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  1. Flights are two aircraft no less no more. you can have a specialist platoon made up of 1-4 aircraft, but a standard flight is 2. Mad Pat
  2. I'll check with Keith as well, see if he's free that day. Mabey I can bring something special along. Mad Pat
  3. See you have the benifit of the round sliding out. I've had to make sure there were no live coals in the vent hole attempt to re gimlit and prime and refire, if that doesn't work we have to make the charge inert and use a corkscrew like divice called a worm and unpack the cannon......weeeeeee...... never trust a three fingered black powder cannonier. Mad Pat
  4. while I would never think to compete with you guys, I will say you should never have to know the joy of clearing a muzzle loaded cannon that's mis fired. Mad Pat
  5. I can probably make the 10th, i've go some where around 3000 of overlords, and ohhh really don't think i've ever pointed out my CAVs Mad Pat
  6. I'll be there to run some CAV2, or avalible for folks to stomp me playing warlord. Mad Pat
  7. Untill things slow down a bit getting the datacards up on the site is a low priorty for Bryan. Mad Pat
  8. if you are running safari on OS 10.2 then yes you will have issues, you can either use Mozilla or IE as you already found out. This is a known issue sorry for the inconvenence. Mad Pat
  9. For a great quick alternative to the MSP's the Testor Model Masters are great. One of the big advantages is that if you can find a color combo that has both a spray can and a bottle of the same color, the are indeed exactly the same color in both. This allows you to base coat a large group of mini's, then do touch up work with the bottle, and then move on to the MSP's for detail work. Mad Pat
  10. I recently came across this gem "Fuji Finepix E510 5.2MP Digital Camera" its a 5mp with full manual controls and a great macro. its retail list is 250, but i've seen it around for 200 or less. Mad Pat
  11. No worries man, I know exactly what your talking about, a person very dear to my heart has had both knees rebuilt and i've had to lug around the coolent box. Mad Pat
  12. i already pushed it back it was to have been last week. and I take full responsibilty on getting the notice out late. Sorry man, were working on more events. there will be a mini con in Jan in Arlington that Hopefully you'll be able to head too. Mad Pat
  13. yes fixing that is possible, you will need to get ahold of the convention information and then fill that information out by hand on the local conventions battle report. Before you fill out new reports you can contact the web team at reapergames and they can roll back the games you submitted. Mad Pat
  14. Come Wed Nov 9th for Reaper Games night. We will have both Warlord and CAV 2 on hand to play and demo. If you've never played either game and would like to learn how here is your chance. Both games will be available for Demo as well as games for each for those players already familiar with the rules. For those players already experience in CAV and Warlord bring along a 750 point Warlord army or a 1500 point CAV force. We will try to play in the main gaming area next door to the main shop Link to Demo Info Mad Pat
  15. I don't speak for Serec and I know he can't play on a Fri. Mad Pat
  16. Sarec is indeed in Texas and if you'll look most of his CAV battles are Vs Me. He's also a very good Warlord player as well. I'll make sure he's free on that date to show you Texas hospitality. Mad Pat
  17. I'm looking at trying to run some warlord or CAV2 at a mini con in Houston in Dec. Mad Pat
  18. This is the first I've heard of this con, so I'm afarid I won't be running any demos. I am working to get Reaper Games run at CageCon first weekend of Dec in Dallas. Mad Pat
  19. sadly the frog race was wiped out in the latest psyro invasion. ohh the frogmanity... Mad Pat
  20. Here is the main point. Even after the new blistered infantry is released, what is really really really important is that every one is able to clearly tell what type of infantry stand it is. Mad Pat
  21. 2000 is a suggested tournament based on a good force size that can be played in a restricted time limit. for the Artists Conference at Reaper I put the force size at 1300 because it was a small table and a 45min time frame. Force sizes for tournaments will depend on tournament organizers. If I knew we had enough folks to sign up for it we could run a 4000-5000 point force tournament and give folks 2 hours to play their games, but that would take a full weekend to run a good tournament format. Mad Pat
  22. and ontop of Jason's event in Feb, we'd love to see you up at the asylum just north of DFW any time. Just make sure we know your coming so we can all be sure to be there. Mad Pat
  23. no Bryan is not allowed to have wings while casting. something about the sauce discoloring the mini's Much like why we are no longer allowed to make smores using the crucibles. Mad Pat
  24. I'm not sure what the final blisters are going to look like but the standard that I've been using for all our development and testing has been. 4 basic grunts for a rifle team. 1 heavy weapon and two grunts for a shredder or hunter or mortor team. as for the special team I personally have been using stands with just two grunts for the fist/eng teams, I'm not sure how those are being modeled. Mad Pat
  25. On initiative cards, couple of things to look at. first in a average game of war lord I'm usually seeing 3 to 4 cards for a force. In CAV its true you'll see less cards. If its becoming a issue for you and your friends playing small games only having one or two cards per side, then use the common alternative method of a card per unit. thus if you have a game with 2 platoons, you can go from 2 activations one per platoon, to 8 activations one per unit. it will increase the amount of time to play the game. You wouldn't think it but it does. if your playing platoon vs platoon and you are each only looking at one card, then go to the roll off method. the core mechanic of RAGE is one card per unit unless modified by SA. I don't see that changing. But there are ways to expand that deck with optional methods if you and your opponent agree. Mad Pat
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