of Mortar Platoon as a secondary platoon, is a unit with infantry mortar teams and available transports if desired.


    Remember folks things can change right up until the point you have a E-book or Hard copy in hand, and to answer that question, No I don't know when that will be.


    Mad Pat

  8. I've missed more times then I can remember with indirect. With out bonuses like FRS and Barrage indirect is useless beyond the first range band due to the RAV of most models using indirect and range modifiers.


    To take your suggestions into account I really would need to see a play by play of what went on, I've never really seen the results your talking about.


    With two rolls per indirect attack one for drift and one for damage, you have more of a chance to NOT damage your targets.


    Mad Pat

  9. that would take quite a bit, each system has their cool points and down sides.


    I would tell you though that Warlord is a great game system that's easy to learn but hard to master, but fun to play on all levels from basic game to major conflict. Cost wise its very affordable to get into, but just like any other game you can spend allot of money if you want to, but the cool part is you don't have too.


    I've had players of Warhammer, Warmachine, Confrontation and many other fantasy skirmish style games enjoy warlord for its ease of play but flexibility.


    Mad Pat

  10. How long does it normally take for fan-posted minis to go from "pending" to online? I put a few up day before yesterday and they're still in the queue. Just curious. ::):


    There is a small staff of folks who do the approvals and take care of the fan posted mini's and the like. I would imagine its just a case of being busy. There is not set turn around but I wouldn't imagine it would take much longer.


    Mad Pat

  11. god now there is a reaper commercial. gamer walking up to the rack, picking up the last faction book, and exclaiming "Sweet I got the last one" as a blur knocks him and the rack off screen and the book falls into the hand of a larger gamer, who walks to the front of the store telling the clerk "hey someone fell on your display!"


    humm where did I put that DV cam.


    Mad Pat

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