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  1. I'm confused on this whole "points for pix" thing. Is it for any pix of warlord minis that you post? Or is there some review/voting that occurs? Also, what are the points for exactly?


    You can submit painted warlord mini's to the ReaperGames.com system and earn point towards your over all ranking. This system was put in place so folks who don't have a local game store to play at or no opponents can still participate and earn points.


    The mini's are submitted and then judged with a point value being assigned by the judges.


    Mad Pat

  2. To Celebrate the first Sat of the new year, were going to welcome it with a BANG!!


    CAV 2 Bring what you've got game from 11-5 at the Asylum!


    That's right were going to go for the biggest forces we can per person, and see just how big a CAV 2 game we can get going.


    Here is what you need to do.


    Build as big a legal force as you can with what you have available, and figure out a point total. For this event we will be using the CAV2 1.5 Beta NUKECon datacards. Please use those for both play and point costs. These data cards can be found in the Featured Downloads area of the CAVHQ on ReaperGames.com


    Once you have put together your max force build a few smaller forces at 500 point intervals so we have some flexibility.


    On game day we will start force construction at 10am, we will set our point value for the day based on the lowest augmented force.


    what do I mean by Augmented? well between the store armies and loaner CAV's we will try to bring the smallest available army up to a higher point value.


    Once the point value is set we will start building the two forces and battle it out for fun and glory on the combined 4*12 table.


    We ask that you at least have skimmed over the rules before coming to play, We will be able to run you through a basic demo before the game starts at 11.


    Expect a surprise or two, and stay flexible!


    Please post if you have any questions.


    EVENT CODE: P:OPEN, MP:OPEN, EA, T:6h, 1,2,3,5,7,8

  3. Reaper Games Night!

    Come Wed Jan 11th for Reaper Games night.

    Starts: 7:00 PM


    We will have both Warlord and CAV 2 on hand to play and demo. If you've never played either game and would like to learn how here is your chance.


    Both games will be available for Demo as well as games for each for those players already familiar with the rules.


    For those players already experience in CAV and Warlord bring along a 750 point Warlord army or a 1500 point CAV force.


    We will try to play in the main gaming area next door to the main shop




    3825 Spring Creek Pkwy

    Suite 201

    Plano, TX 75023



    Demo Information

  4. How should I record last nights' game over on Reapergames? Who did we declare as the winner?


    We had a clear looser last night, that being me.. but I don't think we ever came up with a clear winner. So I'm not sure.


    Oh, and can I post the game from my house a week ago, since you are a BL after all? I mean I guess you would have to post that one since I just lost horribly.


    As for Sat game, I would say not to worry about it because of the scope of the game, and the issues that resolved themselfs during play.


    Mad Pat

  5. Close and Pointblank are no longer half and quarter of the range bands. They are a flat 16 inches for close, and a flat 8 inches for pointblank.


    I'm not sure what we discussed on MG's getting the bonus, I'll mull it over with those above and see what we come up with.


    but right now by the rules because the SA does not state otherwise, you would get a bonus of plus 1 at 9-16 inches and a bonus of plus 2 at 1-8 inches.


    Mad Pat

  6. Well when your looking at every man for themselfs on a 8*12 board it only made sense to have half of my units in a support role, I was also fielding a Emporer and a Dictator.....the Dictator did really well...the Emporer well missles were not his friend.


    Mad Pat

  7. No I had a pair of Conquerors, firing two IF attacks a turn.


    he was using a Jo-88 and a Mastodon and a IF tank, thus he was getting 4 IF attacks around on poor Tabasco who was the target of most of our IF attacks that day.


    What happened to Stubb was his mastodon was caught in a clear lane of fire from across the board by a Hawk6 dropping missiles on it.


    What got us in this game was the terrain, Tabasco was stuck in a ravine which just called for a little IF rain on his parade. Stubb because of a minor confusion was positioned ontop of a mesa with a clear line of site over 90% of the board.


    Mad Pat

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