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  1. You should stop at every chance you get on the way there. Grocery store, gas station, what ever just make as many stops as possible.
  2. Ya froggy is right, for a good solid round. 1.5 hours for 1000 points. Though You can do it in a hour to 45min but some folks might not get to finish their rounds. you can run 750 easily in a hour to 45 min. I only had about 2 games that were called on time this past weekend, and 75% of my players were newish to the game. Mad Pat
  3. Yes most important phrase you can utter. "Humm I'm not sure, lets check the book to be safe" Mad Pat
  4. due to prior commitments I won't be able to travel on weekends till June, but I promise that at the very least in June I'll head down and play some warlord with you guys. As Stubdog said he has a event coming up at the end of the month, and there is Reapercon in may as well. I'll see what we can do about getting you some more immediate help. Do you by chance have one of the warlord quick play guides? Mad Pat DFW area Demo Guy
  5. Reaper Games Night! Come Wed Feb 8th for Reaper Games night. Starts: 7:00 PM We will have both Warlord and CAV 2 on hand to play and demo. If you've never played either game and would like to learn how here is your chance. Both games will be available for Demo as well as games for each for those players already familiar with the rules. For those players already experience in CAV and Warlord bring along a 750 point Warlord army or a 1500 point CAV force. We will try to play in the main gaming area next door to the main shop GameWyze 3825 Spring Creek Pkwy Suite 201 Plano, TX 75023 Demo Information
  6. Well since all my announcements got made for me already I'll just thank everyone that came out and participated. It was a great bunch of folks with only a few minor issues popping up that were quickly made into non issues. All the players were great, I want to thank Mark for use of his great facilities, everyone had plenty of room to play and enough tables to handle even a few more players. Again thanks to everyone how came out, and Congratulations to the winners. And a special congratulation to Mrs. TabascoJunkie for scoring 5 places higher then her husband on the rankings. Mad Pat
  7. Well I would say that if the issue was with in scope of my duties, I would decline your less then eloquently stated request for Razig to be added to the factions listing. Perchance what would be next, Lupines, Goblins for the Reven, Choir boys for the Crusaders, or is that Darkspawn can never remember. Luckily for you it is not with in the scope of my duties. Mad Pat
  8. See thats the diffrence between Privateers and Pirates, Pirates don't say please and thank you. Be nice though or we may be all looking at warlord headers of Schnappi, das kleine Krokodil Mad Pat
  9. looks like a great rig, how are the photos coming out? Mad Pat
  10. Right now Razig is still a Mercenary faction games should be filed under Mercenary. If you ask nicely maybe Kit will add Razig to the factions list. Mad Pat
  11. Well see it was buried with Razig's treasure, and well we can't find it, and he won't give us a map. Sorry. Plus you should ask nicely. Mad Pat
  12. Well if that doesn't work we can always boil him in oil till all his skin falls off...ohh wait dam that won't work either.... Mad Pat
  13. Just a reminder DFW area gamers, counting today you have just two more days to get your forces ready and sign-up. See you all on SAT!!!! Mad Pat
  14. You are encouraged to have your mini's painted but its not a requirement. Thought the best painted score will be based on the entire force not just a few select models. There were 16 slots put on the sheet, if we fill all of those slots before game time and we have a few folks left who want to play we will go from there. The over all places scores will be a combination of wins, force appearance (aka painting) and sportsmanship. In the case that the best painted army is also one of the top three slots the best painted award will be given to the best painted army not of those three. Murphy's luck is actually available to any of the participants. Mad Pat
  15. There is no entry fee for this tourney, but we are limited in slots. of course we always encourage folks to take advantage of the game store stock to fill out their forces with last minute ideas for your forces. I know that they would be more then happy to help you fill out that new pirate ship addiction of yours. Mad Pat
  16. First ever Jasco/Game Exchange Warlord Open. This three round Swiss Style tournament will run from 1 to 5pm. Forces will be limited to 750 points with a two troop maximum. We will have prizes for first through third places as well as prizes for best painted force and of course a Murphy's luck prize. Players should have at least gone through a Warlord demo game before entering the tournament. We will be on hand from 11-12:30 to run demo games for any one interested. This even will be played at the Jasco location in Flowermound Please see the Jasco location for the sign-up sheet and more information. Warlord 750, Two troop max 1-5pm 2/4/2006 Jasco Games 2240 Morriss Rd Flower Mound, TX 75028 (972) 355-5380
  17. I think it might be a touch to late for this suggestion but I'll let Matt fully answer it. Mad Pat
  18. Ya Short is one of the two SA's fo Multi Leg CAV's the other...we'll you'll just have to wait for the book Mad Pat
  19. HA! I beat you 991 points!! how much does that suck, can't even throw on a ten point item. Mad Pat
  20. Untill the new sculpts for reach the market our only adon light right now that could be used is the spider which would then require us to add a few SA's for multileg CAV's Thus defeating the purpose of a one SA training CAV. There are also no Malvi lights to use as well. For now we have prototypes for Templar, Terran, Ritterlich and Rach. Mad Pat
  21. Right now the stats for them are in beta testing to decide on the best course of action. the guys have been looking at different configurations using the same stat card for each faction so you don't have to have just one type of model to demo. Mad Pat
  22. 007041 Spartan 007011c Gladiator Arm Sprue 007018c Sovereign Arm Sprue Mad Pat
  23. for anyone interested I'll be up at Jasco on Thur night trying to get in some 1000 point games before the Asylum Tourny on Fri night. See ya there. Mad Pat
  24. You are correct with just a MA and MG's the Bager has no defensive fire. And sure lets see the results. Mad Pat
  25. here is a link to the submission guidelines and EULA http://warlordhq.reapergames.com/?nav=Help...on=Fine%20Print why the link off the submission page isn't working, i'm sorry I don't know. I thought I had it linking off the actual word EULA Mad Pat
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